Santa Crafts for Kids: Ho Ho Ho-liday Fun for All Ages!

Santa Crafts for Kids

Getting into the holiday mood with Santa-themed crafts can be a lot of fun for kids of all ages. Here are some fun Santa-themed craft projects for the family to try:


For sure, these Christmas-themed arts and crafts projects will keep kids of all ages entertained:

Making a Santa Claus from a Paper Plate:

We’ll need some scissors, glue, googly eyes, cotton balls, and red and white construction paper for the eyes.


Santa’s cap is a red triangle with a white stripe for the trim, so cut those out of some construction paper. Apply glue and adhere to the paper plate.

  • Fasten a cotton ball to the hat’s brim.
  • Put some googly eyes on Santa and a red pom-pom on his nose with some glue.
  • Santa’s beard and the pom-pom on his hat can be made out of cotton balls.
  • Make a mouth out of red paper by drawing one or cutting one out.
  • Use only a paper plate He’s all geared up and ready to go, so Santa, it’s your turn to say, “Ho Ho Ho!”

Make a Santa Claus Handprint:

You’ll need some paper, paintbrushes, and washable red, white, and black paint.


To make Santa’s face, have your kid paint the palm of his or her hand red and then press it onto paper.

When it’s dry, add a white beard and black paint or pen for the features.

Putting a red hat on top of the handprint transforms it into a cute Santa Claus.

Santa Claus Made of Cotton:

Santa in the Chimney with White paper, cotton balls, black and red markers and glue are the materials we’ll be using.


On a blank sheet of paper for Santa treat cups making, sketch Santa’s head, hat, and beard.

Get some cotton balls and have your kid glue them on the hat and beard.

Santa’s features (including his nose, eyes, mouth, and hat trim) can be drawn on with red and black markers.

DIY Rudolph’s Reindeer and Santa’s Sleigh:

Sticks, colored construction paper, construction eyes, glue, markers


Use craft sticks to build Santa’s sleigh and reindeer shapes and glue them together.

Use colored pencils, markers, and googly eyes to embellish the sleigh and reindeer.

Set up the reindeer in front of the sleigh, and make a miniature Santa to ride in it. Paper tokens of appreciation can be included as well.

Fingerprint Ornaments of Santa Claus:

Roll out the salt dough or clay and have your youngster make a fingerprint impression.

Once the fingerprint is dry, you may use red paint to make Santa’s cap and white paint to make his beard and trimming.

Put a ribbon through the ornament’s loop and it’s ready to display as a one-of-a-kind Santa decoration.

In addition to being enjoyable with Santa Painting, these projects are excellent for inspiring kids of all ages to embrace their inner artist and get into the spirit of the season. Have fun with the kids as you make Christmas-themed crafts.

Embellish with Kid’s Santa Crafts

Santa Crafts for Kids projects are a great way to inject personality and cheer into your Christmas decor. Here are some suggestions for making Santa crafts for the holidays:

Christmas tree Garlands:

Put any of the Santa-themed project ideas to use by having your kids make a bunch of little Santa crafts.

Create a festive Paper Cone Santa garland by stringing together a variety of Christmas-themed crafts using ribbon or twine.

Displaying the garland in the dining room, along the mantel, or on the stairs will instantly brighten the mood of any room.

Place Cards with Santa Claus:

Make Santa-themed crafts to use as place card holders during the holiday meal.

Create Santa Starfish Ornament with a place to slide in a name tag.

Put one of these Santa card holders on each place setting for a festive and unique holiday meal.

Holiday Wreath with Santa:

Gather or make a bunch of Santa Claus trinkets with the kids.

Put this Handprint Santa Ornament on a basic wreath and secure them with hot glue or a ribbon.

Display the Santa wreath on your front door to provide holiday cheer to those who visit.

Ornaments Depicting Santa Claus:

Add hooks or strings to your children’s Santa projects and they can be used as tree ornaments.

Put these handmade decorations on your tree to commemorate your kids’ festive zeal and their creative talents.

Sculpture of Santa Claus:

Christmas Eve Traditions:

If your kids have created Santa Napkin Rings and larger Santa Claus crafts, consider utilizing them as ornamental stockings.

Wrap a ribbon loop over the back and hang it from the mantelpiece.

Stick-On Decal Santa Claus:

Window clings of Santa Perler Beads are a great use for Santa Claus decorations manufactured from paper or foam.

Put on a colorful and festive show for passersby by attaching them to windows with double-sided tape or removable adhesive.

Paper Cone Santa

Making a Paper Cone Santa is a fun and simple activity that can be used as a holiday decoration. 

Take a sheet of red cardstock or construction paper and get started. Cut it into a half-circle shape. Santa’s cap will be made out of this.

The curved edge will be the cone’s base when you roll the half circle into a cone form.

Use glue or tape to connect the seam of the cone together for making Paper Lantern Santa.

Handprint Santa Ornament

Santa’s beard can be made from a cut-out strip of white paper. How long and wide you want your beard to be is totally up to you.

Felt Santa Ornament, apply glue along the top edge of the beard and adhere it, letting the bottom of the strip flow outward to resemble a beard.

Handprint Santa Ornament 

Making a Handprint Santa Ornament is a great activity for the whole family and a unique way to commemorate the holiday season. How to Make a Santa Ornament from Your Child’s Handprints

Coffee Filter Santa

Creating a Coffee Filter Santa is a fun and easy DIY project, and it may make a wonderful holiday decoration or ornament. How to make a Santa from a coffee filter:


Prepare for your Coffee Filter Santa by gathering the necessary supplies.

Get a white coffee filter and trace around the perimeter with a red marker. The hat for Santa is complete.

