40 New Christmas Indoor And Outdoor Decor Ideas


Christmas is a special occasion for many people. It is that time of the year where everyone celebrates. To celebrate people love to decorate their houses. Here is some amazing stuff for you. You will love to try the beautiful things which you can make easily at home without much effort. All you need is some time and it’s going to be worth the time and effort. Here are some rustic looking items too. They will look lovely and will also add charm to your house. You must try them and these Christmas decoration ideas will add colours and vibrancy to your rooms, lawns and other areas of the house.  It is a way to bring joy and laughter into our homes to share with our loved ones. Many people decorate the exterior of their homes with lights and ornaments for the neighbourhood to see, but decorating indoors can be a great way to express your holiday spirit too. Get your hands on this cheap economical and ravishing ideas. 

Adorable Christmas Indoor And Outdoor Ornaments  

1. DIY Christmas Ornament Packets
DIY Instructions And Credit- evite


If you are planning to throw a party at your house then all you need to do is take your DIY ornaments skills to a high level. Make these customized labelled packets. You can choose from a variety of designs. Everyone can make these DIY ornaments without rifling through boxes of supplies or fighting over materials. You must make a sample first so as to make sure that what you are making in large quantity is according to your requirement.

2. Rustic Christmas Snowman
DIY Instructions And Credit- diyncrafts


Who doesn’t love snowman, it is one of the essential things of winters. Kick off an amazing winter by trying these super easy and cute snowmen. They are easy and fun to make. You will need some few things to make them. Things such as markers, cloth, cardboard are all that you require. They are affordable yet look beautiful. Do try them. 

3. Origami Flower ball
DIY Instructions And Credit- thecraftysisters


Have you ever thought of making cute flowers at home? The flower can be made easily at home. Just some tools and basic accessories will be needed. You may need some time to make it. It’s going to worth the time and effort. If you will follow the instructions properly you will end up making it really quick. You can try making them in different sizes and can play with the designs too. Give this amazing art a try. You will love it.

4. Pallet Christmas trees
DIY Instructions And Credit- jolenescrafting


If you are searching for an economical and unique Christmas tree then you are at the right place. You can use the pallets to create some amazing trees which are fun and quick. You can make them in different sizes and these trees won’t require a lot of time. The trees can be decorated with ribbons and lights. This is a reasonable and quick solution. Moreover, you can customize it according to your preference. This will add more charm to it. Give it a try and you will love it for sure.

5. Sparkling Silvery Forest Display
DIY Instructions And Credit- goodgirlgoneglad


Sparkling’s and glittery stuff are eye-catching. If you are planning to throw an amazing party at your place then these foremost displays are what you need the most. They are elegant, ravishing, shiny and whatnot. These are super easy to make and will for sure add more char, to your place. They will make the events livelier and sparkling. Do give it a try.

6. DIY  Snow Globe Decoration
DIY Instructions And Credit- nobiggie


You can always use old things to make something new and creative put of it. Here is something interesting for you. All you need is some time and effort. You can make mini snow globe ornaments at home. They will look fantastic and will for sure add elegance and charm to the places where you plan to keep them. They are not very hard to make if you follow the guidelines properly. Do give them a try.

7. DIY Shutter Snowman
DIY Instructions And Credit- prettymyparty



If you have some old shutters which are useless then don’t waste them. Instead, use them and make something spectacular out of them. You can make some beautiful and stunning now men. You will just need some shutters and a few other things to make the shutter snowman. They are going to look wonderful. Also, they are worth the time and effort which you will spend on them.

8. DIY Owl Christmas Decoration
DIY Instructions And Credit- liagriffith


Christmas is fun. People want to decorate their houses in the best way possible. If you wondering what you should do. Then here are owl ornaments they can be made at home. They are super cute and the cost to make them is low. They are long-lasting and will not require a lot of time. They are a great item for decoration purposes.

9. DIY Beautiful Light Balls
DIY Instructions And Credit- christmaslightsetc


If you want a merry look then lighted ornament balls are all that you need. These balls are easy, fun and simple to make. All you need will be some chicken wire and LED lights. The light balls will add so much charm to your house. The light balls will make your lawn look so pretty. Do give them a try.

