DIY Adult Advent Calendar

Are you tired of the same old store-bought advent calendars? Do you want something unique and personalized for your holiday count? Don’t worry! Because the DIY Advent Calendar is the to all your questions and festive needs.
So today we are diving into the magical world of DIY Advent Calendar, where each day reveals not just a treat, but a triumph of your own crafty skills.


DIY advent calendars are simply the perfect way to start the countdown for a big Day and get prepared for Christmas. After all the countdown to Christmas is as special as the countdown to our birthday or anniversary, and for some people even more than that.


And who says Advent Calendars are just for kids, this year it’s all about adults getting in on the fun too! Adult Advent Calendars are increasingly in demand and are becoming popular in recent years. Let’s create an Adult DIY Advent Calendar.


You might want a chocolate behind every door of calendar, but why stop there? There are endless possibilities for your homemade DIY Advent Calendar like Santa’s bag of toys. From handcrafted gifts, candies, chocolates, toys, to personalized notes you can make it as versatile as you want. Each day can bring a new surprise for you.


I think buying a new calendar every year is a waste of money, because you will need an advent calendar only once in a year. You can and you must DIY advent calendar. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a newbie looking for a festive project, there’s an idea here that’s sure to light up your Christmas decor like the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. So today lets DIY a cute Advent Calendar but before that we must know what is Advent Calendar.


What is an Advent Calendar?

For those who are new to the concept, The advent Calendar is a special way to countdown days until Christmas. It is a traditional and unique Calendar that help us countdown to December 25: the celebration of birth of JESUS CHRIST. Advent calendar typically has 24 small boxes or doors to open each day before Merry Christmas. Each door or box has a different treat or chocolate. How ever the Advent Calendar has a much deeper purpose importance than a treat. This tradition has been around for centuries, with origins dating back to the 19th century in Germany.
How to create your own DIY Advent Calendar?


why to buy an old traditional calendar from store when you can create your own personalized DIY Advent Calendar at home. It will be fun a fun activity for you, and you can also involve your family and kids in this activity. So, let’s get started on how to create your own personalized DIY Advent Calendar. I started thinking in November of making a different kind of DIY Advent Calendar and came up with a pretty sweet and cute idea.



1. Decide a design:


There are many designs you can choose for making your DIY Advent Calendar, from traditional Christmas colors to winter wonder land theme. You can select any theme or colors for making your DIY Advent Calendar that you like, and which suits you most. I decided to make a sweet and appealing design.



2. Gather supplies needed:

After deciding on design, now you need to collect supplies and materials needed for making your DIY Advent Calendar. The materials needed for this craft are not very expensive. You can have them easily available at your home. Following materials are needed in making of this DIY Advent Calendar:


• Craft paper.
• colorful wrapping paper.
• scissors
• permanent markers
• fillers of your choice
• glue
• ribbon for hanging.


3. Fillers and surprises:

Now the most exciting step is to think about the surprises you want to hide in each box. This part is the most exciting and fun filling. After deciding on fillers and surprises, you now need to collect them. You can choose a traditional one, that is to fill each box with chocolate. You can fill it with some good deeds written on paper. You can choose other gifts also. So why not mix it up with other treats like small toys, trinkets, or even handwritten notes?


4. Assemble and decorate:

Now you need to make 24 small candy shape boxes. For this purpose, I make 24 rolls of craft paper using scissors and glue. This will look like small cylinders as shown in pictures below. Now it’s time to wrap each cylinder with colorful wrapping paper. This will give your advent color a vibrant and festive touch. I chose two different colored wrapping sheets for my candy boxes, red and pink. Wrap each cylinder in wrapping paper using glue to secure wrapping. leave both ends of wrapping paper above the cylinder rolls, now give it a knot at both ends and make a candy shape box. I use glue to secure both ends, you can choose ribbons also to make it more vibrant. The more personalized you make it the more fun it will be.


Next you need to label each box with numbers. For labeling boxes, I cut out 24 circles out of craft paper using round scissors. Then I label each box with numbers ranging from 1 to 24 representing the days leading to Christmas. When labels are ready, I stick them on each candy shape box with glue. This step is crucial.


Now comes the fun part, filling each box with surprises. It’s time to get creative. You can fill boxes with your favorite candies, chocolates, gingerbread cookies. Personalized handwritten notes etc. the options are limitless, and you can use your imagination to run wild.


Once all the boxes are filled, now its time to give your DIY Advent Calendar a final and organized shape. I scatter them in a circle made with craft paper to mimic a candy wreath. Using glue, I pasted each candy shape box on the circle to mimic a candy wreath.


Finally, its time to display your DIY Advent Calander and enjoy the excitement of counting down the days to Christmas. I use ribbon to hang it on the wall. You can hang it on the wall, or you can use it as a masterpiece for your holiday table.



Your own DIY Advent Calendar is ready.


Creating an adult DIY Advent Calendar in the shape of candy boxes is a fun and creative way to celebrate the holiday season. It will cut down your cost and it allows you to express your artistic side, personalized the content and spread the happiness and joy among your family and friends. So, let’s gather materials and start crafting our own Adult DIY Advent Calendar. happy crafting!



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