Big snowman Craft Ideas

A big snowman craft ideas project is a fun and holiday-themed winter house decoration. Here are some giant snowman ideas:

Outdoor snowman decorations: 

Use white plastic or inflatable beach balls to build a big one.

  • Cover the balls with white fabric or plastic.
  • Add buttons, a scarf, and a top hat for a classic snowman.
  • It can go on your porch or front yard.
  • Snowman from Barrels: Stack large boxes or barrels.
  • Paint or cover the barrels in white fabric.
  • The button, scarf, and hat should be black cloth or paint.
  • Add face features with large buttons or cutouts.

Cut three large rounds of thick cardboard to make a snowman.

  • You can paint or cover them with white paper.
  • Place the circles upright, largest at the bottom.
  • Decorate using colored paper or fabric.

Styrofoam Ball Snowman: 

  • Prepare three large balls. Use different-sized balls for diversity.
  • You can paint or cover them with white fabric.
  • Stack and secure them.
  • Give it a cotton scarf, buttons, coal eyes, and carrot noses.
  • Make a snowman balloon sculpture by blowing up three large balloons of different diameters.
  • Cover them with white paper mache or plastic plates.
  • Put on a scarf, face features, and carrot nose.
  • Hold the balloons together for stability.


Giant Snowman Poster: 

Draw or print big snowman craft ideas the snowman’s traits on enormous poster board or cardboard.

Make paper shapes and place them on a wall or other surface.

Paint three stacked tires white to make a snowman.

Paint details of Cardboard Tube Snowman or join cutouts.

Put the snowman on your lawn or yard.

Cardboard Snowman Boxes: Use three large cardboard circles or pre-cut circles.

Paint or cover them white.

Stack and secure them.

Decorate the face and accessories using fabric or craft paper.

Wooden Snowman Display: 

Snowmen are made by painting three wooden planks white.

Bottom of stack should have largest box.

Make boxes appear lovely with painted embellishments and decorations.

Cut three pool tubes into different lengths to make a snowman.

Connect them to form the body.

Cover with white paper or fabric.

Make decorations and add-ons with pool noodles or colored paper.

Choose your materials and style to make your giant snowman unique. These large snowman projects bring festive charm to winter decor.

Cardboard tube snuggle

Cardboard tube snowmen are fun and easy winter crafts. Easy cardboard tube snowman:

Get three cardboard tubes of various sizes. Use rolls of toilet paper or paper towels or cut lengthier tubes in half.

Paper or paint white:


Paint or cover cardboard tubes with white paper.

Paper for Building:

You can order black, orange, or any other color.

Shears and glue:

Attach paper to tubes with glue and cut shapes using scissors.

Sticky Eyes or Markers:

Draw crayon eyeballs or use googly eyes.

Button, ribbon, or fabric scraps:

Snowman garments will be decorated with them.

How to:

  1. Paint or Cover the Tubes: Paint or paper the wooden tubes white. Let them completely dry.
  1. To build the snowman, arrange the tubes with the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the top. Fix them with glue.
  2. Detail the face: Papercraft the snowman’s face.
  3. Create eyes from circles, a nose from an orange triangle, and a smiling mouth.
  4. Try plastic eyeballs for a distinct look.
  5. Add accessories. Use construction paper, buttons, or fabric to make a snowman scarf.
  6. Adhere buttons to the snowman’s front for fun.
  7. Top Hat or Winter Hat: Make a top hat from black craft foam or construction paper. The edge should be rectangle and the top square.
  8. A cozy winter hat can be made from colored construction paper or fabric remnants.
  9. Brown construction paper strips are put together to make the snowman’s arms. Attach them to the inner tube sides using adhesive.
  10. Add extra buttons to the snowman’s front and glue them.
  11. Finishing touches: Add a bowtie or ribbon if desired.
  12. Display your cardboard tube snowman after finishing.

This simple cardboard tube snowman activity is entertaining for youngsters and adults. It adds personality to your winter decor and enables you be creative.