10. DIY Lighted Gift Boxes
DIY Instructions And Credit- christmaslightsetc


Gift box is although not as important as the gift is. However beautiful gift boxes add more beauty to the gift. You can make some spectacular gift boxes at home. You will need things such as lights ribbons etc. This is an easy and affordable solution which everyone must try.

 11. DIY Nutcrackers
DIY Instructions And Credit- meighan


DIY nutcrackers are unique and fun to make. They will turn out to be the focal point and you can place them wherever you want to. You can make them in different designs and sizes. You can paint them in the colours which you like, follow the instructions properly and you will good to go.

12. DIY Pinecone Garland
DIY Instructions And Credit- ballarddesigns


Pinecone garlands look stunningly beautiful. They are easy and fun to make. You will also not be needing a lot of time to make them. Just some basic things will be required. If you will follow the instructions properly you will be good to go. Do try them at home.

13. DIY Evergreen trees
DIY Instructions And Credit- tatertotsandjello


If you are planning to make something great for winter decorations then these evergreen trees are one the best option that you have. You will need some glitters foam tree forms and some other things to make it. They are long-lasting and worth the time and effort which you will spend on it.

14. DIY White Polar Bear Animal Decoration
DIY Instructions And Credit- faeriesandfauna


Little white polar bear ornaments are super cute. Apart from being cute, they are easy and simple to make. These polar bear ornaments are something you definitely need for the Christmas, it will add charm to your decoration for this special event. You will be needing a few things to make it which are not that expensive. Things such as White acetate or other shiny material, Tiny bit of polyfill stuffing, Iron-on interfacing etc is needed. Do give it a try.

15. DIY Wooden Screen Print Signs
DIY Instructions And Credit- instructables


Screen-print designs are one thing which you would love for your walls. All you need is some time, paints old wood slabs. You can make different things out of it according to your choice You can many of them depending on what you like and what you prefer .you can make them gift it to somebody too and they will love it. With this project, you will end up saving money and will get something customized too.

16. DIY Hand Painted Disney Ornaments
DIY Instructions And Credit- willcookforsmiles


If you are planning to make handmade things for the Christmas then one of the best things which you can do is make some cute Disney ornaments. They will look lovely and you will end up getting customized ornaments. You can use old balls, jars or anything else to make it. You will love it for sure. It is not that hard and also it’s fun to make such cute things yourself. The Disney balls can be made in different designs too. You must give these balls a try.

17. DIY Beautiful Reindeer Face Sweater
DIY Instructions And Credit- newleafdesigns


If you have some old sweaters in your house which you are bored off. Then you can give them a new old by crocheting something amazing on it. You will need some basic things such as yarn, scissors to make it. This is a simple and amazing art which you would love to make. You can try making different shapes according to what you prefer the most. This DIY will give the sweaters a new and better look. You must try it at home and make old things new with this.

18. DIY Crochet Candy Canes
DIY Instructions And Credit- whiskersandwool


Crocheting is a skill which is fun and easy. Anyone can crochet if they want to. You don’t have to be compelled to be Associate in Nursing skilled in it. All you need Is some time and motivation to do it. For Christmas, the candy canes are a cute and adorable item which you can make at home. You can make it in different sizes and colours. You will also see that its super fun to make them. Do give them a try at home. You can make them for gift purposes too.

19. DIY Gorgeous Crochet Christmas Lights
DIY Instructions And Credit- sewrella


You might have seen a lot of things which are made with crocheting. Have you ever thought of making some cute crochet lights? This is something unique but lovely at the same time. All you will need is some time. You can try making it in different colours and sizes. You can also try different designs. You will love it and people will be amazed too. The crochet lights are long-lasting and also the lights are going to add more life to your Christmas décor. You must give it a try at home.

20. DIY Reindeer Carousel
DIY Instructions And Credit- eatlaughcraft


If you are looking for some wonderful Christmas décor then small potted evergreen trees and pinecones create the perfect design that can easily be placed in any room of your home all you need is a wooden space rack.You can find it at your own home, if you are unable to do then you can buy one from any local store.You can also customize it according to your preferences.You can add chalk to it as well.You must try it, as it is affordable and fun.

