35 DIY Wall Decor Economical And Creative Ideas


Everyone loves a positive change in their lives and their houses. People get bored with the same house setting and the same routines. It’s always fun changing the space every now and again, whether it’s by changing the furniture, or the room setting. You can also make your empty spaces look beautiful by adding some wall art to it. Here you will find Insanely easy and Amazing DIY projects which do not require a lot of time and skill. Now you will not need to spend money on buying expensive decoration pieces for your house. It can be simple paper, plastic, wood, and similar items which are economical and easy to find. You can also give a new look to odd house items which would otherwise be nothing more than a piece of trash for you.Once you are done with making some great using ideas from here, your room will be renovated and you would feel great about it.


1. Paper quilled Monogram
DIY Instructions And Credit- craftastical

Paper Quilled Monogram

Quelling looks beautiful for this you need some patience and a minimum of skill. This beautiful quelled monogram letter can be made at a low cost without a lot of effort. For this, you will be needing paper, paint spray, and a frame. You can hang it where ever you want to in your house. It will look stunning. This craft is also easy for beginners as it does not require a lot of effort. You can use toothpicks to curl the paper. Quelled monogram can be used as wall décor, but it can also be used as a wedding gift. This is a simple and fun task. It will not require a lot of effort and is also very economical. You can get an expert in making these gorgeous quilled monogram letters with time and practice. Try making this quelled monogram letters to give your walls a spectacular appearance.

 2.Smart Paper Wall decoration DIY Craft
DIY Instructions And Credit- instructables

Smart Paper Flowers

If you don’t want to waste money on buying expensive paper wall decoration items, then make one for yourself. It’s easy  to and simple to make. Using paper for decorating the wall is a great idea. It will add more beauty to space. It can be used for room, living is or any other space in the house. You can use paper of different sizes, shapes, colors, and texture. More colorful it is, more beautiful it will look. You first need to make sticks with paper for that use white color. After that make flowers of different designs, according to your preference. For the leaves use green paper. It is not difficult to make this ravishing decoration item and it’s also worth your time. This will save your money along with giving a new and better look to your room or any other area where you plan to put it.

3.Lovely paint bucket shelves
 DIY Instructions And Credit- ohohdeco

book shelves

If you are facing trouble in storing the items properly in the room and want an economical solution. Then you use the empty paint buckets to make simple and decent looking shelves. Cut the upper part of the paint bucket with a saw. You can paint the outside of the bucket, to give it a better look. Use screws and plugs for hanging it. These shelves made from paint buckets are a great option for kids’ room especially. They can put their toys, books and other things easily on these shelves. This means things can be placed in a more organized way and you will be getting rid of all the mess in the room. They are not only cheap but also looks stunning. This way you will be able to reuse the empty paint buckets which are mostly wasted while getting most out of it.

     4.Wooden Sticks Hexagon
     DIY Instructions And Credit-  ohohdeco

Decorating the walls with DIY crafts are quite trendy these days. Why waste money on purchasing expensive wall decoration items when you can one yourself with simple wood sticks. You can make spectacular shapes with wood sticks and put them on the wall. Tie the sticks together passing a thread with a needle in the holes, end with a node. You can make different shapes of different sizes. Once it’s ready, paint it with any color of your choice. You can use pins to hang the item on the wall. This will decorate your wall with a stunning appearance. It will make your room or any other area of the house more ravishing without spending a lot of money. It’s simple and easy to make, just be careful when using the needles. Use this interesting idea for decoration purposes and give your house a new look.

 5.Side wall Hanging Flowers
 DIY Instructions And Credit- sweetteal

side wall hanging flowers

Painting or putting a wallpaper is not the only way to give your blank wall a new look. You can use this creative DIY craft to inject more beauty to your plain walls. If you love flowers then you would definitely prefer a wall of flowers which will give your room a stunning look. It’s easy to make it and is worth the efforts. Fake flowers are cheap and long lasting. They can be used to make this flower wall. You can choose flowers of different colors and shapes depending on your preference. Make strands comprising of different flowers. The length and size of stands can be varied according to the wall size. You can hang this ravishing flower strands by tying a loop around the flower head with fishing line. This is an easy and creative method to make your room look flawless and gorgeous.

