Deck Your Halls: Over 50 DIY Christmas Decorations to Make 

diy christmas decorations

It sounds like “Deck Your Halls: Over 50 DIY Christmas Decorations to Make” would be a fun holiday project book with lots of ideas for Christmas decorations. We can’t give you the whole book, but I can give you some ideas for making your own Christmas decorations: 

DIY decorations:

Fill clear glass or plastic balls with glitter, paint, or small items to make gifts that are one of a kind.

To make salt dough ornaments, mix salt, flour, and water together. Cut the dough into holiday forms, bake it until it’s hard, and then paint and decorate it.

Decorating with paper:

Hang paper snowflakes around the house.

Add stars, trees, and gingerbread people to paper decorations to make them look nice.

Wreaths and bouquets

Pinecones, sticks, and holly berries can all be used to make wreaths.

A wreath is made by wrapping yarn or cloth around a frame made of foam or wire.

Lighted candles: Paint, ribbon, or string can be used to decorate regular candles.

Fill a mason jar with fake snow or holiday decorations and put a candle inside. This makes a Christmas-themed candle stand.

Stockings: You can make your own Christmas stockings out of brightly colored materials and add your letters or name to them.

You can add appliqué designs to felt socks to make them look nicer.

How to Decorate a Table:

Arrange pine stems, candles, and ornaments in different ways to make a beautiful centerpiece.

With small figures and fake snow, you can make terrariums with a Christmas theme.

Outdoorsy: White cloth or old bedsheets can be used to make a snowman the size of a person.

You can make lanterns out of Mason jars or themed paper bags.

Flower garlands:

Classic wreaths are made of popcorn and cherries.

You can make a burlap garland by drawing or stenciling on strips of burlap.

Signs and greetings

Use paper, paint, and thread to make a “Merry Christmas” banner.

On a banner, you can write holiday wishes or feelings.

Building the table:

You can make your own place cards, napkin rings, and holiday dishes to decorate your table.

Stands outside:

DIY Christmas light shows like snowflakes or stars can be used to decorate the outside of your home.

Holiday Signs:

Put holiday words on wooden signs.

You can use chalkboards to count down the days until Christmas.

Remember to change these ideas to fit your needs. “Deck Your Halls” definitely has step-by-step steps, lists of materials, and creative ideas for making your own Christmas decorations.

Here are some fun things you can do to make your holiday parties more exciting:

Snowflakes made of paper: Fold and cut white paper into snowflakes that look like they belong in a winter scene. Put these snowflakes up in your home.

You can paint, decorate, and personalize your own Christmas tree ornaments. Decor can be made from felt, paper, wood, or things that have already been used.

Get some pinecones and use them to make natural ornaments. You can paint them, sprinkle glitter on them, or put them in a vase or bowl. There are lots of ways to use pinecons.

Wreaths for Christmas: Use wire or foam to build a beautiful wreath for your front door. Add ribbons, fake or dried flowers, berries, and other decorations to it.

Use thread to bundle cinnamon sticks together to make fragrant Christmas ornaments. Cinnamon sticks can be used as decorations, to hold things together, or to decorate.

Get water, glycerin, and glitter out of mason jars and put them in them to make snow globes. For a holiday look, put small Christmas trees or figures inside snow globes.

A classic Christmas garland is made by stringing popcorn and cranberries together. Making garlands is easy. You can use felt, cloth, or paper.

Making your own Christmas stockings: Put together presents out of holiday fabrics and make them more special by giving them names or adding buttons and sequins.

You could make a felt advent calendar with a spot for every day until Christmas. You can put small treats or notes in the pockets if you want to.

Centerpieces made of Pine Branch Put holly leaves, red berries, and pine stems in a vase or basket to make a natural, holiday centerpiece.

Christmas Candle Holders: Use ribbon, twine, or fake evergreen leaves to decorate plain candle holders for the holiday season.

With royal icing and gingerbread cookies, you can bake and build a gingerbread house. Candy, frosting, and house ornaments that you can eat. Enjoy yourself!

Decorations for string art: Use wooden boards to make one-of-a-kind Christmas string art. Use colored thread to make complicated patterns or forms for the holidays.

You can paint or make Christmas throw pillows for your couch or bed. Making pillows with holiday themes is easy. You can use fabric paint, appliqué, or stitching.

Paper lanterns: Decorate your home with a festive atmosphere by crafting paper lanterns adorned with seasonal themes and lighting them with LED tea lights.

