30 Bathroom Decor Ideas


The bathroom which is a place which is not that favourite spot for anyone of us. If you want something apart from painting the bathroom then you can try these DIY crafts which will make your bathrooms look gorgeous and it can turnout out to be one the best places in your house. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on making it, you can use old things which are at home to make it. Like this, it is going to be super easy for you to decorate your bathrooms and it is very economical too. These hacks will give your bathroom a classy and stylish look which is worth trying hence try these projects and make your life easier.

Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

1. DIY Ruffled Shower Curtain
DIY Instructions And Credit- diyprojects


 If you want to give your bathroom a new and better look then you must try this. The DIY Ruffled shower curtains are worth trying and it will make you breathe peacefully and also it will give your bathroom a better look. This is also an economical way to add more value to your bathroom and also to do something useful and easy in less time for the bathroom, to give it a better look.

2. DIY Towel Rack
DIY Instructions And Credit- myfabulesslife


Instead of putting towels here and there or hanging it on the door it’s better to have proper ranks for this. You can make it at home too. you will need a wooden slab and that’s it. These ranks are worth trying and will make your life easier and now you can hang towels on It easily and also it will add more grace to your bathroom and you can use the towels whenever you feel like.

3. DIY Rustic Wooden Storage Ladder
DIY Instructions And Credit- jennasuedesign


This wooden ladder that appears weatherworn adds a nation concentrate to a toilet section that is usually clean. Easy DIY washing ideas like this one add extra space for one of the smallest spaces in your home, but most used. You can add more users to it by attaching baskets or rungs for towel bars.

4. DIY Mason Jar Storage Accessories
DIY Instructions And Credit- masonjarcraftslove


You can always use jars to make productive things out of it. Here is an amazing way to add more value to your washroom and save some money too. You just need the jars and you can paint it or add some value to it by making patterns on it with markers. You can then add different things in it such as brushes and other stuff. Give this mason jar hack a try.

5. DIY Rustic Wood And Rope Hanging Shelf
DIY Instructions And Credit- etsy


Every other person needs a shelf to place things properly and the shelves are at times expensive a. You can always make shelf at home and this is an economical and easy solution to messy things and if you are not able to find things on time then its better to have shelves and put things there so that you can find them when you need it easily. This is an amazing shelf which can be made with wooden slabs and ropes.

6. DIY Makeup Vanity
DIY Instructions And Credit- made2style


This is a great idea for the people who have small washrooms. You can make it easily and it’s economical. If you don’t have a mirror in the makeup vanity then you can get a mirror from a small store and place it in the store. You will be easily able t do your makeup and make yourself look pretty.

7. DIY Marble Vanity Tray
DIY Instructions And Credit- mylittlesecrets


You can try making this vanity tray at home. You can put in the small bathroom which you will see is not that hard. You can use marble to make it and it’s worth trying. These marbles vanities try is economical and also easy to make. Apart from this, it will also last for long which means that you can use it for a long time without getting worried about the fact that you how long can it sustain.

8. DIY Mason Jar Organizer
DIY Instructions And Credit- thediyplaybook


  If you have mason jars then you can use them to make something productive out of it. You can use these jars easily. You can fix it in your washroom and then put different things in it. You can put teeth brushes, makeup brushes and different things in it. You can easily make it at home and you must give it a try. You will have fun.

9. DIY Rotating Organizer
DIY Instructions And Credit- bystephanielynn


 You can make this rotating organizer at home. You will need some plastic or wooden dishes along with other few things which will make it easier for you to make a rotator so that you can have some items in it which you want. These things will be the one which you use on a daily basis. Give it a try.

10. DIY Bathroom Ruffled curtain
DIY Instructions And Credit- seekatesew


 If you want economical and creative curtains then you can make these ruffles curtains. The ruffles curtains can be made easily at home. You can add more value by trying to make it in different colours which are super interesting too. You can make these curtains in less time as they won’t require a lot of effort. You must give these a try.

11. DIY Mason Jar Sconce
DIY Instructions And Credit- shelterness


 If you have jars at home which are not used and are placed ideal and why don’t you use them and make something great out of it.You can try making this cute DIY craft out of the jars and make your home beautiful. You can put plants or artificial flowers in it. You will feel so much freshness in your house and you can make many of them at home easily.

12. DIY Floating Shelves
DIY Instructions And Credit- ww12


 You can make some interesting floating shelves too. You can make these shelves at home easily. you can easily make them and it’s worth trying. You will see that its economical solution and these shelves can be placed anywhere you want making your life easier and this will make it easier for you to place things in one place and use them whenever you feel like. This is a must-try at home.

13. DIY Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf
DIY Instructions And Credit- diyshowoff


You can make a toilet paper holder shelf at home too so that you don’t have any problem in using the toilet paper. You will need a wooden slab at first and then you will need to follow the proper steps and you will end up making this holder shelf. It is easy to make and also fun. you must give it a try at home. You will end up saving a lot of money hence do try it.

14. DIY Blue Bathroom Cabinets
DIY Instructions And Credit- sisterssuitcaseblog


You can add cabinets in your bathroom too, in order to make it look better and also to see that the bathroom can tend to be made into a more useful thing. You can bring In some old shelf and add colour to it by painting it in whatever colour you like. You can also design it according to the way you want it to be. This is simply going to be very interesting and fun.

