20 DIY Driftwood Decor Crafts


Are you interested in making Driftwood crafts? Driftwood is wood that has been washed onto a shore or beach of an ocean, lake, or watercourse by the action of winds, tides or waves. it’s a variety of marine detritus or tidewrack. You won’t have to be compelled to pay plenty of cash in time in creating these crafts and additionally you’ll find yourself turning out with one thing awful and super fun. It may be super fun too and alongside being fun, it’s getting to be reasonable too.

Driftwood Crafts

1. DIY Driftwood horse
DIY Instructions And Credit- youtube


Driftwood has some amazing curves twist in it. You can use it to make something amazing out of it. You can make this driftwood horse at home. It’s worth the time and effort which you will spend on it. You can make it by using smaller pieces and making a driftwood horse out of it. This is a super easy and fun task. It is also worth trying hence do give It a try.

2. DIY Driftwood Fish
DIY Instructions And Credit- youtube


Wooden sculptors look very fascinating and are worth trying. They are easy to make and affordable too. You can try making this stunning driftwood fish. You will need small pieces which can easily be assembled together to make these cute fishes. You can make it in less time and you can make many of these for decoration purposes. Try it at home.

3. DIY Cute Driftwood Crab
DIY Instructions And Credit- remodelandolacasa


Using driftwood to make different things out of it is a smart move. You can wisely make use of the twists and curves in the driftwood to make amazing things out of it. Try to make this driftwood crab which is very easy to make and also it will make the extra effort which you will put in to make it worthwhile. Do give it a try at home and decorate your rooms and houses.

4. DIY Driftwood  Seahorse
DIY Instructions And Credit- creativeinchicago

Driftwood -Seahorse

Sea horses are something which is not so common when it comes to decoration but obviously they are unique and attention-grabbing. You can use driftwood to make sea horses. You will just need different size driftwood pieces which you can then use according to the instructions given to make this beautiful driftwood horse out of it. You must give it a try.

5. DIY  Driftwood Garland
DIY Instructions And Credit- thewickerhouse


Driftwood garland is easy and fun to make. You will only be needing around 112-120 pieces of driftwood. You can gather these always whenever you go on a beach etc where you can find these in bulk. The driftwood garland can be hanged anywhere, and it will add more charm to the house. You need to make holes in the driftwood small pieces which can be done with a drill machine. Rest is just putting it together; you must give it a try.

6. DIY Front Door Driftwood Wreath
DIY Instructions And Credit- kleinworthco


If you want to do something interesting and creative then try making this driftwood wreath. To make it you will need grapevine wreath, 1 strand of driftwood garland (3ft long), jute ribbon &mini hot glue gun w/ glue sticks. That’s it. Do get your hands in it, it’s a fun task to do and economical too.

7. DIY Driftwood Mirror
DIY Instructions And Credit- cityfarmhouse


If you have an old mirror at home and want to give it a new and pleasant look then you can add value it by using driftwood. By using drift woo you can decorate your mirror so that you end up getting something really cool and fun. You can try making it at home and you will see that is not that hard moreover if you will follow the instructions properly, it will not be that difficult for you.

8. DIY Driftwood Jewelry Holder
DIY Instructions And Credit- motanuhomedecorideas


Most of us have this problem of getting things misplaced as we don’t keep them at their respective places on time .you can make a jewellery holder at home. This holder will make it easier for you to keep your things safe and secure. You can make it at home without much effort and this is also a cheap solution. Hence do try.

9. DIY Driftwood Planter
DIY Instructions And Credit- succulentsandsunshine


You can make a planter out of driftwood as well. This is something which is unique and turns out to be the focal point at your house. This is a fun task and you must try it at least once. The driftwood planter is not difficult to make and also it’s very interesting to use driftwood to make it. You can make it in different sizes depending on your preferences.