    6.Beautiful DIY Paper Door hanging Flower
    DIY Instructions And Credit-  DIY CRAFT IDEAS

Door Hanging Flower

If you like to decorate your home, then these gorgeous paper flowers will definitely work for you. It’s easy and simple to make these flowers which can be hanged on any wall or home interiors. You can make flowers of different shapes and sizes. This will decorate your wall and will give it a wonderful look. You can use green colour for the leaves, or the entire set cam is made one colour. Be careful while using the scissor or any other cutter for cutting purposes. When you are done with making the flowers, use cardboard to fix the flowers on it. First of all, cut the cardboard in a circular shape make it hollow. After doing that fix the flowers on it using glue. You need to put the flowers carefully and use enough glue so that they don’t fall. This is a creative and interesting way to decorate your home without much effort.

7. Magnificent DIY Paper Wall hanging decoration Craft
 DIY Instructions And Credit- kok.ovh

Paper Hanging Flowers

DIY decoration Craft is quite popular nowadays. It’s cheap, simple and easy to make. To make this easy home décor decoration door hanging flower you need paper and some beads. Carefully cut the paper to make flowers and the leaves. After that use glue to fix the flowers together. You can use beautiful different colour beads and put them in a row. For the leaves use different colour papers, to make it a more colourful look. You can also use one colour to make it more uniform. This paper flower set can be put on walls, door to give them a ravishing look. DIY cost less money as you use simple items. You can creatively use them to make stunning items for decorating your house. This will give you a great feeling, as you save quite a lot of money by not buying expensive decoration items.

8.Amazing DIY Decoration vintage arrows
DIY Instructions And Credit- modernkiddo

Decor Vintage Arrows

Vintage arrows look beautiful and many people use it for decoration purposes. Buying vintage arrows for decorating purposes can be expensive. Don’t worry you can make them easily at home. To make these beautiful arrows you will need wooden dowels, fabric scraps, tacky glue and a copper tape along with few other items. When you are using scissors and paint be very careful otherwise it can hurt you. When you are making these arrows make sure you coat everything with mod podge to give the perfect finishing to these vintage arrows. You use also paint the feather or use feather of different sizes and designs. This vintage arrow will give your room a spectacular look. This DIY craft is simple. Easy and economical. So, if you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on purchasing expensive vintage arrows then make one for yourself, to give the room, living area a stunning appearance.

9.DIY Wall hanging Wool Craft
DIY Instructions And Credit- instructables

wall Hanging wool Craft

Nowadays wall charms are quite in demand. They are used by people to decorate their walls. Wall art can expensive, so rather than wasting money on buying wall art, you just make one for yourself which will be an easy and economical solution. You will be needing bangles, beads wool and some other items are as well such as glue, scissors, etc. To make it more colourful, use different colours wool and beads according to your choice. It is an easy and fun thing to do. You can also design it in different shapes using your creativity. This is ideal and unique wall art, which people love to make not because they look beautiful but also because it’s simple to make. Make this DIY decoration hanging wall art to inject more beauty and colours to your walls.

10. Stunning DIY Pressed botanicals, Wall Art.
DIY Instructions And Credit- ecabonline

 Pressed botanicals

Framed botanicals can give your house a summer floral look in other weathers as well such as winters. It can also be nostalgic. You can gather leaves from your last trip, or any other memorable event and then keep them with you for a long time. This will you will be able to capture the beauty of the season, and store it. This will make your house look beautiful and greenery will be there to give a refreshing and fun look. You will basically need glue, toothpicks, tweezers, spray adhesive, and a frame. Botanical art is cheap and requires little effort. This wall art will give your home a little more charm. When you are using sprays and tweezers make sure you use them carefully and don’t, hurt yourself. This amazing DIY pressed botanical wall art will instantly liven up your space with refreshing plant vibes.

11. Charming pegboard wall décor
DIY Instructions And Credit- vintagerevivals


This stylish pegboard is going to the focal point for people visiting your home. If you have a huge space which is empty in your home and, you are still wondering what to do with it wooden pegboard is something which is the best solution for you to decorate the space in the best way possible. The pegboard can be customized according to your needs and preference. Try not to make a pegboard smaller than 8 inches because then it would be difficult to use the standard size décor on them. You need to careful when cutting the sheets and using the hammer, drill machine, and other items. You can decorate it in different ways. Be creative to come up with unique and stunning ideas. This pegboard is the ideal solution to decorate the big walls. You can give it a try and it will turn out to be perfect décor for your room or any other space in your house.

