20 DIY Valentines Day Decor Ideas


Valentine’s day is all about expressing your feelings and emotions for your loved ones, which is often ignored these days because of the hectic routine. Some people express them by saying things to their partner and some people give gifts to express their feelings. Some people travel to romantic places like Taj Mahal or any beachside to celebrate their day with special ones. If you want to celebrate your valentine’s day is a special way then this article is for you. This article will guide you about presents, decor and much more about the valentine’s day.

DIY Valentines Crafts

1. DIY Love Rocks
DIY Instructions And Credit- eliseenghstudios


Many of you want to do something good for your loved ones to make them feel special. Here is a quick guide for you. You can recycle stones into beautiful decoration pieces. By placing them on your bedside table or in the centre table of your living room will bring a charming look to your house. Simply brag some stones from your garden and paint them with whatever paint you want to do.

2. DIY Valentines Doily Banner
DIY Instructions And Credit- messforless


Here I am going to tell you how to kill your free time by making creative stuff by recycling things. You can make doily banners with the extra lace which is left from your dress last week. By colouring paper hearts and colouring them red is all you need to do in making a perfect doily banner. These banners can be used for multiple purposes.

3. DIY Personalized Photo Frame
DIY Instructions And Credit- experthometips


Personalized photo frames will help you to avoid the visits to the market in search of a perfect photo frame. Instead of buying a photo frame for your lover, it’s time to make one for yourself. You can use the hard paper charts as well as hardboard sheets to make photo frames. Put some cute little stuff on them to give them an attractive look. You can make frames of your desired size as well.

4. DIY Touching Melted Heart
DIY Instructions And Credit- growingajeweledrose


Valentine is about to come. And everybody is finding a perfect gift for their partner. Doing special things within a budget is not a cup of tea for every individual. To your recuse I am here with an amazingly great idea for your valentine. Melted hearts, there are made up of slime and it will truly represent your feelings for your partner. It is low in budget and surely fulfils your desire for a special surprise.

5. DIY Love potion Kit Gift
DIY Instructions And Credit- thirtyhandmadedays


Love potion kit is an incredible valentine surprise idea so far. Some people show there love with by giving flowers with chocolates and some people prefer to give photos but in my opinion, it is even more special if you cook or bake something for your lover. It is a special way to show your love for them. So this valentine, surprise your lover by making a smoothie or special drink for them in love potion kit.

6. DIY Owl Valentine Box
DIY Instructions And Credit- simpleasthatblog


Expressing your feelings is not that much easy as it seems to be. But it will become easier when you write them down for your partner. Owl valentine box will help you this valentine to express feelings for your partner. You can make an owl valentine box at home by simply recycling your shoebox and decorating it with some random stuff. You can keep short little notes in them to surprise your lover.

7. DIY Valentines Day Party Poppers
DIY Instructions And Credit- atthepicketfence


5 minutes of the craft will help you to see a smile on the face of your loved one. Party poppers for valentine is specially designed for you. You can get party poppers from the market but they are the causal ones. Its time to do something creative. You can make them at home and also there is a pro that you can fill them with the stuff of your own choice.

8. DIY Heart Beaded Beanie
DIY Instructions And Credit- ilovetocreateblog


It’s time to do something creative with your beanie. All you need is a beanie, transparent glue and some beads. Arranging beads in a way that will look like a heart will make your beanie way more attractive than ever. You can also make different things on it like writing your name on the beanie with beads. You can make a super cool beanie present for your friend as well.

9. DIY Puffy Heart Wreath
DIY Instructions And Credit- notimeforflashcards


Puffy heart wreath is the best idea for a valentine this year. You can make puffy heart wreaths in a home with some random stuff. Make the base of the wreath with disposable food plates and you can have puffy hearts from the market, use the glue to fix them on the base. Place it on your bedroom door to make your room more attractive. You can use the same idea for Christmas as well.

