DIY Reindeer Sweets Jar


While a large, statement-worthy Christmas tree is a necessity, why not add a few charming miniature trees to your mantel and tables? We love this quaint timber from Say Yes made from pine scraps and tree stumps. Gather a few branches from your Christmas tree, a couple of birch stumps and a glue gun, and you may have a charming display for any corner of your home.

Reindeer Sweets Jar


Materials Required:

  1. Red Spray Paint
  2. Mason Jars
  3. Black Ribbon
  4. Silver Pipe Cleaners
  5. Glue
  6. Holiday Mason Jars

Here’s how to make your sweet Jars:
Step 1:
Take the lid off the mason jar, and then spray the complete jar purple – I area my hand internal the jar partially whilst spraying.
Step 2:
Allow the jar to dry – mine used to be ready to go in about an hour or two. I let it dry outside, but I do live in Florida.
Step 3:
Using a warm glue gun, glue the “belt” onto your jar – measure out your ribbon before glueing it on.
Step 4:
Using scissors or wire cutters, cut a 2-3 inch piece of silver pipe cleaner – you may have to make your longer relying on how huge your black ribbon is, mine is about half of inch.
Step 5:
Shape the silver pipe cleaner into a square, with one small twist, attach the ends together.
Step 6:
Using a hot glue gun (or extremely good glue) glue on your “belt buckle”.

Step 7:
Fill with kisses if preferred.

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