Cute & Easy Snowman Craft Ideas For Kids

Make gorgeous and easy snowmen projects with kids to get creative in winter. Fun and innovative kids’ craft ideas:

Paper Plate Snowman:

For snowman craft ideas get paper plates, glue, scissors, crayons, googly eyes, buttons, construction paper.

The kids’ paper plate should be white. After paint dries, kids can add plastic eyes, buttons, and construction paper for the nose, hat, and scarf. This snowman’s face is simple to construct.

Sock-wearing Snowman:

This activity requires fabric markers, white socks, rubber bands, buttons, ribbon, and rice or filler.

Additional info: Time to create the snowman’s head. Tie a tight rubber band around a white sock with rice or stuffing. Change your bodysock. Use buttons for eyes, ribbons for scarves, and fabric markers for mouths and noses to decorate the snowman.

Snowman with Cotton Balls:

Glue, cotton balls, construction paper, pencils, ribbon, and little buttons.

Additional info on snowman craft ideas: Give kids snowman craft paper to glue cotton balls on. Decorate eyes, nose, and lips with construction paper. This creates a fluffy doll.

Snowman handprint decoration:

Pencils, ribbon, white ornament balls, and acrylic paint.

Paint your child’s hand white to mark the ornament ball. After drying, draw a face, hat, and scarf with markers. Add a ribbon for hanging.

Chain of paper snowmen:

This project requires markers, scissors, black, white, and colored building paper.

Additional info: Cut white paper strips and chain them to construct the snowman’s body. Fill lips, eyes, and buttons with black paper rings. Use vibrant paper for the scarf and cap.

Popsicle stick snowman ornament:

Glue, popsicle sticks, white paint, artificial eyeballs, and little buttons.

White popsicle sticks are glued together to construct a snowman. Put plastic eyes, buttons, and other little items on it. Add a cord for hanging.

Make with the Snowman Cup:

Paint, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, Styrofoam cups, and craft paper are needed.

How to: After painting white cups, dry. Snowman cups can be made with craft paper hats and scarves, plastic eyes, and pipe cleaner arms.

This enjoyable and useful list helps kids develop imagination and fine motor abilities. Adjust difficulty dependent on child age.

Make one of these creative snowmen:

Sock-wearing Snowman:

White socks, rubber bands, buttons, ribbon, fabric markers, and rice or filler are all needed for this craft.

Extra details Playful Snowman Paper Crafts: The snowman’s head must now be fashioned. Stuff a white sock with rice or something similar and secure it with a rubber band. Swap out your underwear. Adorn the snowman with buttons for eyes, scarves made of ribbons, and mouths and noses drawn on with fabric markers.

Christmas light in a mason jar:

White paint, black craft paper or paint, twine, and tea light candles are all you need.

Coat the mason jar with white paint. Once it’s dry, embellish with black dots or glue on eyes and mouths made of craft paper. Use the string to secure the jar lid. Use a tea light to create a snowman-shaped lantern.

Snowman with Poms:

To make this, you will want glue, felt, googly eyes, buttons or beads, and pom-poms in white, black, and orange.

Extra details Playful Snowman Paper Crafts: The body of the snowman can be made by joining three white pom-poms with glue. Make a felt scarf and a nose out of an orange pom-pom. Fasten with buttons or sequins.

A snowman with a wreath on top:

Ribbon, orange and black craft paper, cotton or felt balls, and a white foam wreath are all that are required.

Extra details: Cover the foam ring with cotton or white felt balls that you glue on. Make a mouth, nose, and eyes out of orange and black construction paper shapes. Glue a ribbon on top for hanging.

Handprints of a Snowman:

Things like white and blue sheets, paint, pencils, and more are available.

After painting their hands white, your child can draw a picture on paper. You can use markers to create hats, eyes, features, and mouths when the paint dries. Use blue paper to create a snow landscape.

Decorative clay snowmen:

The materials needed for this project are cookie molds, white clay, a rolling pin, acrylic paint, little paintbrushes, and ribbon.

Extra details: Make snowmen out of white clay. After it has dried, apply acrylic paint. Glue a ribbon on top for hanging.

A Snowman Terracotta Vase:

Little terracotta pots, some white paint, some black and orange markers or paint, and some ribbon are all you need for this craft.

