DIY Easy Embroidery Christmas Ornament


If redecorating for the holidays brings you as tons pleasure as shopping for a new mid-century sofa or buying for lovely watercolour wallpaper, it is time to bring your Christmas decorations up to par with the relaxation of your decor tastes. While we will continually have soft vicinity in our hearts for traditional Christmas decor, this year we are all about a sparkling new take on holiday wreaths, centrepieces, and mantles. If you are searching for ideas to upgrade your Christmas decor, we have got rounded up our favourite cutting-edge appears you can use in your personal home this year.

Easy Embroidery Christmas Ornament

DIY-Easy-Embroidery-christmas -ornament

Materials Required:

  1. free Christmas decoration embroidery pattern
  2. 3-inch embroidery hoop
  3. embroidery floss (DMC colors: 501, 562, 966, 817, and 3799)
  4. felt for backing
  5. small ribbon
  6. Merry Christmas Embroidery Hoop Ornament

Step by step Guide:
Step 1:
This pattern is highly easy to stitch up. It’s a tiny hoop, so you simply want to make your stitches pleasant and small. The small leaves are a combination between a fishbone and satin stitch.
Step 2:
The lettering is a returned stitch. I did two rows of backstitch for the thicker parts and a single row for the thinner components and the little berries are French knots.
Step 3:
When you finish, you’ll want to return your hoop with a round piece of feeling, so the returned of your stitches doesn’t show. You can sew the felt on or use warm glue. If you use glue, just make certain none of it receives on the again of your embroidered fabric.
Step 4:
Tie a small ribbon around the top to cling your ornament. Melt the ends of the ribbon with a lighter or use a product to keep them from fraying, and you are done!

DIY-Easy-Embroidery-christmas -ornament

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