15. DIY Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet
DIY Instructions And Credit- shanty-2-chic


You can add a barn door to the cabinet if you want the products and other things which you have placed are safe and also to give it some privacy. This is an easy and fun way to make something useful an economical. You must give it a try. This is very easy and fun to make. You must give it a try and you can make it in any size which you want according to your cabinet need.

16. DIY Upcycled Bed Frame Towel Bar
DIY Instructions And Credit- sarahjoyblog


If you have an old bed with a frame which is not in use anymore then you can try making it easily at home. You can add plants and other things as decoration in the bathroom. Secondly, you can put towels beneath it. You can easily make it at home and this is not that time-consuming. This is an affordable way to make it and can paint it in different colours too.

17. DIY Chevron Burlap Bathroom Sign
DIY Instructions And Credit- shanty-2-chic


DIY bathroom sign can be made at home. This an easy way to add more grace to the bathroom. You can make these easily at home. You can try making it in different designs and various alphabets can be made and put in the bathroom as a ravishing design. You will see that it’s an economical and fun way to make something which is easy and fun hence do give it a try.

18. DIY River Rock Shower Floor Project
DIY Instructions And Credit-  somethingfromnothingdiy


If you want a new and better floor then you can try this river rock floors. you can make it at home. This is an easy solution to make your washrooms look way better. You can make it easily at home. The river rock can be founded at any store. This river rocks can be placed in as much space as you want. You can make it give the floor a more graceful look.

19. DIY Bathroom Wall Art
DIY Instructions And Credit- dabblesandbabbles


Wall art is fun and interesting. Putting it in the washroom will make the bathroom look more gorgeous.No need to buy them from any place you can make them at home .you can easily make it at home and you can easily make it in different patterns .you can try it in different sizes. Hence you must give it a try.

20. DIY Barnwood Bathroom Valance
DIY Instructions And Credit- cedarhillfarmhouse


If you want to make your life easier and want an economical solution too then you must try it the bathroom valance will add more life to the dull and boring washroom. You can try making it easily a home. Also, this is an economical way to add more value to your bathroom. You must give it a try.

21. DIY Bathroom Rug
DIY Instructions And Credit- wonderfuldiy


With crocheting, people make different and interesting things. You can make rugs which you can place in the bathroom. It can be made in different colours and different designs. Also, this rugs can be worth trying as it is economical and also it won’t require a lot of things to make it. You must try making it at home and you will see that these will turn out to be gorgeous if you will follow the instructions properly.

22. DIY Bathroom hallway Sign
DIY Instructions And Credit- mycottagecharm


You can make a hallway bathroom sign so that people can see easily that the bathroom is here and they won’t have any problem in finding it. You can easily make it at home and this is worth trying. You must make it and it will be very economical if you are making it at home as this means that you will end up saving money. Try it.

23. DIY Toilet Paper Holder
DIY Instructions And Credit- mountainmodernlife


Try making it at home. You can make these at home and you will need only some few basic things to make this holder. You will see how easy to make it and you will see that it’s very economical too. You must try it at home and it’s worth trying. Hence you must give it a try and therefore to add helpful things to your home,  make it and have fun.

24. DIY Bathroom Hanging Flowerpot Wall Art
DIY Instructions And Credit- abeautifulmess


You can make toothbrush mason jar holder which you can easily make. This is a super easy and economical way to make holders. Moreover, you will see that you will end up saving a lot of money as your old jars are being brought to use, you don’t need to bring in more things to add useful and pretty things to the washroom. Hence give it a try.

25. DIY Rustic Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder
DIY Instructions And Credit- thecountrychiccottage


If you have some old jars at home then you can bring them to use and start putting things in it which are in daily use. This way the things can be perfectly brought in to use and you can recycle stuff. Moreover, you will see that its super fun and interesting apart from being economical hence give it a try at home.

26. DIY Enamel Mug Bathroom Organizer
DIY Instructions And Credit- homeroad


You can use old mugs to make something productive out of it. If you have old mugs in your house then you can make this in order to place things, It will be super fun and interesting hence give it a try at home. You can make it in different sizes and use different colours mugs according to what you like hence do try it.

27. DIY Mason Jar Storage With Knobs
DIY Instructions And Credit- lizmarieblog


Mason storage jars are worth trying and you must give these a try You will find it fun to muse the old jars and also it will be a very economical way too. Hence do give it a try at home. This won’t require a lot of time and effort which you will spend on it is worth trying.

28. DIY Bathroom DIY Magazine Rack Tutorial
DIY Instructions And Credit- fourgenerationsoneroof


 You can try making a magazine rank which is great to not be bored in the washroom. You can place whatever magazines which you like and this will make it so much fun for you hence do give a try.

29. DIY Walking Plank Master Bathroom Progress
DIY Instructions And Credit- blesserhouse


You can try making it a home and this will add more beauty to the bathroom You must decorate your bathrooms too, in order to give them a lively look and make it similar to other rooms rather than a boring place. If you want that then try making this DIY project which is worth trying and economical.

30. DIY Repurposed Door Knob Towel Hanger
DIY Instructions And Credit- thehouseofsmiths


You can make it at home. You can make it in less time and as you will be making it yourself you will be saving money. Do give it a try. This is going to be fun and way to add the solution to some bathroom problems. Give it a try.


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