Top 10 Wall Hanging Craft Ideas

Here is a list of ten different Wall Hanging Crafts DIY ideas for wall hangings that you might try:

Wall Hanging Made of Macramé: Make a fashionable wall hanging by tying knots in macramé with a variety of yarns or ropes. You can try out a variety of designs and colors to find one that complements your interior design.

Utilize embroidery hoops: As frames for crafts involving fabric or embroidery. This is an example of embroidered hoop art. It is possible that this would be an excellent technique to display elaborate embroidered designs or detailed fabric patterns.

Paper Quilling Wall skill: Using the skill of paper quelling, you can create designs that are both colorful and highly complicated. You may create three-dimensional effects by combining a variety of colors and shapes.

Dowel Wall Hanging Made of Wood: To produce a contemporary and uncluttered wall hanging, you can make use of wooden dowels. Improving the design can be accomplished by incorporating beads, yarn, or cloth.

Experiment with various weaving techniques: Using yarn, cloth, or even natural materials such as twigs to create a wall hanging that is woven. This can result in a wall hanging that is both one of a kind and textured.

Repurposed CD Wall Art: Repurpose old CDs by transforming them into a wall hanging that is reflecting and vivid at the same time. Make the CDs more visually appealing by painting or decoupaging them.

Wall Decor Inspired by Nature: You can create a wall hanging that is inspired by nature by collecting leaves, twigs, or flowers and incorporating them into the design. Either you may arrange the components in a shadow box or you can press them between two pieces of glass.


Wooden board: You can create geometric patterns or images by stringing colorful strings together to create string art. The pattern should be nailed onto the board, and then twine should be wrapped around the nails to create your design.

Wall Tapestry Made of Fabric: You can create a wall tapestry made of fabric by sewing or gluing together sections of different types of cloth. Displaying a variety of patterns and textures in this manner is a fantastic method to do it.

Metallic Wall Sculpture: Create a modern wall hanging by utilizing metal wire or sheets to create a beautiful sculpture. To achieve a sophisticated look, you can add metallic paint to the metal and then shape it into abstract or geometric forms.

Please keep in mind that you have the ability to customize these concepts by incorporating your own twists, colors, and materials in order to make them truly yours. Take pleasure in your work!

Embroidery works on a hoop

A touch of personalized decor may be added to your room through the use of embroidery hoop art, which is a creative and versatile way to do so. Your own embroidery hoop art can be created with the help of this straightforward guide:

The following materials are required:

  • Embroidery Hoop Art (the size of which you choose)
  • a piece of fabric that is slightly larger than the hoop
  • Needles or thread for embroidery
  • Needles for embroidering
  • A pair of scissors
  • Use a pencil or a fabric marker.
  • A template for the design (optional)



  • To remove the inner and outer rings from the embroidery hoop, first loosen the screw that is attached to it.
  • The inner ring should be placed on a level surface, and then your fabric should be laid over it.
  • To ensure that the fabric is pulled taut, centre the outer ring over the fabric and press it down while simultaneously tightening the screw.

Transfer of the Design:


In the event that you have a certain pattern in mind, you should transfer it to the fabric. For this, you can make use of either a pencil or a fabric marker. You also have the option of drawing your design directly onto the fabric using freehand painting.

Selection of the Thread:

You can select the colors of your embroidery floss. It is up to you to decide whether you want to utilise a single color or develop a bright palette for your design.

Starting the Stitching:

After you have threaded the embroidery needle with the floss of your choice, tie a knot at the end of the thread.

You should start stitching your design of Recycled Magazine Wall Art. French knots, backstitch, and satin stitch are examples of stitches that are frequently used. If you want to add texture and dimension, feel free to mix and match different stitches.

Experiment with Different Textures:

Experiment with a variety of Paper Quilling Wall Hanging textures by employing a wide range of stitches. For instance, when working with smooth regions, use long satin stitches, and when working with fine features, use smaller stitches.

Dimension and the use of layers:

Layering fabric or using threads of varying thicknesses are two options to consider if you want to give dimension to your project. This has the potential to produce a three-dimensional effect.

Put a Stop to Loose Ends:

Make sure that the loose ends of the floss are tied off and secured to the rear of the hoop. Remove any and all superfluous thread.

Putting the Final Touches:

To achieve a more finished DIY Dream Catcher appearance, trim away any excess fabric that is surrounding the hoop, leaving a small border.

Additionally, you have the option of attaching a string or ribbon to the screw in order to hang it.