Paper cut snowmen are a fun and festive way to decorate your yard or home for winter. How to construct a life-sized snowman cutout from cardboard or foam board:

You’ll need a large cardboard or foam board;


First, find a sturdy piece that fits a life-sized shape.

White paint or paper:

Paint or cover cardboard with large white paper.

Craft Knife or Cutting Edges:

Cut paper using scissors. Cut wood using a craft knife.

Use black and orange craft foam or paper:

Make eyes, mouth, and buttons black. Orange for carrot nose.

Big bow or ribbon:

For beautifying your snowman.

Glue or tape:

Use glue on paper. Use tape for woodworking.

Googly eyes or markers (optional):

To make or employ false eyes for a different look.

How to:

  1. Prepare the base: Place the cardboard or foam board on a flat surface. A snowman figure will sit here.
  2. Paint the boards white or cover them with large white sheets. Cover the entire area evenly.

Step 3: Draw a snowman shape on a white surface using a pencil. Ensure the size meets your life-sized proportions.

  1. Snowman cutout. Make a snowman by cutting along the sketched line with scissors or a craft knife.
  2. Add features. Cutting circles for the eyes, a smiling mouth, and an orange shape for the carrot’s nose in craft foam or construction paper.

Googly eyes can be penciled or glued.

  1. Buttons & Extras: Cut more black paper or foam rounds for snowman buttons.

For extra excitement, put a large bow or ribbon around the snowman’s “neck.”

  1. Display your snowman:

Display your life-sized snowman cutout somewhere. This might be on a yard or indoor wall.

To prevent the cutout from dropping, secure it to the ground or a sturdy surface if you’re displaying it outside.

Life-sized snowman cutouts are delightful winter decorations. Customize it and enjoy showing off your creativity.

Play the Giant Inflatable Snowman Bean Bag

A giant inflatable snowman and a snowman bean bag toss game may spice up winter events. How to make these wonderful winter projects:

  • Big Air Snowman Sculpture: Requirements: Tarp or white plastic
  • Choose a weatherproof material for the inflatable snowman’s body.
  • Fan or blower:
  • Keep the snowman inflated.
  • Chalk or Paint
  • Decorate and enhance the face.
  • Rope, twine:
  • To secure the plastic snowman.

How to:

Cut the material:

Cut two identical snowman models from white plastic or tarp. Make sure they fit you.

Make pleasant faces:

Paint or draw eyes, a carrot nose, a smiling mouth, and buttons.

Guard edges:

Connect the two snowman forms along the edges, leaving a hole at the bottom.

Connect Blower:

Fit the fan or air blower into the bottom hole and tighten.

Raise the snowman:

Turn on the fan to blow up the snowman. It should be straight and full.

Safe with Rope:

Rope or wire the inflatable snowman to the ground or structures to prevent it from falling.

Not necessary: Add lights or items:

Put string lights on Life-sized Snowman Cutout or other decorations on your giant inflatable snowman to make it festive.

To play the Snowman Bean Bag Toss Game, you will need: A Large Plywood Sheet

For game core.

Paint White:

Snow-like board painting.

Very big wood or cardboard circles:

Cut these to resemble snowman body parts.

Bags for beans:

Rice or beans can be used or made in bean bags.

Saw and drill:

Cut boards to fit bean bags.

How to:

Prepare the base:

Paint the board white to simulate snow.

Make snowman body parts:

Cut large cardboard or wood circles for the snowman’s torso, head, and other parts.

Paint, buttons, faces, and other embellishments can make them appear attractive.

Make plywood holes:

Boss of Giant Inflatable Snowman can throw bean bags via saw-and-drill-made board holes.

Set up the snowman:

Arrange the painted snowman body parts on plywood to form a full snowman.

How to Play Bean Bag Toss:


Add points for getting bean bags through the holes. Better points for smaller holes.

Have fun:

Enjoy Snowman Bean Bag Toss Game winter with family and friends playing the snowman bean bag toss game.

Enjoy these DIY ideas and make your winter events more merry. Patterns and sizes can be adjusted to suit your needs and materials.



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