12. Colorful Easy Photo Backdrop
DIY Instructions And Credit- brit

Colorful Photo Backdrop

If you love to take pictures and want beautiful backgrounds then you must make one. Backdrops are an easy solution to make your walls look stunning. It’s a DIY craft which is economical and simple to make. This backdrop basically requires paper and staples. You just need to make a lot of paper fans and staple them together which will result in a breathtaking backdrop. You can use different colour papers for making the paper fans as it will make the backdrop more colourful. You don’t need any special skill to make it. It requires minimal effort but it’s definitely worth the time and effort. If you are in love with backdrops and want one, then follow some basic instructions to make one for you, which will be a beautiful wall décor along with a great photo background.

13. Beautiful Lit up Canvas Wall Décor
DIY Instructions And Credit- ashleemarie

Lit up Canvas

Lit up canvas wall décor is ideal for children or an adult’s bedroom. It looks elegant and is great for someone who loves lights. This wall décor can be used as a night light in the room. To make this you will be needing a Canvas, paints and some lights. This is one of the wall décors which gives a stylish and Scandinavian appearance without a lot of effort. This eye-catching DIY décor will not cost you too much and is also worth the time and energy spent on it. You can put in flowers or you can cut the black card stack which is used to make the flowers in different shapes as well according to your choice. This canvas wall décor is a unique idea which is easy and fills the empty walls in the most beautiful way.

14. DIY Tissue Paper Cherry blossom craft
DIY Instructions And Credit- apartmenttherapy

Tissue Paper Cherry blossom

If you are a fan of faux flowers or even if you are not a big fan these beautiful flowers will for sure grab your attention are nostalgic. They will take you back to your elementary school class. The tissue paper craft is easy and simple. If you want to make something while having fun, you should definitely go for this. You can use paper to make different wall décor and people do use It very often. Using tissue paper is great too. For making these beautiful flowers, you will basically be needing tree branches, tissue paper, scotch paper, and a few other items. White colours look very decent and elegant but you can use other colours too. This will make your room look more stunning than before. You must give it a try, its easy, simple and a fun thing to try.

15. Lovely Paper Flower wall DIY Craft
DIY Instructions And Credit- maisondepax

Paper Flower

Paper flowers look marvellous. They give a refreshing look and are easy to make. All you need is some practice and some paper. Paper flowers can be used as great wall décor and they can never wilt. You can make flowers in different colours and shape. They can be attached or fixed with other items to make different wall décor. Beads and other items can be used to make wonderful wall décor. You can arrange these flowers in different designs to give your room and other empty space an astonishing look. To make these flowers you will need Paper, staples, glue and other similar items. When you are using the scissors or any cutter be careful it. If you want an easy and economical way to decorate your walls then try this DIY craft.  

16. Wood Mountain DIY Wall Décor
DIY Instructions And Credit- instructables

Wood Mountain

 The wooden mountain looks astonishing and you can make one for yourself. It is a great way to add beauty to the plain walls of your house. You will need a hammer, wood, Tape measure, Brand nailer and other few essential items to make it. When you are working with these things be very careful. This wooden mountain décor requires some effort and a minimum of skill. You can draw mountains or different items such as trees, animals or whatever you like. This will give your home a decent and modern look which everyone loves to have. When you are making this for the caps you can use aspen as it is easily available to white wood which would be ideal for the peaks or the caps of the mountain. For the sky use oak and mahogany strips. Overall this is a great DIY craft which you can make in a way fun to decorate your house.

 17. DIY Wood Wall Art
DIY Instructions And Credit- loveandrenovations

Wood Wall Art

We all have empty spaces in our houses which we want to fill in the best way possible. Most of us don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorating the empty spaces and want some easy and economical solution. So, if you are still looking for the solution you are in the right place. You will need pin boards, wood glue, French cleat Miter saw, etc. to make this. Use a wood piece as a spacer and a brush for applying at least 2 coats of stain on the sheet. This all procedure will require some time and effort but its defiantly worth the time and energy you spent on it. If two to three people will work on it, it can be completed in less time. This is an ideal way to decorate the walls and make them look simply amazing.

