DIY Hanging Seashell Mirror

DIY Mirror Decor Ideas

Mirror decorations you make yourself let you show off your artistic skills while elevating the dcor of your home. To help you get started, here are some do-it-yourself mirror decorating ideas:

Hanging Seashell Mirror

Making a seashell mirror to hang on the wall is a fun and easy way to add a beachy or coastal vibe to any room. Here is a tutorial on how to create one:

Tools and Equipment Necessary:

  • An Oval or Round Mirror
  • Different sized and shaped seashells
  • Firearm and adhesive sticks
  • Adhesive (not required) suitable for crafting or adhering seashells.
  • Imagine a string or a strand of wire.
  • Wire snips or pliers
  • hanging string or rope for decoration.

How to Make a Seashell Mirror for Wall Display:

Get Ready for Work:

Make sure your workplace is well-ventilated and spotless. Protect the floor against glue spills by laying down newspaper or a drop cloth.

Collect Shells:

Gather shells of all sizes, colors, and forms from the beach. These can be collected from the beach or bought at a hobby shop.

Seashell Washing and Sorting:

To get rid of any sand or other particles, give the seashells a good rinse. To facilitate later selection and arrangement, categorize them according to size and material.

Arrange the Layout:

Spread out your mirror and begin decorating the border with shells. To discover a format you prefer, try exploring a few different options.


Apply a dab of hot glue to the back of each seashell and push it firmly onto the mirror’s frame, one at a time. It’s important to avoid getting adhesive on the mirror’s glass.

For extra stability, especially with larger or heavier shells, craft or seashell adhesive can be used.

Set up a Sequence:

The design will have more depth and texture if you begin with larger seashells around the outside and work your way in with smaller shells.

Bridge the Gaps:

Use smaller shells or shell fragments to fill up any empty spots as you proceed.

Make a Cliffhanger:

Use pliers or wire cutters to fasten picture wire or twine to the frame on the back of the mirror. This is what will hold the mirror in place.

String on some adorning twine or rope:

To hide the joinery between the seashells and the mirror, you can glue a colorful rope or ribbon around its outer edge.

Hang It Up to Dry

You should wait until the glue on your seashell mirror has dried before hanging it.

Put Up That Shell Mirror:

Locate an appropriate location to show off your work, and then hang it there using a nail or wall hook.

Mirrors with Ornate Frames:

Try framing an inexpensive or vintage mirror to give it a fresh look. Reclaimed wood, driftwood, and decorative molding are all viable options.

You can either match the frame’s color to the rest of your home’s decor or make a statement by painting or staining it a contrasting hue.

Reflective Mosaic:

Create a mosaic design on a larger mirror or an item of furniture by shattering smaller mirrors.

Secure the mirror tiles in place with adhesive and grout to make a stunning mosaic.

Decorated Mirrors:

Create a magnificent gallery by hanging several small mirrors of varying shapes and sizes in a pleasing arrangement.

The frames can either be painted or left in their natural state, depending on personal preference.

Tray mirror:

Add handles or ornate knobs to the sides of a tiny mirror without a frame to transform it into a chic tray.

Put this glamorous tray on your dressing table or coffee table.

The Mirror of the Sun:

If you have a round mirror, you can make a sunburst mirror by gluing small wooden dowels or bamboo sticks around the edge.

Applying a metallic paint finish to the dowels or sticks makes them look really classy.

Window Wall Stickers:

Create one-of-a-kind wall decor with mirror tiles, mirror wall decals, or mirror sheets cut to your desired dimensions.

These decals are a great way to give any space some shimmer and depth.

The Rope Mirror, Rustic

To achieve a casual, beachy look, wrap a frameless mirror in thick jute or sisal rope.

Hot glue or similar sturdy adhesive will do the trick for securing the rope.

Reflective table tops:

Mirrors can be adhered to the top of outdated or boring tables to make them into conversation pieces.

This is perfect for use on every kind of table, from coffee to side to dining.

Backsplash Mirrors:

Make your kitchen more reflective with a mirrored tile or sheet backsplash. This might help make your kitchen feel more open and bright.

Planters Made From Reflective Mirrors:

Mirrors placed within planters can reflect exterior scenery or provide the impression of additional foliage.

Patina of antiquity

Create a vintage mirror by weathering the frame and using patina treatments.

Floating mirror frames:

Mounting a frameless mirror on a wooden or metal backing with enough space in between the two creates a minimalist and modern look.

Wear gloves and eye protection when dealing with glass and mirrors, and avoid cutting yourself on sharp things. You should also think about where in your home you want to put your DIY mirror decorations to get the most visual impact.

DIY mirror art is a great way to add a touch of style and originality to your home. If you’re interested in creating mirror artwork, consider the following:

Designs Cut Into Mirrors:

Mirrors can be etched in order to make designs or patterns using etching cream or another comparable chemical.

Choose a stencil from the internet or make your own using sticky vinyl or stencil paper as a starting point.

Carefully follow the etching instructions after applying the stencil to the mirror.

After the etching cream has done its magic, you may unveil your design by taking off the stencil.

Artwork Created Using Mirror Mosaics:

Use fragments of mirror to make beautiful mosaic patterns. Split mirrors up into pieces of all sizes.

Put the mirror tiles in the order you want them on a board or canvas.

Just like you would with regular mosaic tiles, adhesive and grout should be used to keep the mirror pieces in place.


Now you can add some beachy flair to your home with your handmade hanging seashell mirror. Feel free to play around with different seashell arrangements and mirror sizes to find the perfect fit for your taste and the space you’re working with.


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