10. DIY Wood Star Decoration
DIY Instructions And Credit- diynetwork


Try making this driftwood star at home, you can put it wherever you want or you can even hang it at different places. Driftwood star is worth trying and all you need is a lot of driftwood pieces and first put them simply and then start to align them together so that you end up creating something magnificent. You must give it a try its really interesting project.

11. DIY Driftwood Beautiful Fish
DIY Instructions And Credit- decozilla


Do you like fishes? .Are you fond of them? , even if you are not this driftwood fish will grab your attention for sure. It is easy to make and a fun task. You can use the driftwood pieces wisely and end up creating this piece of art. You must try making it at home You can decorate it by putting different things on it for example beads etc.

12. DIY Driftwood Orb
DIY Instructions And Credit- madeinaday


 Driftwood orb is a must-try at home if you want a good and economical decoration for your house. You can make this in different styles and also you can use different style driftwood according to what you like. Hence do give it a try. This is a ravishing and super economical driftwood orb which is worth trying. Hence just follow the guidelines properly and make this to add vibrancy to your house.

13. DIY Angle Driftwood Art
DIY Instructions And Credit- allwomenstalk


 Have you ever seen angle driftwood art? You must have seen it but have you ever thought of making it. You can make it easily at home and all you need is driftwood pieces which are easy to find and are for free. You must make this in less time as its super fun and very interesting. You can make it in different sizes depending on what you like. Get your hands on it.

14. DIY Driftwood Circle Orb
DIY Instructions And Credit- creativeinchicago


This is a circling orb. It is a unique and stunning piece of art which is not difficult to make at all. You can make this at home and you will just be needing driftwood pieces and that’s all. You will also not need a lot of time to make it. Just use glue to stick the pieces and that’s all. Try making it in various sizes and also you can paint it.

15. DIY Floating Driftwood Shelf
DIY Instructions And Credit- lottsandlots


 Here is a floating driftwood shelf which you must try making at home. You can place various things on it depending on what you like. Using driftwood is a smart and wise decision as you end up creating something amazing and also you will see that it’s very interesting to make it. You can make it in different sizes because no special accessories are needed to make it. Do give it a try at home and you will hence be getting an economical and easy homemade decoration.

16. DIY Driftwood Pot
DIY Instructions And Credit- creativeinchicago


At home all of us love to keep pots for plants and these pots can be made at home or you can purchase these from the market too. If you are looking for something different and interesting then you must try making these gorgeous driftwood plants. You will need glue and that’s all apart from driftwood pieces.

17. DIY Sail Boat Driftwood
DIY Instructions And Credit- akamatra


If you have a driftwood piece which you want to utilize in the best way possible then you can try making this sailboat driftwood. The driftwood is really nice and also its very interesting. You just need 2-3 pieces to make it and the twists and curves which are naturally present will give a more graceful look to the overall sailboat. Get your hands on its boat and you won’t regret it. Also, put a piece of cloth so that it gives a more artistic look. Keep it wherever you want to and decorate your house with this beautiful sailboat with driftwood.

18. DIY Table Driftwood Lamp
DIY Instructions And Credit- shelterness


 You can not only use driftwood to make things for decoration purposes, in fact, you can also use it to make something very useful out of it as well. You can make this lamp which is very interesting and fun. You must try making it at home.This is an easy and smart way to use driftwoods to make something productive.

19. DIY Driftwood Succulent Planters
DIY Instructions And Credit- joyusgarden


If you want to make planters at home without creating a hole in the pocket you must try making a planter with driftwood. Driftwood can be found on beaches and you can collect many of them easily. You must use it then to make something amazing out of it like shown above. Try making it at home and you will enjoy too along with saving money.

20. DIY Driftwood Bird House
DIY Instructions And Credit- diydriftwood


The driftwood birdhouse is a really amazing option which you can avail .you can make this birdhouse at your home without even putting in so much effort. The birds can come and eat and rest in the birdhouse. This is worth trying if you must try it as you will make something creative along with saving the money which otherwise you had to spend on purchasing a birdhouse.

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