If you want to add a touch of decoration to your embroidered hoop art, you can either hang it on the wall or prop it up on several shelves.

As a helpful hint, before beginning your primary project, you should first practice your stitches on a scrap piece of fabric.

Especially if you are just starting out with embroidery, remember to be patient and take your time.

If you want your design to stand out from the crowd, try using a variety of various color combinations.

Give yourself permission to let your imagination run wild, and take pleasure in the process of making embroidery hoop art that is both one-of-a-kind and stunning!

We have provided a long number of ideas for wall hangings that are both unique and entertaining! A brief guide is provided for each of them as follows:

Wall hanging made with paper quilling using the following materials:

  • Using strips of paper to quill
  • Quilling implement
  • Adhere a cardboard or canvas frame (this step is optional).


  • Coils, scrolls, and tight rolls are some of the several quilled shapes that can be created.
  • For the design you want to create, arrange the quilled forms in the desired pattern and adhere them to the cardboard or canvas.
  • If desired, hang the artwork in a frame.

Dream Catcher You Can Make Yourself:

The following materials are required:

  • A hoop for embroidery
  • It could be yarn or thread.
  • Feathers with jewelled beads
  • Cord or strips of leather that are faux suede
  • Knives and scissors


  • Using yarn or thread, wrap the embroidery hoop around the needle.
  • Make a web pattern using the yarn inside the hoop to create the pattern.
  • Beads and feathers can be attached to the bottom of the dream catcher by using cord or strips.
  • Additionally, you can use additional yarn or cord to hang the dream catcher.

Wall Sconces Made of Mason Jars:

The following materials are required:

  • Jars made of mason
  • Sheets of wood
  • Hose clamps can be painted or stained.
  • Capsules
  • LED candles or tea lights will do.



  • Apply a stain or paint to the wooden board.
  • Using screws, attach hose clamps to the board in the assembly.
  • The Mason jars should be inserted into the hose clamps.
  • The jars should be filled with tea lights or LED candles.

It seems as though you have provided a list of various inventive ideas for the creation of wall decorations. There is the potential for personalization in each of these projects, which can be an excellent way to give your living space a touch that is truly one of a kind. The following is a concise summary of each concept:

Displaying Fabric Scraps on the Wall:

Gather together a variety of fabric scraps, each with a variety of colors and designs.

The pieces of fabric should be arranged and layered in order to produce a composition that is visually pleasing.

The scraps of Mason Jar Wall Sconces fabric can be hung from a curtain rod or a wooden dowel to create a wall hanging that is both colorful and textural.

Wall Art Made with Cork Board:

Get a corkboard or some cork sheets to use as your working surface.

Use paint, fabric, or even decoupage to decorate Cork Board Wall Art and the surface of the cork with images or patterns such as patterns or images.

Creating a wall art piece that is both utilitarian and visually appealing can be accomplished by pinning notes, images, or other lightweight items onto the corkboard’s surface.

Wall hangings that are inspired by nature:

It is important to gather natural things such as feathers, leaves, and twigs.

Create a natural landscape or an abstract design by arranging and adhering these elements onto a background or frame in a manner that is similar to the natural setting.

For a more textured appearance, you might want to think about including other materials such as small rocks or shells.

Displaying a Photo Collage on the Wall:

Accumulate Nature-inspired Wall Hanging of your most treasured photographs, postcards, and other forms of paper mementos.

Create a collage of DIY Yarn Wall Hanging that is visually appealing by arranging the elements in a collage on a canvas or a firm backing.

If you want to keep the things in place, you can use mod podge or another type of adhesive.

DIY Wall Hanging Made of Yarn:


Make sure that the top of your Fabric Scrap Wall Hanging hanging is made out of a branch or a wooden dowel.

To make a design that is both colorful and textured, you will need to cut and loop different lengths of yarn and then attach them to the dowel.

In order to obtain the desired appearance, consider experimenting with a variety of colors and patterns.

Wall Art Made From Recycled Magazines:

In order to create colorful pages, cut or rip old magazine pages.

Convert the pages into tubes by rolling them up or folding them to make a variety of forms.

You can create a one-of-a-kind and environmentally responsible piece of wall art by arranging the magazine pieces and adhering them to a canvas or another background.

These projects of Photo Collage Wall Hanging not only provide an excellent opportunity to personalize your environment, but they also make it possible to recycle and up cycle materials. What’s more? Make use of these wall hanging ideas to exercise your creative side and have fun!



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