Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts You’ll Want to Make

Dollar Tree crafts are whimsical ways to customize holiday celebrations. Each year, Dollar Tree stores replenish their seasonal inventory, making Christmas creative items affordable. Dollar Tree crafts are appealing because they are inexpensive holiday decorations and gifts.

These Dollar Tree Christmas crafts are worth trying. Dollar Tree Christmas crafts may be a cheap and fun way to decorate your home and make unique gifts for loved ones.

  • A variety of ornaments for the holidays
  • The wire frame for a wreath
  • There are glue sticks and a glue gun provided.
  • Ribbon was not necessary.


The first step is to remove the ornament hooks from the decorations.

Use a hot glue gun to secure the ornaments to the wire wreath frame, making sure they are completely covered.

Continue adding Candy Cane Mesh Wreath ornaments until the wreath looks fully decorated and festive for Christmas

If you’d like, you can attach a loop for hanging it or a ribbon bow.

Mason jar-made snow globe:

  • A Mason jar with a cover
  • Little Christmas decorations or figurines.
  • Distilled water
  • (This is optional) glucose
  • Dazzling
  • A hot glue gun or a waterproof adhesive


Adhere the Gnome Canvases ornaments or figurines of your choice to the inside of the mason jar lid using adhesive.

Make sure there is a tiny space at the top of the jar before adding the distilled water.

The water should be infused with a significant amount of glitter and a few drops of glycerin, if desired.

Screw the jar’s lid on while the figures are still attached to make sure it fits well.

You can achieve a snow globe effect by inverting the jar and, if required, applying more glue to keep the lid in place.

A small Christmas tree centerpiece


Required for the materials:

  • A few small artificial Christmas trees
  • smaller-scale embellishments
  • Miniature strings of lights
  • Tiny buckets or containers composed of metal
  • Using faux snow or white batting


Please put the Snowman Mason Jar small Christmas tree inside the metal bucket or container.

To make the tree appear more festive, add some little decorations and string lights.

You can either cover the tree with white batting or sprinkle fake snow to give the look of snow at its base.

Number Four on the Dollar Tree Advent Calendar:

Required for the materials:

  • Similar-sized little treat boxes or envelopes
  • Numbered sticky notes or markers
  • little toys or trinkets in size
  • a string or a ribbon
  • little clothespins; not necessary


Give Christmas Paper Chain of each of the favor boxes or envelopes a number between 1 and 24 using stickers or markers.

Place a variety of sized treats or surprises inside each box or envelope.

You can use tiny clothespins to fasten the boxes or envelopes to a piece of thread or ribbon, or you can just tape them in the order that they arrived.

You should put the advent calendar on a wall or mantel and open one of the boxes each day leading up to Christmas.

Glass Holders for Sparkling Candles:

Required for the materials:

  • Glass candlestick holders
  • White school glue or Mod Podge are options.
  • The shimmer of an exquisite
  • A paintbrush


Applying Mod Podge or white school glue to the outside of the glass candle holder should be done very thinly.

There should be fine glitter all over the adhesive, covering the entire surface.

Allow enough time for the candle holder to dry completely.

Put votive candles or tea lights into the glitter-sparkling candle holders to create a shimmering centerpiece or décor.

A candy cane-based reindeer:

Required for the materials:

  • Adorable tiny candy canes
  • Eyes that are little and gummy
  • A pair of red pom-poms
  • Cleaners for pipes in a browning
  • Adhesive sticks and an attachment gun


You can use a glue gun to attach the cut ends of two tiny candy canes to each other to create antlers.

Adhere googly eyes on a red pom-pom with glue to create the reindeer’s face.

One method for creating Peppermint Candies Hair Bows a nose is to take a little piece of brown pipe cleaner, twist it into a spiral shape, and then glue it to the face using glue.

Whether you choose to make an ornament wreath, a Mason jar snow globe, a mini Christmas tree centerpiece, an advent calendar, glittered candle holders, or candy cane reindeer, these do-it-yourself projects will help you create a cozy and cheery holiday atmosphere in your home. These Dollar Tree Christmas crafts are not only a great way to add a Mitten Christmas Garland personalized and festive touches to your holiday decorations, but they are also a great way to save money.

Dollar Tree crafts for the holiday

Dollar Tree Christmas and Bulb Christmas Ornaments crafts are do-it-yourself holiday projects that utilize cheap supplies and materials that are usually found at Dollar Tree stores. Dollar Tree is a well-known chain of retail stores that sells a wide range of products, including seasonal items, craft supplies, and holiday decorations, all of which are priced at one dollar or slightly more. Using Dollar Tree supplies to craft is a cost-effective way to create festive and budget-friendly Vintage Inspired Christmas Bulbs, gifts, and ornaments.

