DIY Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand


Crafters use PVC pipe for developing many things. Making a PVC pipe plant stand is a superb idea for PVC pipe. Plant fanatics normally have a lot of plant life and from time to time run out of room for exhibiting plants. This type of plant stand offers introduced space in addition to showing a couple of flowers at once. By setting up a couple of plants stands from PVC pipe, it can additionally be possible to construct a greenhouse with PVC pipe and sheets of plastic for an everlasting home to the plant stands.

DIY Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand


Step 1:              


To make a copper plant pot stand, you will need:

  • pipe cutter
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • copper glue (or fantastic glue, or warm glue)
  • 4 x 15mm copper elbows
  • 4 x 15mm copper equal tees
  • 4 x copper cease ends
  • *2 x copper cross fittings
  • 2 x copper pipe lengths (2m x 15mm) cut into:-
  • 4 x 40cm lengths
  • 4 x 10cm lengths
  • 8 x 9cm lengths

Step 2:

Measure the lengths as above, and mark with a pencil. Please don’t get burdened with the picture showing 50cm. This was the total length, which you will reduce 10cm off the end to make 40cm and 10cm.


Step 3:

Next, line the pencil mark up with the blade of the pipe cutter and then rotate the cutter around the pipe, tightening it barely to go well with as you go, till the pipe is fully cut. Once you have all your pieces, you can begin assembling them.


Step 4:

Firstly, take your two-pass pieces, and glue (following the producers’ instructions) the eight x 9cm pieces into them.


Step 5:

Next, glue 2 of the 40cm lengths to contrary sides of one of the crosses the usage of 2 of the elbow fittings. Glue 2 of the 10cm lengths to the pinnacle of the facets you have just added, using 2 of the equal tees.


Step 6:

Then glue the different 2, 40cm lengths to the other sides of the cross using the elbows. Next glue the different 2, 10cm lengths to the last pass the usage of the other 2 equal tees.


Step 7:

Glue this part to the top of the first section. Lastly, push the 4 stop ends over the tops. You will now have a finished plant pot holder!


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