DIY Wooden Bead Christmas Tree

Making your own “Wooden Bead Christmas Tree,” or “DIY Christmas wood bead tree,” is a fun and unique way to spread seasonal cheer around the house. Miniature ornaments in the shape of a Christmas tree can be made by stringing together wooden beads of varying sizes and colors.

Here are the fundamentals for making your own wood bead Christmas tree:

Material required:

  • Beads made of wood can be purchased in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and hues at art supply shops and even online. The strands of your tree can be made out of these beads. If you want your tree to stand out more, think about acquiring a variety of bead sizes and colors.
  • The trunk of your tree should be made of a wooden dowel or a tree frame. This could be a simple wooden dowel or a more elaborate, prefabricated tree-shaped wooden frame.
  • Beads, a dowel, or a frame, and some craft wire or string to hold them in place. Stability can be achieved with craft wire, although thread or twine can also be used instead.
  • Optional: Use a strong adhesive glue to secure the beads to the dowel or frame for further peace of mind. This is helpful in general, but it becomes especially so when hanging the bead tree vertically.
  • Miniature decorations, ribbons, figurines, and even micro LED lights are perfect for sprucing up your wooden bead tree for the holidays.



Bead Preparation

Lay out all of your wooden beads and sort them by size and color. Doing so will aid in the conceptualization stage of your bead tree. The larger beads are used for the trunk and the smaller ones for the branches.

To make a tree form, thread the smallest beads onto the top of your dowel or tree frame. The tree’s apex will be represented by these beads. Begin at the top and gradually add larger beads to form the tree’s tiers. However many levels you choose to make will depend on the length of your dowel or frame.


The beads can be secured by wrapping craft wire around the dowel or frame at each level. Instead of wire, you might use glue to secure the beads. Before moving on, check that the glue has dried completely.

The look of your bead tree can be improved by affixing tiny ornaments, bows, and other holiday-themed decorations to the individual limbs. Miniature LED lights can be wound around the tree to create a festive atmosphere.

Once your do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of wood beads is finished and everything is in place, it’s time to put it on display. It can be displayed on a flat surface, a shelf, a mantel, or hung with a hook and ribbon.

Keep in mind that you have a lot of leeway to make this project your own. You can personalize it by using beads in hues that complement your holiday color palette and embellishing it with whatever else tickles your fancy. It’s a creative and entertaining way to decorate your home for the holidays.

Decor of Your Home

A homemade Christmas wood bead tree is a popular addition to holiday decor for a number of reasons:


Making your own wood bead tree means you may tailor it to your preferred colors and ornament style. You’re free to mix and combine bead colors and sizes to create the perfect Christmas display.

Making anything by hand, like a tree out of wood beads, may be a satisfying and entertaining hobby. The holiday season is a time when many people enjoy the fruits of their own labor.

Crafting your own wood bead tree is a fun and creative way to add some flair to your Christmas decor without breaking the bank. It gives your home a sprinkling of individuality and imagination.


If you want to save money on holiday decorations, consider making your own bead tree instead of buying them. The costs of craft supplies, including wooden beads, are typically low.

Making your own wooden bead Christmas tree is a great project for the whole family. It’s a fun way to get the whole family involved and encourages teamwork and collaboration.

DIY projects can be sustainable if they involve the reuse or recycling of existing materials. You can save money and decrease waste by crafting your own decorations if you already have craft supplies like wooden beads on hand.


Wood bead trees, which you can make yourself, make excellent housewarming or holiday presents for friends and family. People enjoy homemade presents because of the thought that went into them.

Making your own homemade Christmas decorations, such as a wood bead tree, can become a treasured family tradition for years to come.

Style and Look of DIY Christmas tree

Depending on your imagination, the size of your tree, and the beads and ornaments you choose to use, the appearance of a Christmas wood bead tree you make yourself might look very different from one another. Some factors that affect how a wood bead tree looks are as follows:

  • The tree will look very different depending on the colors you use for the wooden beads. Choose from the classic red, green, and gold, or go for something more modern or wacky.
  • Different sized beads can be used to make a Christmas tree that tapers down like a genuine one. The larger beads are used to make the lower branches, while the smaller ones are used at the top.
  • The shape and structure of your bead tree will change depending on whether you use a wooden dowel or a ready-made tree-shaped frame.
  • Miniature ornaments, bows, tinsel, and LED micro lights are just some examples of decorative components that may be added to the tree to make it look even more beautiful and festive.
  • The way ornaments and other decorations are placed on the tree can also affect its overall appearance. Spreading them out has one effect, while focusing them has another.
  • Your DIY wood bead tree’s total dimensions will dictate its display options. Bead trees can be used as a decorative accent on smaller surfaces like tables and mantles, or as a showpiece in larger spaces.
  • Variation can also be seen in the way the beads themselves are arranged. While some would go for a strict symmetry and order, others might choose a more freeform and eclectic layout.
  • Miniature LED lights, if used, can give the tree a warm and inviting glow, further adding to its aesthetic appeal.




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