DIY Wooden Plant Pot Stand


This plant stand has a nice clean shape but leans a little more contemporary than the others. Diagrams, colour photos, and building instructions take you through each step. You can paint or stain it to your colour preference.

Wooden Plant Pot Stand


Materials + tools needed:

Pre-cut copper pipes + attachments — Some stores may also reduce the pipe for you when you purchase and others will ask you to purchase a simple pipe cutting tool that’s very handy to use. The copper pipes and attachments will be used to construct the base and the legs of your plant stand.

  1. 4 copper pipes at 1 inch lengthy and ½ inch wide.
  2. 4 copper pipes at four inches lengthy and ½ inch wide
  3. 4 copper pipes at 5 inches lengthy and ½ inch wide
  4. 4 copper pipes at 10 inches lengthy and ½ inch wide
  5. 8 copper T-brackets at a ½ inch wide
  6. 8 copper pipe caps at a ½ inch wide

Super glue — You will want metal-adhering terrific glue. Be cautious and quick when applying the top-notch glue as it dries fast.

Potted plant —  Make certain your pot has a diameter of 10 inches or less so it matches in your plant stand. If you have a greater plant that you’d like to use adjust the pipe lengths accordingly.

Step 1: Assemble and glue the base, let dry.

The easiest way to put the base collectively is by means of constructing the inner rectangular first and then to attach the extending pipes after. Build the rectangular by means of glueing the 1-inch pieces to the T-brackets, it’s easiest to build the two halves first and then glue them together. Once dry, glue the 4 pipes onto the remaining slots in the T-bracket pieces.

Step 2: Construct and glue the legs, let dry.

Put together the legs by using glueing one 5 inch pipe and one 10 inch pipe on either facet of a T-bracket, leaving the perpendicular slot open to attach to the base. Glue copper caps to either quit of the leg. Repeat until you have 4 legs whole and then let them dry.

Step 3: Attach the legs to the base, glue, let dry.

Glue a perpendicular slot of the T-bracket to a 4-inch pipe that extends from the base. Repeat until all of the legs have been connected to the base and then let it dry. two

Step 4: Add your plant and display!

Allow the glue to set for half an hour, then location your plant in the stand and revel in your new display.

Styling Tips for a Plant Stand

Try some of these hints to style your copper plant stand:

  1. Keep your pot simple and let the copper pipe stand out and be the focal point, try a classic white vase or a pastel if you desire to add some colour.
  2. Pair with the mid-century current decor to fit the form and fashion of this stand.
  3. Accentuate the brilliant copper tone by means of such as other steel accents in your decor to deliver out the superb colour.
  4. Use a giant announcement plant on this stand like a putting snake plant.

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