21. DIY Cute Candy Cane Lane Wooden Sign
DIY Instructions And Credit- etsy


As you know that Christmas is an event which is very important and close to most of our hearts. On this occasion, everyone wants to decorate their houses and surroundings in the best way possible. Here are cute candy sticks which will add charm to your decoration. You only need a few wooden sticks to make it. This is something very interesting which is must try at home. Give it a try at home and enjoy your Christmas.

22.  DIY Beautiful Christmas Bells
DIY Instructions And Credit- wesens-art


This is a simple DIY project which is simple and easy for kids and adults too. These bells are made using terra cotta pots and You just paint the pots and then hang them upside down with ribbon, adding wooden beads for the ringer. You can find tiny clay pots at any craft or hobby store and use these to decorate the tree or do a couple of larger ones and hang them together on your porch. 

23. DIY Terra Cotta Pot Reindeer
DIY Instructions And Credit- 


Terra cotta pot is amazing for decoration purposes. You can make them to gift someone or for your own house too. These are very reasonable and fun to make. You will also end up many of them according to your needs.  You just paint a face one the pot to look like your favourite reindeer – maybe even add a red-painted wooden ball or a red pom for Rudolph’s nose – and then add the antlers that you can make out of foam board. Do try it at home.

24. DIY Vintage Candy Jars
DIY Instructions And Credit- farmhouse5540


The candy jars can be easily founded at any store. You can then get some candies from nay store. You will end up making some beautiful candy jars and you can place them at different places where you want. This is an economical and smart decoration idea which you will like. The red and white stripes from the peppermint candies offer you the right country Christmas look. Do strive to create them a home. you’ll find it irresistible.

25. DIY Lighted Burlap Garland
DIY Instructions And Credit- createcraftlove


This stunning garland creation begins with a strand of white Christmas lights, though they can be other colours if you prefer. You will like bagging ribbons to form this distinctive Christmas indoor decoration; red, green, and ancient bagging can do. Once the burlap is cut to ribbon-sized portions, you can begin tying the ribbons to the strand of lights. Don’t forget to alternate colours to create a beautiful display. This is a wonderful decoration idea which is worth the time and effort.

26. DIY Porch Light Decoration
DIY Instructions And Credit- inmyownstyle


 Here is a cute light decoration idea. You will only need a few basic stuff to make it. You can use different colours ribbons to make the DIY Christmas porch light decoration. You will not have to spend a lot of time making it. You will see that it’s going to be worth the time and effort which you will spend on it and also these lights are awe-inspiring. You would love it.

27. DIY Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas Trees
DIY Instructions And Credit- twotwentyone


Christmas tree is one of the most important and vital things when it comes to Christmas. If you plan to make some beautiful and ravishing tree for the Christmas then you must get your hands on this DIY project. This is an awesome tree decoration. You will need some lights, ribbons, etc to make it This is a wonderful decoration which you must try.

28. DY Christmas Tree Sleigh
DIY Instructions And Credit- rustyhinge


The quaint sleigh is created of vintage table legs and a box that you’ll paint red, and stuffed with miniature Christmas tree. Burlap coffee sacks bundle the trees, which give it even more of a farmhouse look. This is simply gorgeous and fun to make. You must try it at home and no doubt you will love it. Do try it at home and it’s going to be an economical and easy solution.

29. DIY Rustic Snowman
DIY Instructions And Credit- etsy


Rustic snowman is fun and easy to make. You will find it interesting to make. You can make these snowmen in different sizes and for Christmas, it’s going to be a fun and one of the best solutions. You will also see that this rustic snowman is not difficult to make. This is worth the time and effort which you will spend on it. You can decorate it with different things too according to your preferences. Go give this rustic snowman a try and you will not regret it.

30. DIY Frosty The Snowman Candy Dish
DIY Instructions And Credit- budget101


Have you ever wondered you can also use some old pots and jars to make a lovely man too? Yes, you can use bowls,  pots, and paints to make it. You can make it at home easily. You will see that it worth the time and effort. You can make it different sizes and can paint it in different colours too. Do try it at home and have some great decoration stuff at home.