White paint is required for the terracotta pot. The carrot needs a mouth, eyes, and a nose. Use crayons or paint in black and orange to do this. Create a scarf by encircling the pot with ribbon.

They are entertaining to make and turn out lovely holiday decorations. Customize them according to the age group of the participants and the materials you have on hand.

Making snowman paper crafts with kids is fun and creative. Here are some great paper snowman ideas:

Paper accordion snowman:

You’ll need glue, crayons, googly eyes, and white and colored paper.

  • Make strips from three white paper lengths.
  • Fold strips accordion-style.
  • Apply glue sticks to folded strips to stack them.
  • Give your figure googly eyes, a mouth, and a paper nose.
  • Make hats and scarves from colored paper. Join them with glue.

Paper Snowman’s Tear Collage:

You need glue, pencils, white, black, and colored construction paper, and paper.

Cut or shred white paper into three different-sized rounds.

Stick squares to a different color background to build a snowman.

For Easy Snowman Ornaments, Cut the hat, scarf, eyes, nose, and buttons from colorful paper. Attach them with adhesive.

Make a paper plate snowman mask:


Craft sticks, paper plates, white paint, colorful construction paper, and glue.

Upcoming news: Dry a white paper plate after drawing.

Make eye holes and attach the handle to the head with a craft stick.

Put a construction paper hat, eyes, mouth, and nose on.

3D Paper Snowman Scene:

You need markers, glue, scissors, and building paper.

  • Draw three different-sized circles on white paper.
  • Make snowman faces on each circle with markers.
  • To make it look three-dimensional, add circles at varied heights to the background.
  • Make the page bottom snowy.

Paper-strip skirt:

Sticky eyes, glue, scissors, and black, white, or colored building paper are needed.

  • For a snowman, cut white paper into small squares and arrange them in three rings.
  • Add plastic eyes, a paper nose, and a mouth after attaching the strips.
  • Cut and glue a hat, scarf, and buttons from different colored paper to the costume.
  • Make a snowman with dice.

It has dice, pencils, and white paper.

Make a paper snowman.

Add eyes, nose, mouth, and more to a die.

Draw the Snowman Finger Puppet Fun part that matches the dice throw.

Snowman card appears:

Paper, markers, glue, scissors, and cardboard are needed.

Upcoming news: Fold paper in half to create a card.

Cut a snowman in the card’s midsection.

A pop-up snowman should follow a winter image on the card.

Snowman paper projects let kids use their imaginations and strengthen their fine motor abilities. Make sure projects are challenging for kids’ ages and abilities.

Making simple snowman ornaments for Christmas is fun for kids and adults. Making these snowman ornaments is simple and fun:


Making a Pom-Pom Snowman:

String, glue, googly eyes, and small colored pom-poms are needed. White pom-poms should vary in size.

  • Make a stack of three white pom-poms.
  • Wear artificial eyes and a pom-pom nose of a different hue.
  • Add a tiny ribbon for hanging.
  • Snowman ornament made of felt:
  • White felt, colorful felt, googly eyes, ribbon, glue, and scissors are needed.
  • Cut two rounds of white felt for the snowman’s body.
  • Cut hats, scarves, and buttons from different-colored felt to complete the outfit.
  • Attach things to white felt circles using adhesive.
  • Wear false eyes.
  • Add a ribbon for hanging.

Wooden bead snowman ornament:

Artificial eyes Snowman Finger Puppet Fun, orange felt or paper, ribbon, huge and small wood beads, and glue are needed.

Under the large wooden bead on the ribbon, put a smaller one.

Put googly eyes and a felt or paper orange nose on the smaller bead.

Top it with a bow to hang.

Clothespin snowman:

You need white paint, wooden clothespins, plastic eyes, miniature pom-poms, ribbon, and glue.

Stay tuned: Let clothespins dry after painting them white.

Use fake eyeballs and a pom-pom nose colored differently.

Hang the clothespin on a ribbon.

Salt-dough snowman ornament:

One cup salt, one cup flour, and half a cup water produce salt dough. Also needed: cookie shapes, acrylic paint, ribbon.

