DIY Christmas Village Stocking Hanger


How adorable are these cactus stockings? They are perfect for those of you who live in Arizona or other places that are acquainted with cacti or if you are simply attempting to add greater heat to your Christmas decorating this year. These are so convenient to make and you add the cactus décor with embroidery floss where you can use any range of shades for this to suit your present decorations.

Christmas Village Stocking Hanger


Step 1:
Make a Christmas tree wall striking the usage of Styrofoam balls. Choose a giant piece of poster board and a lot of small Styrofoam balls for this craft. The range of balls you will want will depend on how massive you want to tree to be.
Step 2:
Spray paint both the poster board and the foam balls with inexperienced acrylic spray paint.
Step 3:
Next, glue a row of Styrofoam balls on the bottom of the poster board. Put some other row on the pinnacle of the backside row the use of one fewer ball.
Step 4:
Continue this sample until you end with only one Styrofoam ball, creating a Christmas tree shape.
Step 5:
Decorate the balls to look like a Christmas tree, the usage of glitter, sequins, paint and different craft items. When the tree is decorated, cut away the extra poster board.
Step 6:
Cut a big name out of a piece of yellow construction paper and glue it to a wood dowel.
Step 7:
Insert the dowel into the top of the Christmas tree. Your tree is prepared to hang on the wall.

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