31. DIY Front Porch Ornament Stand
DIY Instructions And Credit- shanty-2-chic


Ornament stands are essential to put on items on it for decoration purposes. You can always use different stuff for making these ornaments stands. You will need a wooden stand and some nails along with the paints to make these stands. You will make it easily at home. This is a fun and easy task which is also worth the time and effort which you will spend on it.

32. DIY Adorable Tree Topper
DIY Instructions And Credit- shanty-2-chic


Tea toppers are widely used to decorate the vases and trees at home. They can be easily made at home .you can try making them in different colours. You will see that its worth the time and effort. You can make them in different sizes and you will see that it’s going to be a fun task. You can make different tea toppers to decorate your trees and different things at home too.

33. DIY Rustic Reindeer Artwork
DIY Instructions And Credit- diynetwork


Rustic reindeer artwork is great and you will see that ts worth the time and effort. You can make different designs and art out of it. You can take pictures of different thing and also different paints can be used to make it of different colours. This artwork can be customized and is worth the time and effort. You will love it no doubt and this will add charm to your walls too. You must give it a try.

34. DIY Super Easy Merry Christmas Sticker Sign
DIY Instructions And Credit- exquisitelyunremarkable


This is a great piece of art.It is simple and fun to make.Its also worth time and effort.You can make it in different sizes and also it’s worth the time and effort which you will spend on it.This cute DIY project is a must-try at home. You can find holiday stickers at any craft or hobby store and then you just use those stickers to create the sign that you want. No painting and no fussing. You can do one of these in less than an hour, so you have time to do several and have them hanging all over the house.

35. DIY Tall Ornament Topiary
DIY Instructions And Credit- thecreativityexchange


Here is an amazing craft for you. This is something fun, exciting and of course worth the time and effort .you will love to make it as it will add more life to your outdoor space. This will give the entrance more extravagant look so that you can have a better outdoor display. This tall ornament topiary can be made in various colours and you can make them in different sizes too. You will have fun while making these and if you will follow the instructions properly these will not be very hard for you.

36. DIY Santa Claus Fire Wood Bundle
DIY Instructions And Credit- smartgirlsdiy


Christmas is so much fun. You will be having fun while decorating your houses. You can celebrate Christmas in the best way possible when you decorate your house and surroundings. You can use the wood to turn it into something amazing. You will need some paints ribbons and wood bundles. You can make it at home easily and the time which you will spend on is worth it. You can many of it and it’s going to be a very economical solution too.

37. DIY Attractive Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
DIY Instructions And Credit- lemonthistle


You can make such adorable signs in very less time. If you work properly and follow the instructions you will not be needing more than an hour to make them . You can make these signs at an affordable cost. You will need some wood and wood stain to make such amazing signs. You will need an engraving tool and a few other crafting supplies too. This signs will look pretty and also this can be hanged on the wall or placed over the firewall.

38. DIY Beautiful Baby’s First Christmas Footprint Craft
DIY Instructions And Credit- notquitesusie


You can create an adorable footprint which you can make at home easily. You will need an ornament, some embossing ink, tacky glue and glitter to make cute adorable footprints. You can hang these on trees and in different places wherever you want them to be. This is a great DIY craft through which you can secure the footprint of your babies. You can even sell this in with a heat gun so that it lasts for many years.

39. DIY Beautiful Clay Pot Angel
DIY Instructions And Credit- freecraftz


On Christmas, one of the most interesting things is to make some cute stuff which can be hung in different places or you can put it in different spaces too. you can make cute pots angles at home. These will be an economical and fun solution to your decorating problem for the Christmas.

40. DIY Vintage Guardian Angels
DIY Instructions And Credit- crochetmillan


Crocheting is fun and easy. Also, anyone can make it whosoever is interested in crocheting You don’t need any special skills to them. These guardian angels can be made at home, You can try making them in different designs and sizes if you want something really cute for decoration, You can hang them on the Christmas trees and even in your rooms just to give a more lively look. Do try them at home.

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