Gadac DIY Wall Ornament


Right here we will show you how to make a Unique Wall Hanging that celebrates love and beauty. This is recycled craft and is very easy to make. This is a unique craft idea for your home decor and would add a new classy look to your living space. It would be hard to guess that this is handmade.


DIY Wall Ornament


Step 1: Make Frame Shape a piece of aluminium wire and the ends together with tape.

Step 2: Wrap Frame with Bramble Wrap the frame with fresh-cut cherry bramble and leave to dry in the sun.

Step 3: Color Wrap Spray the frame with white spray paint.

Step 4: Add Paint to Frame Brush on coloured paint to the frame.

Step 5: Add Feather Using a glue gun paste peacock feathers on to the bottom of the frame!

Step 6: Make 3D Heart Make a 3d heart using cardstock.

Step 7: Complete Hanging Add paint to the heart and tie it on to the frame.

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