Make Your Own Mirror DIY Hanging


I am myself finding DIY design so much charming and enchanting looking because they are completely settled with the thread working and needle patterns in the designs. If you will make the search around you will probably be finding so many different and amazing designs of the DIY patterns which you can try in your home even though if you have great skills in the thread work designing. Right here we have come across with some stylish and best pattern designs of the DIY for you that are so much inspiring looking.


Mirror DIY Hanging


  • 12” spherical paper mache hatbox
  • 12” round mirror
  • 25” broad leather-based belt clean (I definitely bought this at Hobby Lobby, however it doesn’t certainly exhibit very well on their website.)
  • A sample pot of paint that matches your leather
  • Small hole punch
  • Drill or leather gap punch
  • Brass hex nuts and bolts

Here we have step by step instructions for you:

Find a sample can of paint that suits the shade of your leather-based strap. Your hardware stores have a precise choice in various colours, so you should be able to find a colour that is exceedingly darn close. Paint the lid and side of the field. Decide how long you will prefer your leather strap to be and reduce it accordingly. Trace the holes onto the internal of the leather strap with a pen. Punch these holes using your leather-based punch (if you have one) or a drill then connect the strap to the lid with the nuts and bolts. Weigh it down with some books and wait for the glue to totally dry, to make certain it’s sincerely secure. Now hold your new mirror on the wall!

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