DIY Rustic Stick Tree

How to Make DIY Rustic Stick Tree?

How to Make DIY Rustic Stick Tree?

Branches and twigs are the primary components of a rustic stick tree, often known as a rustic twig tree or branch tree. The natural beauty of these trees makes them a favorite choice for holiday decorations and other seasonal displays.

Features of a traditional stick tree

Branches or twigs from trees are the traditional building blocks for rustic stick trees. In order to preserve their natural and earthy appearance, these materials are either not processed at all or undergo only little transformation.

Branch Variation

Branches of different diameters and lengths are commonly used, and the whole thing can be arranged to look like a tree. To achieve a look similar to that of a conventional Christmas tree, the branches might start out thicker at the trunk and taper down as they ascend.

These trees are commonly used for ornamentation, particularly around the Christmas season. They can be decked out in seasonal or event-specific trimmings like lights, ribbons, pinecones, and ornaments.

Stick trees are a popular DIY project, and many people choose to make their own. They gather branches, cut them to length, arrange them artistically, and then decorate them.

Stick trees, depending on their size and construction, can be utilized as decorative accents both indoors and out. The smaller ones are great for decorating a table or mantel, while the larger ones are great for outdoor settings like gardens and patios.

One of the many reasons why rustic stick trees are so popular is because of how easily they can be personalized. They are adaptable to many styles and seasons because of the many ways you may decorate them.

DIY Rustic Stick Tree

The appealing, organic, and homey qualities of these trees make them a popular choice. They look great all year round as part of a rustic or country-style interior design scheme and are a refreshing change from the usual artificial or real Christmas tree.

Incorporating a rustic stick tree into your home’s decor is a simple and rewarding do-it-yourself project. To assist you in creating one, here is a simple tutorial:


Gather a number of tree limbs of varied sizes and shapes. Keep an eye out for limbs that have unusual shapes or textures. They need to be dry and pest-free.

  • Tools for cutting and trimming the branches to the correct lengths, such as pruning shears or a saw.
  • To secure the limbs together, use twine or a jute rope.
  • To adorn your rustic stick tree, you can use anything from little decorations and pinecones to ribbon, string lights, and even dried flowers and acorns.
  • The foundation of your stick tree is essential for its stability. A little jar, a pail of stones or sand, or a piece of wood could serve this purpose.
  • Glue gun and glue sticks aren’t required, but they’ll come in handy for affixing embellishments.

How to Make a Tree with Sticks:

The Branches Must Be Prepped:

First, get the lengths of the branches just right by cutting or pruning them. The longest limb should be at the bottom, and the others should get shorter as they rise.

Clear the branches of any loose leaves or twigs.

Put Together a Tree:

Insert the longest stem into the bottom. You can use sand or stones to anchor a pot so it doesn’t topple over.

  • Make sure the shorter branches fan out from the main branch in a natural way by arranging them around the base.
  • The branch ends can be tied together using twine or jute rope. Make sure it’s secure by wrapping it around multiple times. Be sure to use a strong knot.

Deck the Halls:

Putting finishing touches on your homemade tree made of sticks is a lot of fun. You can decorate with whatever that fits your theme, such as ornaments, pinecones, ribbon, string lights, etc.

  • Use a glue gun, twine, or just hang ornaments from the tree’s limbs to decorate it.
  • Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your home’s decor.


You can put a star on top of the tree if you like. It could be a star, an angel, or whatever else captures your imagination. Fasten it to the highest branch.

Restore Order to the Core (if Necessary)

Adding more weight to the base of your tree may be necessary if it wobbles. If you want to be sure your pot or bucket stands upright, fill it with pebbles, sand, or something else heavy.

Put Your Tree on Display

Put your homemade stick tree on display in a spot that will do it justice. It can be on a tabletop, mantel, or as a centerpiece for a holiday event.

The natural beauty of your stick tree is now ready to be displayed in your home. Add more decorations or change it up for different seasons or special occasions to make it truly your own.

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