DIY Lovely Christmas Stockings Decorations


These lovable little stockings can be made with simply a 1/2 a yard of two one of a kind fabrics and about 10 minutes of your time. You will need a fleece or faux fur for the interior and the lining and a ribbon to create the hanger. Overall, these are likely the easiest stockings you will ever DIY and the fantastic is amazing. Plus, you can personalize them by using the use of something cloth you like.

Lovely Christmas Stockings Decorations


Things You’ll Need

  1. Heavy-gauge wire
  2. Wire cutters
  3. S-hooks
  4. Tape measure
  5. Rubber bands

Step 1

Measure the width (w) and top (h) of the mantel.

Step 2

Cut a piece of wire whose size is equal to (2 * w) + (2 * h) + 2 feet. It needs to be in a position to loop all the way around the mantel with excess wire putting down.

Step 3

Place the core of the wire at the core of the bottom of the mantel and wrap the wire up around the aspects so that the ends go near the middle of the pinnacle of the mantel. Adjust the placement and overlap to create the preferred amount of slack under the mantel.

Step 4

Tie a rectangular knot in the ends of the wire to secure them and create a long loop of the favored length. The loop must run alongside the top of the mantel, down both sides, and dangle slack below the mantel. Fold the extra wire sticking out of the knot again along the wire loop and wind it round the wire for introduced security. Wind at least a few inches on each side, and then either reduce off the ultimate excess wire or hold winding till you reach the ends.

Step 5

Push the wire loop to the returned of the mantel. Hang one S-hook for every stocking from the wire under the mantel. Tie a small rubber band around the wire beside each S-hook to preserve the hooks from sliding to the centre. Hang the stockings from the S-hooks.


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