DIY Finished Finger Knitted Necklace Side

Making your own finger-knitted necklace from start to finish is a rewarding hobby. Making a fashionable necklace with nothing more than your fingers and no knitting needles or crochet hooks is possible thanks to the easy technique of finger knitting. To complete your finger-knitted necklace, follow these directions:

Material required

  • Color(s) of yarn of you’re choosing.
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or tapestry needle
  • Hook-and-eye closure, button, or other fastener
  • If necessary, jumper cables
  • Tools required opening jump rings
  • Buttons require a needle and thread.

Detailed Instructions:

Choose a yarn with a color and feel that appeals to you. Use more than one color for a more complex pattern, or stick to just one.

Cut the yarn to the right length: Choose the desired necklace length. The standard length of a necklace is between 45 and 50 centimeters, or 18 to 20 inches. To allow for the clasp and final touches, add a couple of extra inches.

Cast on with your fingers:

  • Put your thumb and palm together and hold the yarn end.
  • Make a loop in the yarn by passing it over and behind your index finger.
  • Make a row of loops by passing the yarn over and under your fingers repeatedly.
  • If you want to make more than one row of loops, you can go behind and over each loop as you work your way back to your starting finger.
  • To achieve a custom length, simply repeat the technique to make more rows of loops.

Cast on enough stitches to knit to the desired length. If you want a longer necklace, keep finger knitting until you reach that length. Don’t forget to give yourself some extra yarn for sewing on the clasp at the end!

Bind off by sliding the loops off your fingers one at a time and dragging the working yarn through each loop to complete the finger knitting. A chain-like structure will result from this. After taking the last loop off your fingers, tie a knot to keep it from unraveling.

Attach the clasp

Sew it onto the end of the finger-knitted chain or use jump rings for more versatility, depending on the sort of clasp you’re using. Using a needle and thread, attach the button clasp to the end of the chain.

Trim any excess yarn

Cut off any additional yarn tails, ensuring that the necklace looks neat and tidy.

Make sure the necklace fits snugly around your neck and the clasp closes securely by testing it.

You’ve finished knitting the necklace using your fingers! You may make truly one-of-a-kind creations by playing around with yarn colors, yarn textures, and bead embellishments. Don’t be afraid to try out new patterns and styles when finger knitting because there are so many options available.

Decor with Finished Finger Knitted Necklace Side

You can use a finger-knitted necklace you made yourself as a pleasant and multipurpose accessory anywhere in your home. Using a finger-knitted necklace in unconventional ways for decoration:

Tiebacks for Curtains

Curtains and draperies can benefit from your finger-knitted necklace being used as tiebacks. You can hang the curtain with a bow or a fancy knot from the necklace. The custom look of your window coverings is enhanced by this.

Accent for the Table

Your finger-knitted necklace will look great as a centerpiece if you coil it into a circle. To finish the look, position a candle or flower vase in the middle.

Displays for the Wall

Put your finger-knitted necklace behind glass in a shadow box frame or a regular frame. Display it on the wall as a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Decorative Wreath

Use the finger-knitted necklace you made as a decorative element in a wreath. It’s the perfect handmade accessory for sprucing up your home’s entryway or any other space.

Decorative Mirrors and Picture Frames

You can embellish a mirror or picture frame by wrapping your finger-knitted necklace around it. As a border, it might enclose the mirror or picture.

Baskets, Decorative

Attach your finger-knitted necklace to the edge of a stylish basket or storage container. It can either act as a handle or a decorative accent for the basket.

Accent Lampshade

You can give a lampshade a unique and fashionable appeal by gluing or attaching a finger-knitted necklace around the top or bottom edge.

Accents for Chair Backs

Chairs can be made cozier and more visually appealing by draping the finger-knitted necklace over the back.

Deck the halls

Make use of your finger-knitted necklace in your seasonal display. Make a Thanksgiving centerpiece out of it, or drape it around your Christmas tree.


Make sure your finger-knitted necklace is in keeping with the room’s color scheme or the look you’re striving for. Finger-knitted necklaces aren’t just lovely when worn; they can also be used as an innovative and decorative accent piece throughout the house.



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