Here are some Dollar Tree Christmas craft ideas:

Decorative Wreath:

You’ll need a wire wreath frame, a hot glue gun, a selection of Christmas decorations, and ribbon (optional).

Remove the ornament hooks and use hot glue to secure the ornaments to the wreath frame. Next, add a ribbon to the wreath so that it may be hung.

Mason jar-based snow globes

The Christmas Gift Card Holders supplies you’ll need are little Christmas figurines or decorations, distilled water, glycerin (optional), glitter, and waterproof glue in mason jars with connected lids.

The steps are as follows: attach figurines to the jar lids, add water to the jars, add glitter and glycerin, close the jars, and flip them over to create the illusion of a snow globe.

Decorations for the Holiday Table:

Materials of DIY Christmas Candle: glass vases or containers, decorations, artificial foliage, and flameless candles (used for safety).

Here’s how to create a festive centerpiece: fill the container with candles, greenery, and decorations.

Decorative vases for holiday candles:

The Clay Christmas Ornaments supplies needed are glass candleholders, glitter, white glue or mod podge, and a paintbrush.

To finish Doorknob Hanger following the instructions, glue the candleholder, add glitter, let it dry, and then place a tea light or votive candle inside.

Christmas tree ornamentation:

The supplies needed include ribbons, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and plastic or glass ornaments.

Paint the ornaments with Christmas motifs and Wood Trees or patterns according to these directions, and then let them dry before hanging them with ribbons.

An Advent calendar purchased from Dollar Tree:

Miniature Recycle Cookie Tins treat or trinket boxes, miniature favor boxes or envelopes, number stickers, string or ribbon, and miniature clothespins (optional) are needed.

You will need to number the boxes, fill them with candies, tie a thread around them, and open one on each of the days leading up to Christmas.

Create Your Own Gift Bags for Christmas:

The supplies in question include simple gift bags, stickers, markers, or stamps with a seasonal theme.

Using Christmas Shadow Box festive stickers, markers, or stamps, you can create a one-of-a-kind gift wrapping by following these guidelines for basic gift bags.

The festive candle’s focal point:

The supplies Santa Suit Christmas Lights needed are glass candleholders, ribbon, ornaments, candles, and fake snow.

You can make a centerpiece by filling a glass container with candles, decorations, and faux snow, then tying a ribbon around the container to hold the centerpiece.

Arrangements of Flowers for Christmas:

Here, the materials that are used are artificial flowers of Origami Christmas Ornaments, greenery, floral foam, and glass containers or vases.

Instructions: Use artificial flowers and greenery from the Dollar Tree to create unique floral arrangements.

The Dollar Tree’s Nativity Scene:

The Painted Nutcracker Decorations supplies include a small wooden box or container and nativity figures.

The instructions say to put the Nativity figures inside of a small wooden crate or box to create a beautiful nativity scene.

Using these Dollar Tree Christmas crafts, you can get Mesh Christmas Tree Wreath crafty during the holidays, decorate your home affordably, and even create meaningful handmade gifts for friends and family. Dollar Tree stores carry a large assortment of holiday-themed merchandise and craft supplies, so it’s easy to find ideas and supplies for your festive DIY projects.

Christmas craft ideas

Gnome Canvases: Gnomes are a popular Christmas decoration that come Grinch Wreath from Scandinavian culture. Gnome Canvases are art projects where you paint or draw pretty gnome designs on canvases.

You can use Pom Pom Christmas Garland, which is also known as “pom pom Christmas garland,” to decorate your mantel, Christmas tree, and other parts of your home. It is a string of pom poms in different bright colors.

A snowman Christmas Tree Candle Holders made out of a Mason jar You can use a mason jar to hold candles for a party or to store treats. Painting a Mason jar to look like a snowman with paint, buttons, and fabric or felt pieces makes it.

Key Ornaments a famous holiday craft is the Christmas Paper Chain, which is made by making colorful paper loops and joining them together to make a chain that can be hung up as a decoration or used as a garland around the house.

White Christmas Wreath:

A White Christmas Wreath is mostly made of white decorations, like white ornaments, white bows, and white fake snow, to make it look classy and snowy.

Candy Cane Centerpiece: A candy cane centerpiece is a festive arrangement made of candy canes placed in a vase or other container with flowers, ornaments, and other things that are holiday-themed.

A Christmas Village is a small village display made up of tiny buildings, stores, and figures. It is usually put on a table or under the Christmas tree as part of the holiday decor.