  • Roll salt dough and cut snowmen.
  • Bake the shapes according per salt dough instructions.
  • After cooling, paint the snowman using acrylic.
  • Add a ribbon for hanging.

Snowman cotton ball ornament:

You need glue, cotton balls, fake eyeballs, orange felt or paper, ribbon, and cotton balls.

On make a snowman, glue cotton balls on sticks.

  • Put on wiggly eyes and a felt or paper orange nose.
  • Add a ribbon for hanging.
  • DIY paper plate snowman ornament:
  • Different-sized paper plates, white paint, fake eyeballs, colorful construction paper, ribbon, and glue are needed.
  • Paint a little paper plate white and let it dry.
  • Hand-cut colored construction paper and glue plastic eyeballs.
  • Top it with a ribbon for easy hanging.

These easy-to-make snowman ornaments will look beautiful on your Christmas tree. Based on creator age and interests, materials and phases should alter.

Children may love making snowman finger puppets. A snowman finger puppet is easy to make:

These are required:

Craft supplies:

White and colored felt sheets

  • Odd eyes
  • Mini-pom-poms in various hues
  • Possibly yarn or ribbon.
  • Applying hot or cloth glue
  • Any number you want
  • Black felt or markers for the cloth
  • No need for small tinkling bells.

Cut felt first. A square of white felt will be the snowman’s body. Change the size as needed.

Cut colorful felt rounds or ovals for the snowman’s hat and scarf.

Making a scarf from a little colored felt.

  1. form loops in square white felt to form the Snowman finger puppet body with fabric glue or hot glue. It should fit a finger easily.

Add artificial eyes to the white felt loop.

To make the snowman’s nose, glue a little colored pom-pom underneath the eyes.

  1. Adding parts: Make a hat for the finger puppet with colored felt rounds or ovals.

Make a scarf by wrapping the thin strip of colored felt around the “neck”.

Attach jingle bells to the scarf ends for a festive accent.

  1. The finishing touches Use a black fabric pen or glue small black felt pieces to add a smile and buttons.

Make the hat appear attractive by adding a tiny yarn or ribbon to the top.

  1. Let the adhesive dry before using the finger puppets.
  2. Playtime with Snowman Sock Puppets: Put the finger dolls on your fingers once they dry and make winter stories.

Young children should use hot glue guns with adult supervision.

Let kids choose their snowman finger puppet colors and patterns to inspire creativity.

You might construct many snowman finger dolls with different pieces.

Make this easy snowman finger puppet activity for lots of creative fun. This project is perfect for winter craft sessions or holiday gatherings.

Kids enjoy holiday-themed sock puppet snowman crafts. A simple tutorial for making adorable snowman sock puppets:

A shoelace:

No more than one white or light-colored sock per doll.

Craft supplies:

Add-ons could be colored felt sheets.

Odd eyes.

Many colorful buttons on Snowman Sock Puppets or pom-poms.

You can use ribbon or yarn.

Use hot glue or clothing glue.

A cutting instrument.

Use a black fabric marker or little black felt pieces.

  • First, prepare the sock:
  • Clean, light, or white socks are excellent. This project requires crew or longer socks.
  • Create the snowman doll body by rolling the sock from toe to ankle. Sock heel will be snowman basis.
  • Give the top curled sock plastic eyes to improve the head.
  • Under the snowman’s eyes, place a different-colored button or pom-pom to make a nose.

Add Appearance:

  • For snowman accessories, cut colored felt into these shapes:
  • A hat is made by shaping a square into a cone. Attach it on the sock top adhesively.
  • Cut a scarf felt strip. The neck needs binding.
  • Cut and glue little circles or ovals on the body to produce buttons.
  • Draw mouths and eyes with a black fabric pen or tiny black felt pieces. Be creative when communicating!
  • To hang the sock, wrap a tiny thread or ribbon around the top. Process step six.
  • Use the sock dolls after the adhesive dries.
  • After drying, play with snowman sock dolls with your fingers. A winter puppet show will result.
  • Young children should use hot glue guns with adult supervision.
  • Let kids choose their snowman sock puppet colors and patterns to inspire creativity.
  • You could make a whole bunch of snowman sock dolls with extras.
  • Kids can play with snowmen made from socks, a delightful winter activity.



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