DIY Make A Beautiful Santa Tulle


Are you ready to decorate your house this coming Christmas eve? Well, one of the best ways to come up with the approaching lively holiday season is to consider some exciting and colourful ideas of Christmas tree decoration.

Beautiful Santa Tulle



  • 50 yards of white tulle on a spool, reduce to 15-inch pieces
  • 12-inch wreath form
  • 1 adult-sized Santa hat
  • Pen
  • 1 scrap piece of ribbon, about three inches long
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Step 1:

I advised taking a hat with you to select out the wreath form to be positive it will fit. The easiest way to cut your tulle is to wrap it around a piece of cardboard that is 15 inches wide. Then reduce down both aspects of the board.


Step 2:

Start by placing your hat on the wreath and marking the place it the bottom touches on each side of the wreath. You’ll only want to tie the tulle between these two points.


Step 3:

Simply tie your portions onto your wreath with an easy knot. Continue this all the way around, from one pen mark to the other, till you get it as full as you’d like.


Step 4:

If you have a green wreath form, you may additionally desire to wrap it in some white tulle earlier than you begin tying the strips on, just to be certain no green shows through.


Step 5:

To add a moustache, tie a piece of tulle across the middle of your wreath about 2 inches below where the pinnacle of the beard will meet the hat. Cut your final 15-inch tulle strips in half, and then tie these with a simple knot around the piece you tied across the middle of the wreath till the moustache is as full as you would like.


Step 6:

Finally, place the Santa hat on the top of the wreath and warm glue it into the area on either side. To supply the hat a little more fluff, I balled up and stuffed the leftover tulle portions inside the hat. Then I hot glued the interior of the hat to the front and lower back of the top of the wreath.


Step 7:

The excellent way to cling it is to stitch a scrap piece of ribbon onto the back.


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