In order to make a beautiful and eye-catching show, Christmas Apothecary Jars are glass jars filled with holiday-themed items like LED lights, pinecones, ornaments, or fake snow.

Peppermint Candy Hair Bows: You can make these hair accessories yourself. They are made of ribbon and made to look like peppermint candies with felt or fabric designs. They are great for giving hairstyles a lively look.

Peace On Earth Wall Decor: Usually, Peace On Earth Wall Decor means making a plaque or piece of art that says “Peace On Earth.” You can do this in a number of crafty ways, such as by drawing, stenciling, or decoupage.

Felt Christmas Wreath on Scrap Wood:

This craft is about making a wreath out of felt fabric and attaching it to a piece of scrap wood to make a rustic and fun holiday ornament.

Bulb Christmas decorations are ornaments that are made to look like traditional glass Christmas bulbs. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as plastic or glass ornaments, paint, and glitter.

Christmas gift card holders are DIY holders or envelopes made just to give gift cards in a fun and personalized way. They are usually decorated with things that are related to the holiday season.

Clay is used for holidays. Handmade Christmas ornaments are fashioned from polymer clay or clay blended with other materials. The ornaments are boiled or air-dried.

Christmas Shadow Boxes are three-dimensional presentations in frames. It has miniatures, Christmas sceneries, and festive paper or cloth as a background.

String lights decorated like Santa Claus costumes are unusual.

Paint wooden nutcracker figurines with brilliant colors and unique themes to produce Painted Nutcracker Decorations for Christmas. Holiday decorations help remember the season.

A “Grinch Wreath” is a wreath that is often green and has decorations that look like the character from Dr. Seuss’s books with the same name. Some examples of these decorations are a “Grinch face” or a Santa hat.

A Merry Sign is a work of art or a decorative sign with the word “Merry” on it. It can be used as an accent piece for your holiday decorations.

Christmas Tree Candle Holders:

These candle holders are made to look like real trees. They are usually made of metal or wood and have lights or other decorations on them.

You can make your own key ornaments by putting together old keys and painting or decorating them to look like old Christmas ornaments.


The “Felt Mistletoe” project is a mistletoe twig made of felt fabric that is meant to be hung in doors to get people to kiss under the mistletoe. A ribbon or bells are often added to this mistletoe plant to make it look better.

Another name for this type of wreath is a Christmas Tree Wreath. It is made with ribbons of different colors that are woven together to look like a Christmas tree.

A common type of Christmas decoration is the origami Christmas ornament, which is made by folding paper into shapes like snowflakes, stars, and angels and then adding a rope to hang it.

Recycle Cookie Tins: For this project, old cookie tins are being used again by painting, decoupaging, or decorating them with holiday-themed materials to make pretty cases or gift wrap.

Doorknob Hanger:

To make a Doorknob Hanger, you’ll need to make festive door hangers with words or pictures that you can hang on doorknobs or handles. Doorknob Hangers can be made from a number of different materials.

“Wood trees” are Christmas tree decorations or tabletop displays made of wood that you can paint, stain, or decorate to fit your holiday style.

Temporary Tattoo Ornaments: These ornaments are made by adding temporary tattoos to plain ornaments to give them bright and unique holiday designs.

Wooden clothespin snowflake ornaments: To make these ornaments, you put together wooden clothespins in the shape of snowflakes and decorate them. You can hang them on a tree or put them around the house.

Grinch Gnome:

A Grinch Gnome is a do-it-yourself gnome project that is based on the character of the Grinch. It is usually made with a red heart and a green hat to represent how the Grinch changes in the story.

Red Truck Christmas Decor: In this style of holiday decor, ornaments are often shaped like red pickup trucks, and a Christmas tree is usually placed in the back of the truck.

Christmas Candles Made at Home: These are candles or candle cases that were made by hand and decorated with holiday details like pinecones, decorations, and evergreen sprigs.

Antique Christmas Bulbs, which are sometimes just called “antique Christmas bulbs,” are ornaments or decorations that are meant to look and feel like old or retro holiday decorations.

The mitten Christmas wreath is made by stringing together small mittens, which are usually made of felt or fabric, to make a hangable holiday garland.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments: Cookie cutters are used to make these ornaments. The cutters are then used as models to make holiday-themed things out of clay, paper, or felt.

A Christmas tray is a festive dish or tray with holiday designs that is used to serve sweets, cookies, and other holiday treats during the holiday season.

These Christmas craft ideas give you a lot of creative ways to make your holiday decorations look better, make personalized gifts, and get into the holiday spirit through hands-on making.



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