DIY Christmas Tea Trees


If you prefer to introduce some modern, handmade decorations into your domestic this year, look no further. Create festive decorations with the proper balance of present day style and festive tradition with this easy DIY project. These easy-to-make mini Christmas trees appear outstanding displayed on a mantle, an espresso desk or even on a desk.

Christmas Tea Trees


displayed on a mantle, an espresso desk or even on a desk.

Step 1:

Things You’ll Need

  1. Pencil
  2. Ruler
  3. Balsa wood
  4. Craft knife
  5. Cutting mat
  6. Ruler
  7. Cutting mat
  8. Paint (optional)
  9. DIY Mini Wooden Christmas Tree

Step 2:

Using a pencil and a ruler, draw two triangle shapes on the wood! The base of my triangles measure 10 cm and the sides measure 12cm in length, so my tree will be a little taller than it is wide.


Step 3:

Place the balsa wood onto your cutting mat and reduce out the two triangles using a craft knife and ruler. Balsa wood is perfect for this task because it’s rigid adequate to stand up, however mild adequate to cut via easily with a knife.


Step 4:

Next, create the slots so you can slide the two triangles together. The slots are half the top of every triangle (in this case, the triangles are 12 cm high so the slots are 6 cm high). They ought to additionally be vast enough to accommodate the thickness of the wood you are the usage of (in this case, the balsa wood is 3 mm thick so the slots are 3 mm wide). Cut one slot from the pinnacle of the triangle to the middle and the other from the base to the middle.


Step 5:

Slide the two timber triangles together to finish. You can go away them as is if you select the look of natural wood, or you could paint them the use of acrylic craft paint.


Step 6:

I like to create timber in one of a kind sizes to make a festive cluster to show around my home. These minimal trees can be without problems taken aside to save away for future vacation trips without taking up a whole lot of storage space!


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