DIY Flower Pot Stand


Here’s a convenient DIY challenge that helps you construct a floating shelf that can be used as a plant stand if positioned in front of a sunny window. All you want is a wood spherical and yarn or macrame. Place of My Taste shows you how to assemble it and dangle it from your ceiling.

Flower Pot Stand


Materials + tools needed:

Tomato cage — You can find a new cage or upcycle one you already own, just make positive that you get rid of any grime and rust before beginning the project.

Bolt cutters — The cutters you use want to be sturdy ample to reduce the tomato cage; these can additionally be borrowed from a friend.

Spray paint — For this DIY, we’ve chosen a copper/gold paint however pick a color that great fits your fashion and current decor.

Potted plant — If you are creating greater than one stand, strive using different sized plants to create tiers and visible interest.

Step 1: Cut the ground-end prongs off.

Cut off the protruding metallic spikes that stick into the ground. Make positive your cuts are clean and straight as this will be the most seen section of the stand when you finish.

Step 2: Spray paint the cage.

Take the shade of your desire and spray paint the cage thoroughly. Make positive that you spray paint outside or in a well-ventilated space.  Spray a base coat of white paint first to get a brighter top coat of colour.

Step 3: Once dry, place it vast facet down.

Allow time for the paint to dry (usually about 1–2 hours) but let it sit overnight to be safe. Once it is absolutely dry, flip the cage so the widest side is dealing with down.

Step 4: Place your potted plant and enjoy!

Set your ornamental pot in carefully, making certain that it won’t slip through. Then vicinity your potted plant in and revel in your new plant stand.

Plant Stand Styling Tips:

  1. Keep the region around them open and clutter-free due to the fact they are so skinny and subtle they may want to be overshadowed in a busy space.
  2. Try to use contrasting colours to make your plant stand pop. This includes distinguishing the plant stand from the wall and pot colour.
  3. Place on thin carpet or hardwood floors. Because the body is so thin, the stand will be more secure on even surfaces.
  4. Try the use of a golden pothos plant so its vines and leaves can drape over the side of the stand.


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