DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candles


Family getaways at the beach are treasured occasions, and what higher way to maintain your reminiscences than with a mason jar filled with a family photo, along with sand and shells collected on your vacation? Assembling these memento reminiscence jars can emerge as a household lifestyle thru the years, with pictures and knickknacks filling each one to capture the unique moments you have shared together. Laws vary from nation to state on whether it is prison to take sand, shells, rocks and other objects from public beaches. Check your unique state’s laws earlier than disposing of something from the beach. If it is, in fact, unlawful in your area, then purchase the sand and seaside elements from the crafts store.

Christmas Mason Jar Candles


Step 1:

Things You’ll Need

  1. Glass mason jar or canister
  2. Sand
  3. Shells
  4. Piece of wood
  5. Black marker
  6. Wood skewer
  7. Hot glue
  8. Rope

Step 2:

Pour about two inches of sand into the jar. Be sure to depart ample room for shells and a photo. Size your picture to healthy within the jar. Add about an inch of blank space to the backside of the photograph to account for the section that will be buried in the sand.


Step 3:
Place the image towards the returned of the jar, sliding the photo into the sand for support. The clean area at the bottom of the picture must be hidden in the sand.

Step 4:
Position shells in the front of the jar, trying not to block as a whole lot of the photo. A marker to point out where and when the photograph was taken provides a satisfactory contact to the reminiscence jar. On a piece of wood, write the identity of the area (and date) with a black marker. You can also write on one of the shells, or even a piece of cardstock.


Step 5:

Cut off a two-inch piece of a wooden skewer, and hot glue it to the again of the vicinity marker. Insert the skewer into the sand to preserve the vicinity marker in place. Add a nautical function to the top of the jar via hot gluing some rope around it. For the last detail, hot glue a starfish or other seashell to the rope. This memory jar gives new that means to the term “sands of time.”


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