Wooden crates, pallets, or wine corks can be used to make Christmas ornaments. Decor and paint let you be artistic.

Make holiday streamers out of paper, fabric, or burlap that say things like “Merry Christmas” or “Joy to the World.”

Decorations for snowmen: To make cute snowmen, use white socks or Styrofoam balls and add buttons, scarves, and hats.

Sew a felt tree skirt around the base of your Christmas tree. Add appliqué or stitching to make it look nicer.

DIY Christmas decorating ideas

These DIY Christmas decorating ideas can be customized to fit different creative styles and skills. This lets you decorate your home with seasonal flair.

DIY ChristmasDIY Christmas decorating ideas

You seem to want to look into a number of do-it-yourself Christmas ornament ideas. I will quickly describe each item on your list:

Merry Sign: Make a fun “Merry” sign. The base of your sign can be cotton, chalk, or wood.

You can make a Christmas Topiary with fake plants, ornaments, and a pot or box by following these steps.

Christmas Shadow Box: Put small holiday scenes, ornaments, and other holiday items on show in shadow boxes.

Make a beautiful wreath of Oversized Garland to hang on the wall, over the fireplace, or on the stairs. You could make a big wreath.

Put together a centerpiece out of Candy Cane Centerpiece and Christmas flowers or greenery.

Frosted Christmas Luminaries are made by decorating glass jars or containers with winter scenes and putting candles inside to make a warm glow.

Farmhouse Christmas sign: Make a sign in the style of a farmhouse with a holiday message or design that goes with the country style.

For a fun touch to your holiday decor, use Pom Pom Christmas Wreath of different sizes and colors to make a Pom Pom Christmas Wreath.

Use PVC pipes or other materials to make big Giant Christmas Candles candle decorations, and then add holiday ornaments to them. These are very big Christmas lights.

The Nativity Scene: To show how Jesus was born, use figurines, a barn, and other things.

A unique and bright garland can be made by stringing Pom Pom Garland of different colors together.

Make light holders in the shape of a Christmas Tree Candle Holders to put on your table or add to your decor.

You can use Shiplap Ornament Display to show off your favorite Christmas gifts or decorations.

For a cheap and eco-friendly ornament, fold and cut Paper Bag Snowflakes into snowflakes.

The country Farmhouse Christmas Tree is decorated with things that come from nature.

You can make a wreath in the shape of a candy cane out of red and white Candy Cane Mesh Wreath plastic ribbon.

Christmas Banner: Use holiday-themed designs or words to make a fun banner.

Put a Peppermint Twist Pillow on pillows or sew them on for a sweet holiday touch. This pillow will make your Christmas decorations more fun.

These lists of easy DIY Christmas decorations will help you make your home look unique and festive. You can have fun making holiday decorations if you pick projects that fit your tastes and style.

Make your own Snowman Mason Jar items Take a quick look at each thing on your list:

You can decorate a mason jar with paint, buttons, and other things to make it look like a snowman.

Use felt, fake fur, and other things to make a cute Christmas gnome.

Use book pages or Sheet Music Angel Wings sheet music to make angel wings that are one of a kind and beautiful.

Christmas Card Tree: Make a tree out of holiday cards by arranging them on the wall. There will be a Christmas card tree.

Make a Christmas wreath out of Felt Christmas Wreath that is different sizes, shapes, and colors.

For Christmas Apothecary Jars, decorate Apothecary Jars with pinecones, other decorations, or fake snow.

To make Vintage-Inspired Trees that look old, you can use lace, fabric, and old buttons.

A fun holiday custom is to decorate Dollar Tree candles with Christmas ornaments and other things.

There is a great Christmas custom called “Felt Mistletoe.”

Ornament-Shaped Doormat: To meet guests, paint a doormat with patterns that look like flowers.

For a rustic Christmas look, make a wreath out of Pinecone Wreath and cover it with paint or glitter.

Use Ombre Christmas Tree Garland or beads to make a modern and stylish garland for your Christmas tree.

Put lights and ornaments on your own wooden Christmas tree. This is a great way to celebrate the holidays.

Make a wreath out of snow globes that has a winter scene inside Snow Globe Wreath.

You can use the Shag Tree Pillow to make a soft, bumpy Christmas tree pillow.

Cover your string lights with Star Christmas Light Covers light covers to make them look spooky.

Wine Cork Reindeer and other things can be used to make reindeer ornaments.