18. Astonishing hexagon Wall planter
DIY Instructions And Credit- lovecreatecelebrate

Astonishing hexagon

Working with shapes is always fun. If you enjoy decorating your house then try this easy and simple DIY decoration It will make your room walls look magnificent. You can put these planters wherever you like. Put some Good plants in it to give a refreshing look to your house. Hexagon wall planters can be made easily in very less time. All you need is some cardboard, nails, cutter, and glue, table saw. You can put either artificial flowers or plants in it or even the real ones. Either way, it will add more grace to your empty spaces. When you are working with the cardboard make sure to take proper measurements as otherwise, the things can turn out to be bad for you. You have to make sure that you cut the cardboard in proper size so that the hexagon wall planter can be made perfectly. Try to make this DIY wall planter at home which is cheap and will give you a great deal of satisfaction.

19. Elegant rustic wood wall Art sign Decor
DIY Instructions And Credit- etsy

wood wall Art sign

Rustic wall décor is a beautiful way to reuse the old stuff and make something better out of it instead of throwing it. Rustic wood wall décor gives vibes of the old times and help build a connection with our family history and our roots. It also helps in giving your house a decent and inspiring look which everyone would love to see. This Rustic wood wall décor will give your home a modern farmhouse look. If you add some proper final touches to it, it will for sure give your walls a stunning appearance. To make this rustic wood wall décor you will be needing reclaimed wood. If you don’t have reclaimed wood don’t worry, there are other ways too. You can get a print of it and put your sign in a plain black frame. It will look awesome. This is great for putting on some inspiring life quotes or some ground rules.

20. Creative Sunburst mirror DIY craft
DIY Instructions And Credit- welcometoheardmont

Sunburst mirror

Sunburst mirror is quite popular nowadays as they look fabulous. In markets a huge variety of sunburst mirror is available. If you love to be creative and have some great DIY craft ideas then you must make one for yourself. It’s super easy and fun to make this sunburst mirror. First, you need to paint the back of the mirror with spray paint and be sure that you do it neatly so that the mirror back is covered in paint properly. You will be required to use a lot of hot glue to fix the sticks around the mirror. This is a great and unique item which can be made easily at home to add more grace to your walls.

21.Magnificent Wooden Arrows
DIY Instructions And Credit- cherishedbliss 

Wooden Arrows

Using wood to decorate houses, offices are quite in trend nowadays. This beautiful wooden arrow can be easily made at home. You will need wood stain, Miller saw Craft wood, drill and mending plates. If you are not an expert in working with a saw, don’t worry this is an easy DIY project which does not require a lot of skills or any special effort. When you are done with cutting the wood in arrow shapes, paint it in whatever colour you like. Mostly brown and chocolate shade colours are being used. The mending plates are then added on the back of the arrows so that the wood stays together and does not fall apart. To make this wooden arrow more strong use the glue before using the mending plates. These arrows can be placed where ever you want in your house, office or any other place. Do try this amazing Project which is not only easy but also fun to make.

22. Amazing DIY Texture Art from Dump
DIY Instructions And Credit- bowerpowerblog

Texture Art

you are interested in arts and love to make DIY projects then you must go for this. You will be needing an old canvas, some paints, glue along with other essential items. You will have to first paint the old canvas to clear the previous pictures made on it. For cleaning the edges, you can use rough grit sandpaper to clean it off easily. To clean the excess dirt, use any brush to make sure that no dirt is left in the crevices’ can use any object to create a design on it, just as its shown in the picture above, You can different colours according to your room theme and your preference. You at least two coats so that a perfect finish can come. You can different textures as well depending on your mood and choices. So if you want some economical way to decorate your walls you must give it a try, its simple easy and the results are overall wonderful.

23. Stunning scarp wall Art
DIY Instructions And Credit- alittlehut


Whenever a crafter makes any DIY project, a huge pile of scraps is the residue which Is mostly wasted. This scarp can actually be put into good use. You can make spectacular Wall art out of it. All you need is a pile of the paper scrap, glue. pencil, canvas, and scissors. You can use whatever colours you feel like. The more colours it has more beautiful it will turn out to be. First, you need a draw a spiral that starts a little off centre and gradually expands throughout the canvas. If you need some practice before making the circle. Practice it on a scrap piece of cardboard. Don’t cut all the scraps of the same size and shape. If you want a more interesting wall art then you can cut the paper in different shapes and sizes. This wall art is quite fascinating and economical you should try it if you don’t want to waste the paper scrap and plan to use it in a good way.