Keep the white area in the middle of the coffee filter as Santa’s beard.

Draw Santa’s eyes, nose, and mouth in black marker on the white portion of the filter. You can draw happy lips and eyes, as well as a rounded nose.

Origami Santa beard can be made by glueing a cotton ball or a white craft pom-pom to the underside of a coffee filter.

Santa Beard Disguise

Shave Off That Beard

Cut a huge, fluffy beard form from a sheet of white paper or cardstock. The form should be expansive enough to shield your kid’s chin and lower face.

Prepare Elastic Cord Holes:

Cut tiny holes to make Tin Can Santa Claus into the beard along the margins on both sides. Use these openings to thread the elastic cord or string that will hold the beard onto your kid’s face.

Using a string or elastic, attach:

To safely wrap your child’s head, cut a length of elastic cord or string. Put the string through the hole in the beard and fasten it with a knot.

The Santa Binoculars mask is a fun prop for holiday-themed roleplaying, pictures, and games of make-believe. It’s a terrific addition to Christmas parties, school events, or just for bringing a touch of festive happiness at home.

Rocking Santa

Making a Rocking Santa is a fun and festive activity that can be displayed or played with over the holiday season. How to put together a basic Rocking Santa:


Get ready to construct your Rocking Santa by gathering all the supplies you’ll need.

The Rock, Painted:

First, use red acrylic paint to cover the little rock or stone. Santa’s corpse will look like this. Just give it some time to dry out.

Create a Santa Claus Mask:

After the red paint has dried of Santa and Reindeer Stick Puppets, you can add Santa’s features using white acrylic paint. 

Doily Santa

Create Santa’s Gnome Face by arranging the white paper doily with its scalloped edges facing downward on a level surface. This is what Santa’s face will look like.

Make a red circle out of cardstock or construction paper for Santa’s headgear. Make sure the doily is fully covered on top.

A Chain-Bearded Father Christmas

Have your children attempt to make a Newspaper Santa Claus for a fun and imaginative Christmas craft. You’ll use paper chains to build Santa a beard in this craft. How to Construct a Chain-Bearded Santa:

After gathering the required materials, create your own Chain Beard Santa.

Create the Gnome Face of Santa:

Create an oval or circle shape by cutting out the flesh-colored paper or cardstock. This is what Santa’s face will look like.

In order to create Santa’s headgear, cut a red triangle. Place it over Santa’s eyes and atop his head, then glue it in place.

Draw Santa’s lips, nose, and eyes in black ink on the flesh-colored face. You can also use googly eyes if you’d like.

Putting Together Strips of Santa’s Beard

Tear multiple white construction paper sheets into long, thin strips. These strips will be used to make Santa’s beard. Make sure they are long enough for the beard to fill in completely.

Fold each white strip in half lengthwise to create a crease down the middle. This will give the look of the beard depth.

Under Santa’s mouth, place the folded ends of the white strips and glue them in place. Place them so that they resemble a beard. Make sure to slightly overlap the strips so that Santa’s entire lower face is covered.

Santas on Popsicle Sticks 

A wonderful holiday craft for youngsters is to craft Popsicle stick Santas. These adorable Saint Nicholas miniatures can be used as gifts, decorations, and holiday ornaments, among other things. How to Make a Popsicle Stick Santa Claus:

Gather the materials for Santa Pants and create your own DIY Popsicle stick Santas.

Arrange a variety of Popsicle sticks on the surface.

All of the sticks should be colored with red acrylic paint. Don’t forget to paint the edges’ inside and outsides.

Simply hold off until the paint is completely dry. Applying many layers may be necessary for complete covering.

Santa Pom Pom

An adorable and cosy pastime that people of all ages may love is crafting a Pom Pom Santa. This is a Pom Pom Santa tutorial that goes like this:

Instructions: Gather the materials needed to make a Pom Pom Santa.

Santa Pom Pom

Using two pom poms, one bigger than the other, you may make the head and body of Santa. One for the head and one for the main body.

Depending on the desired size, wrap red yarn around a small piece of cardboard numerous times to create a pom pom. Using extra yarn will increase the pom pom’s loft.

Take the Tissue Paper Coat Hanger Santa yarn out of the cardboard and tie a tight knot with extra yarn in the centre.

Using scissors, cut through the loops at both ends to open the bundle.

The pom pom needs to be rounded out and fluffed out.

Cups for Santa Belt Pudding

These colorful and simple-to-make Santa Belt Pudding Cups are a great holiday treat for kids’ parties or family get-togethers. The recipe for Santa Belt Pudding Cups is provided below.

Gathering the ingredients is the first step in preparing Santa Belt Pudding Cups.

Measure and cut a narrow band of black cloth, construction paper, or ribbon to fit the custard cup. to serve as the belt for Santa.

Printed Santa Plate 

A simple do-it-yourself project that may be entertaining for both children and adults over the Christmas season is creating a paper plate Santa. Once finished, the Paper Plate Santa can be utilised as a kid’s activity or as a Christmas decoration. How to Put Together a DIY Paper Plate Santa:

Gather the materials required for Popsicle Santa Hats to finish your Paper Plate Santa.

To begin, cover the entire front of the paper plate with a layer of red paint. This is what Santa’s face will look like. Hold off till it dries completely.

Adorable Paint Santa

Puffy Paint Santas are a lot of fun to make and add colour and texture to any holiday decor. How to Use Puffy Paint to Create a Santa:

Assemble everything required to construct your Puffy Paint Santa and do Santa Rock Painting.

Firstly, draw or print a basic outline of Santa in the Sleigh face on a sheet of cardstock or thick paper. Use this as the base to make a Puffy Paint Santa.





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