Making a Christmas Felt Ball Garland ball wreath is easy. Just string together different colored felt balls to make a garland.

Make Christmas candles by putting holiday themes on Mason Jar Christmas Candle.

A cute show can be made by making a felt forest with trees and animals.

To make Christmas String Art, you can string holiday patterns on to wooden boards.

A snow globe decoration is made by putting a winter scene inside a Snow Globe Soap Pump.

Use twigs and other natural objects to make Twig Reindeer.

Christmas Magnets: Put holiday magnets on your fridge or other magnetic surfaces to make them look nice.

Decorate and paint Wood Stockings. Use wooden socks to decorate.

Painting is needed to make snowman decorations out of Wine Cork Snowman.

Mesh Christmas Wreath: To make a wreath, use mesh ribbon and lights.

Make a “Merry & Bright Sign ” sign to make people happy for Christmas Mesh Wreath.

You can make your room more comfortable by making or decorating pillows with Buffalo Check Plaid Pillow.

Make a Unique Christmas Centerpiece table decoration by putting together different things.

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Wall-Hanging: This is a great craft for the whole family to do together to make a fingerprint Christmas tree wall hanging.

Christmas Sign: Put your favorite quote or message on a holiday sign to make it your own.

Different colored pom poms can be used to make a Pom Pom Christmas Tree.

5 Minute Christmas Wreath: A simple Christmas wreath can add a festive touch and only takes five minutes to make.

There are lots of creative ways to make your holiday decorations unique and fun with do-it-yourself Christmas decorating ideas. Fun things to do this holiday season: pick ones that fit your style and level of skill.

Holiday DIY Decor

If you want your home to look cohesive and joyful when you decorate it with homemade Christmas decorations, think about the following ideas:

Choose a color scheme that fits with the holiday theme you’ve chosen or that looks good with the place you’re in. Christmas colors come in many styles, such as the classic red and green, the classy gold and silver, the neutrals of a country, and the modern pastels.

As the center of your decorations, you could use the mantle, the Christmas tree, the dinner table, or the doorway. The focal point of your home’s interior design should be one of the rooms.

Different items that you make yourself can give your decor more depth and interest. A sense of balance can be achieved with ornaments, wreaths, garlands, and table centerpieces.

Holiday DIY DecorHoliday Decor

Put Your Own Touch on the ornaments

You can add initials, family names, or important dates to your ornaments to make them more unique. Personalizing your gifts, stockings, and signs is a great way to make them stand out from the rest.

Traditional Christmas elements like decorations and foliage can be mixed with creative do-it-yourself projects to make a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable show.

Think about the shapes and sizes of the decorative pieces. It’s important not to fill the room with big things and ignore the smaller things that are there. Remember that the sizes and shapes of your decorations should be right.

Use a lot of different textures and layers when you’re creating your home. You should use knit blankets, velvet pillows, shiny decorations, and little things that sparkle.

Putting up Christmas lights on mantels, windows, and throughout trees can make a room feel warm and inviting. Putting up Christmas lights can totally change the look of your home.

In balance It’s nice to have glitter and shine, but don’t use too much of it. Also, keep things simple. Combining bright and sparkling elements with more simple and rustic patterns will give your room a more balanced look.

DIY decorations that are similar to each other should be grouped together to make an impression. Putting hand-made snowflakes on display, gifts grouped together, or candles on a plate are all lovely ideas.

Think about perfume

You can make your home smell like Christmas by using scented candles, flowers, or spices that are boiling.

Along with the Christmas tree, you might want to decorate your windowsills, tables, stairs, and doors to make your home feel more holiday-like.

When you use pinecones, evergreen stems, and holly berries in your own holiday decorations, it makes you feel happy and clean.

Wreaths of different sizes can be made at home to fit the needs of different places. Wall wreaths, door wreaths, and mirror wreaths can all make you feel warm and welcome.

Accents that go together 

Make sure that the things you make yourself match the ones you already have. When you switch from holiday decorating to daily decorating, it will go more smoothly.

Follow the rules for safety: you should never leave lights alone when you’re decorating.

In order to build and arrange the Christmas ornaments, you should ask your family for help. It might be fun for the whole family to work together to make their own Christmas ornaments.


It’s important to remember that the Christmas decorations you make yourself are a big part of making your home feel creative and joyful during the holidays. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and make sure that the way you arrange your home shows that you are.





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