24. Gorgeous newspaper wall décor
DIY Instructions And Credit- handimania

newspaper wall décor

If you have a bundle of an old newspaper which you don’t want to just throw away plus you like to do experiments, then why not this. Here is an amazing project for you, it’s worth the time and effort. It will require some time to make this but if you love to decorate your place then this is something which will not disappoint you. This lovely decoration can be used as bed headboard also you can use it as a placemat. You will be needing wood glue, newspapers, thick thread, acrylic paint and brush, rubber band, cutting pliers. Make sure that you apply an ample amount of glue so that the snails and stick that you make don’t fall apart. You can paint it in different colours. Try new colour combinations which will add beauty to your room and will be a focal point for all people visiting your place.

25. Fabulous DIY wall art
DIY Instructions And Credit- classyclutter


Decorating walls with beautiful paintings are very common nowadays. if you don’t want an expensive painting or wall décor, then make one for your walls. It will be an easy and simple solution to your problem. Homemade wall décor is unique, creative and a wonderful way to DIY some personality and grace into your space. To make this astonishing painting you need some paints, Canvas and some basic skills. First, draw a pattern using a pencil and ruler. Then paint it according to your wish and choice. If you want ideas regarding the design, you can always surf the internet to find a few for yourself. This a very easy tutorial to follow. It’s also worth the time and effort. You can also put on some more beauty to the wall décor by coming up with more great ideas. You must play with different colours and textures in order to go for this. So, follow up this DIY project to give a better look to your spaces.

26. Embossed falling leaves hanging Décor
DIY Instructions And Credit- wonderfuldiy

falling leaves

Autumn is the weather in which all the beauty of nature no longer last.  .As the leaves begin to fall in this season. If you love nature and like to decorate your house with fall colors then try this awesome DIY craft which can be made using embossed cardstock leaves and faux branches. This DIY is simple, easy and looks so beautiful. For the leaves use card stock, and you can make leaves of different sizes and designs depending on what you like. This may require some time, but it will add more grace to your space. It will make you feel like that still the spring season is here. This hanging décor is long lasting and you can replace the leaves when you feel like. This DIY project is simply amazing which will appeal to everyone who would see it. Do try this fun project at home which is economical too.

27. Ravishing Tropical Wall Art
DIY Instructions And Credit- liagriffith

Ravishing Tropical

This is super cute wall art for DIY home décor. It will liven up your empty walls. And will painting will give a feeling of freshness as the pineapple made on it symbolizes happiness and warmth. To make this impressive tropical theme wall art you will need foam sheets. They are lightweight and economical so it’s a great option to use it. You will be needing tissue papers and use different colour tissue paper. For this picture, you must start with green. Use mod podge glue to make sure that the tissue attaches properly. Use strands of embroidery floss together to make our lines a bit thicker. You can use also paint the sticks which are placed inside the pineapple. To give a smoother finishing use some felt to cover the back panel of the foam. Try this simple and breathtaking wall art which is quick and fun to make.

28. Fun and exciting alcohol ink art  
DIY Instructions And Credit- itsalwaysautumn
fired ink

If you are bored with your room and want to give it a fresh new look then try this simple and beautiful personalized wall art Instead of spending a fortune on an art installation. This is interesting wall art for kids who can make this is no time. It will also be interesting for adults as everyone finds it cool to play with colours. All you need is rubbing alcohol, alcohol ink, lighter and frame. The process is simple and fun. All you have to do is first remove the glass from the picture frame. After that using a dropper, drop alcohol inks onto the glass after that add rubbing alcohol. To combine it just swirl. Then use a lighter to light the alcohol on fire. Stunning designs will be created when the ink and alcohol will burn. If kids are trying this, make sure that the adult is with them who is supervising the entire process. You can use plastic to protect the table from all sorts of stains. Once you are done with making the designs then you must use polyurethane spray to fix the colours. Otherwise, they will smear whenever they will get wet. This is a fun an activity which you should defiantly try.

29. DIY Rope Art Wall décor  
DIY Instructions And Credit- damasklove
Rope Art

Here is an easy and fun rope wall décor. To make this you will need a cotton cord, piece of cardboard, craft paints and a hot glue gun. You can use a different colour for the ropes, to overall make up a colourful piece of craft.  Wrap the cord around the cardboard, adding lines of hot glue along the way to adhere the cord into place. Then with the help of he brushes make the designs on the cord according to your preferences. It can be light and dark colours or a mix of both. At the bottom add tassel so that the overall look is perfect. This is a very fun DIY project which is very simple and needs no special skill. All you need are some basic things to make it.No need to splurge your hard-earned fortune on buying expensive decorations items. You must try making this beautiful Rope wall decor which is economical and long-lasting.

