DIY Standing Flower Shelf


These plant stand plans were inspired by pricey ones at West Elm. They have a mid-century cutting-edge fashion to them and can be built in an hour or two. The plans are solely for one dimension however you could effortlessly alter the measurements to make them taller or shorter.

Standing Flower Shelf


Materials + tools needed:

Wood crates — The crates you select can be any size — they simply need to be able to stability nicely as soon as they are put together.

Paint — For the best results, use a primer paint earlier than making use of your favoured pinnacle coat.

Hammer — A ordinary hammer will work for this project, but strength tools may make the procedure quicker if you have get right of entry to to a nail gun.

Nails — Make positive the nails you use are lengthy adequate to tightly closed the crates collectively however aren’t so lengthy that they stick out.

Plants — Select a variety of shelf sized vegetation to decorate your crate stand.

Step 1: Pick a coloration and paint the crates.

Paint your crates with a primer coat first. Once dry, paint the crates with the coloration of your choice. Make positive to paint all sides of the crates consisting of the parts that you think you won’t see to make positive you don’t have any unfinished wood displaying when you end the project.

Step 2: Once dry, stack the crates.

Once the crates have dried completely, stack them into your preferred design. Try out distinctive configurations to determine out what association quality suits your wishes and space.

Step 3: Nail the crates into place.

Once your layout is finalized, nail your crates together. Make sure you nail each nook of the crates together so they have a sturdy and tightly closed hold.

Step 4: Arrange plants on the crates.

Decorate your crates with a variety of shelf sized vegetation interior and on top of the crates. Make sure that you select the right flora to keep interior the crate shelving and that they have adequate light to stay glad and healthy.

Styling Tips for Plant Stand

  1. To elevate your wood crate shelving, attempt some of these tips:
  2. Mix in books and different decorations for an entire and balanced look.
  3. Stack the crates into various heights to create a unique piece of decor that you can’t find anywhere else.
  4. Paint the again inside wall of the crates with a contrasting paint hue to add a vibrant shock and pop of colour to your shelving.
  5. Layer the plants on your cabinets — use smaller vegetation like succulents with larger plant life like a crimson prayer plant.

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