How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Penguin Craft

For kids in particular, creating a penguin project out of toilet paper rolls is a fun and inventive pastime. The following is a simple, step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make a penguin out of a toilet paper roll:

The necessary Material is as follows:

  • Toilet paper roll that isn’t fully loaded
  • The colors of the construction paper are orange, white, and black.
  • Gaze that is gummy
  • Scissors and knives
  • A black marker
  • Not necessary: You might also make cotton balls or feathers for additional adornment.
  • Details to come:
  • First, prepare the necessary materials:
  • Put together every part needed to complete the creation.

Trim the paper construction

Cut a long enough sheet of black construction paper into a large enough piece so that it covers the toilet paper roll.

Make an oval cutout in the shape of the penguin’s belly.

Slice an orange triangle into the shape of a penguin’s beak.

Cover the roll of toilet paper

The black construction paper should be wrapped around the toilet paper roll and adhered to create the penguin’s body.

To make the penguin’s belly, use glue to adhere the white oval to the front of the black paper.

Attach the Beak

Use glue to affix the orange triangle to the top of the white oval to create the penguin’s beak.

Giving your penguin goofy eyes is the sixth stage. Adhere googly eyes over the beak to give your penguin a charming face.

Create elements

Using a black marker, draw elements like wings, feet, and other details on the black section of the toilet paper roll.

Optional Decorations

Get crafty and add cotton balls or craft feathers to mimic the penguin’s feathers. Use glue to adhere these to the black paper.

Let It cure

Make sure the glue has had enough time to fully cure before handling or displaying your toilet paper roll penguin.

Toilet Paper Roll Penguin Craft

You can use the craft for imaginative play or display it as a cute decoration once it has had time to dry.

This easy toilet paper roll penguin craft is a great way to get creative and recycle materials at the same time. You are free to add any unique details that appeal to you in order to make your penguin even more unique.

You must gather all of the required supplies before starting to make the Toilet Paper Roll Penguin Craft. Make sure your desk is comfy and well-lit for crafts.

Sub Topics

Then came Steps Details to come:

Cut the construction paper as follows:

Slice off a sheet of black construction paper to cover the toilet paper roll.

Take an oval piece of white and cut out the penguin’s belly.

You need to cut an orange triangle for the beak.

Toilet paper roll folded in half:

You must attach the black paper around the toilet paper roll to make the penguin’s body.

Sew the white oval to the front of the shirt to form the belly.

Attach the beak and the eyes:

Place the orange triangle, which is going to be the beak, closer to the top of the oval made of white craft foam.

The googly eyes above the beak should be added to give the penguin a beautiful face.

Specialised Qualities:

A black marker can be used to sketch feet, wings, and other details on the black section of the toilet paper roll.

Optional decorations:

You might also consider adding cotton balls or craft feathers to the penguin’s feathers as extra decorations. You’ll be able to express your creativity in this way. Use glue to secure them to the black paper.

Allow it to dry naturally:

Make sure the toilet paper roll penguin has had enough time to dry completely before handling or exhibiting it.



Once the penguin is constructed, you can use it in your pretend play or display it with pride.

Decorating Options: The penguin’s body is an area where you can play around with different colours and patterns.

Use coloured markers to add extra details and personalise your penguin to make it even more distinctive.

You can build a winter scene by adding a construction paper snow foundation.

Step-by-Step Instructions

If you are using wet glue, it is crucial to wait for each component to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Being exact is not necessary; instead, you should encourage imagination and unique interpretations.

It’s crucial to watch smaller children when they use scissors or handle little objects.

Decorating Options
Instead of using Alternative Materials construction paper, you might use felt or fabric to create a textured effect.

  • Instead of using googly eyes, you might draw eyeballs or cut out paper shapes that resemble eyes.
  • Learning the Truth About Pets: An Instructional Crafting Experience:
  • It is feasible to turn this craft into a learning opportunity:
  • Find out about the different kinds of penguins and their habitats.
  • Include some interesting penguin facts throughout the creation process.

Tips and Tricks

By making a connection to the subject, including the activity into a bigger lesson on recycling and material reuse.

Exploring Penguin Facts A Learning Experience give people the chance to learn new things and create something beautiful, in addition to being an educational activity. Enjoy the process and the information you get from making this interesting toilet paper roll penguin activity.



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