30. Astonishing DIY wall hanging décor
DIY Instructions And Credit- homeyohmy

wall hanging décor

If you are among those people who love to decorate their house, to give them a new look then this Diy project is great for you. This spectacular hanging wall art is super easy and can be made without getting hard on your pocket. You can use paint of any colour to paint the wood dowel mostly black looks really nice. To make this hanging wall art you will need Photos, wood dowel, paint, foam, yarn, super glue, cardstock, pencil, ruler, clay, clay blade or knife, pens, paper, Washi tape. Remember to make proper measurements when you are cutting the shapes, you can use some other shape instead triangle as well. The shapes can in different colours too, in order to add variety. This piece of craft is worth the effort and time which you will spend on making it Moreover you can paste different types of pictures on this hanging décor. You can get print out of different things which fascinates you or if you are good at drawing, you can make few. This hanging décor will liven up your empty spaces so do give it a try.

31. Alluring DIY Botanical Print wall hanging
DIY Instructions And Credit- canarystreetcrafts

Botanical Print

If you plan to decorate your house and are looking for some beautiful and affordable ideas then you must get your hands on this. This is a super simple and very smart DIY project. This will add some colour and vibrancy to your house. All you need to make this is dowel rods, botanical prints, screw eyes, paint or stain for dowels, hot glue gun, or some way to attach the paper to dowels and scissors, printer, and something to cut your dowels to size. To start off you need to get the print first, for that you can use a printer but handmade drawing can also replace it. Then you need to trim the prints, lay your dowel rod on top of the print and use a pencil to mark how long the dowel will need to be cut.To cut the dowel you can use a mitre saw. When your dowels are cut, and the cut ends if needed, then stain or paint the wood if desired. It will add more colours to the overall wall hanging. This is a super easy and very interesting DIY project which you should definitely try.

32. DIY Colorful wall hangings
DIY Instructions And Credit- persialou

 Colorful wall hangings

Woven and macramé wall hangings are so popular nowadays. They make your walls look so beautiful and give them an artistic look. You will need dowel rods, Yarn and scissors. You can make different designs by altering the way you wrap the yarn. Then, wrap it under the bottom back over the top, and onto the next dowel.  Use different colour yarns. Pairing with the right colour and making great designs with the yarn can help you transform your dull boring room into an artistic one. This is long lasting and is for sure valuable. When you will be done with it, you will see how beautiful it will turn out to be. Do get your hands on this, to liven up your home.

33. DIY marbleized paper Wall décor
DIY Instructions And Credit- abeautifulmess

marbleized paper

If you love to do experiments and try new things then you must go for this thing. It will add colours and vibrancy to your house. Apart from that, this is a great way to give your room a new look without spending too much money on decorating items. To make it you will need medium-weight absorbent paper oil paints, paint thinner, a water basin, coffee stirrer, and few other items. You can use methyl cellulose to thicken the water. You must use different colours so that ravishing patterns can be made. You must try it, it’s simple easy and an exciting task to do.

34. Cool Diy wood arrow Art
DIY Instructions And Credit- thediydreamer

wood arrow

If you’re looking for smart, affordable and beautiful decor ideas to add some colour and vibrancy to your home, then you need to try this for sure. This is simple, quick to make and worth the time and efforts. You will need wood for arrow headings and fletching. Be careful when you are cutting the wood. Moreover, use different colours so that arrows will look more ravishing. Do try it at home to give your boring room a new lively look.

35. DIY Hanging Half frame  
DIY Instructions And Credit- designsponge

Half frame

It feels amazing to add some life and personality to home by decorating the room walls. Hanging frame is a great option for that. People mostly don’t want to spend their money on buying these wall decors. They prefer to make them themselves. Like this, they get cheap and beautiful decors items for their house. You will need 2 pieces of the lightweight wooden strip, photograph in your chosen size, All-purpose glue and Scissors, etc. When you are cutting with the scissor be careful and don’t hurt yourself. This is a simple and cool Diy project which is worth the time and effort which you will spend on it.No major skill are required to make it. All you need is some basic material and a desire to make it. It will make your rooms look ravishing and just like new. 


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