10. DIY Valentine Bulb
DIY Instructions And Credit- designsponge


Time to recycle your fuse bulb. There is great idea for your valentine. Clean your fuse bulb and take out all the things out of it like filament etc. Now you can put heart-shaped painted wires in it. Place a wooden base under it by writing a little note on it. You can also put stuff in the bulb-like mini glitter hearts or multi-coloured papers to make it look amazing.

11. DIY Valentines Day Wristlet
DIY Instructions And Credit- myplumpudding


Valentine day special bracelets are going to be my go-to present this valentine. You can use them as a gift this valentine. Bracelets can be made with the help of ribbons. You can put flowers on them to make them a good look. If you use the band in the red colour and put red flowers on the top, then it will give a pure valentine look. The same idea can be used for friendship day.

12. DIY Bomb Candy Valentine
DIY Instructions And Credit- make-it-do


Valentine is the time to express your feelings for your loved ones. So, let’s express your feelings with a combination of sweet and super cool gesture. Take the favourite candies of your partner and take red paper chart roll each candy in it giving it a shape of a bomb and then tie all candies together. It is very unique and beautiful way to surprise your love this valentine.

13. DIY Wood Bases Candle
DIY Instructions And Credit- helloglow


Getting bored of using the plain candles in your room? Don’t worry! change them with scented ones with the first alphabet of your and your partner names on it. Take a wasted wood piece and use a scented candle. Engrave alphabets on the candle with help of pin or stitch opener. Simply colour the candle with a golden marker to give the best look. Give a new look to your room with a candle on the wood piece.

14. DIY Balloon Chandelier
DIY Instructions And Credit- weddingchicks


Are you worried that how you are going to decorate your room when it’s your partner’s special day? There is no need to get worried about we have to take care of that. Here is a trick, use the Balloon Chandelier technique. Grab all the good photos of you with your partner having best memories and simply tie them at the end of helium balloons. You can use the idea for valentine surprise as well.

15. DIY Homemade Doh Hearts
DIY Instructions And Credit- thesuburbanmom


Homemade dough hearts are way too adorable. You can use them as a wall hanging thing, gift it to your best friend this friendship or just keep it on your table to increase the charm of your house. You can decorate your home with these dough hearts on this coming Christmas. So, next time when you feel creative do give them a try. 

16. DIY Valentine Printables
DIY Instructions And Credit- lifesweetlifeblog


Putting pintables on your side table is the best decision to make this year. Putting new words and lines on it daily will make you feel special. You can use it as a present for your spouse as well. You can easily have it from the market next street and put it where you want to. You can also use this as a daily reminder by putting important works to do for the day.

17. DIY Pompom Banquet
DIY Instructions And Credit- camillestyles


Let’s make a special flower banquet for your partner that will remain the same after decades. Simply use some multi-papers or crepe papers in your favourite colours for making flowers. You also need some sticks so you can put paper flowers on the top. After making them, tie them together giving them a shape of pompom banquet. Give it to your spouse to surprise them.

18. DIY Valentines Basket
DIY Instructions And Credit- thirtyhandmadedays


Listen up, guys! Its time to give the best surprise to your girl this valentine. I know you are bad at crafts and all the decoration stuff but it’s okay. You can still make her feel special with valentine basket. Simply grab a pretty basket and put chocolate, her favourite beauty products and a good book in it. you can also put makeup, jellies, and snacks in it if she loves to eat.

19. DIY Attractive Heart Blanket
DIY Instructions And Credit- abeautifulmess


Our busy lives make us ignore our special ones more often but on valentine, you can make your partner feel special. Here I am with the idea of hearts blanket. You can recycle your old piece of red cloth into many small hearts and put on them on your blanket either with glue or by simply stitching them on it. You can use the same idea on a black blanket as well.

20. DIY Valentines Heart Magnets
DIY Instructions And Credit- idlewife


Here is the best gift idea for the coming valentine. Magnet heart pieces. Yes, you can make them at home. Grab some small-sized magnets, bake the dough in small heart size and keep magnets in the centre. When they get dry, paint them in red colour. Now, these are ready to be placed on your fridge, wallpaper or any area of your room. This valentine makes your loved ones feel special.

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