Summer Crafts For Kids

Seashells, beads, discarded keys, and other unique items can be used to make a lovely wind chime. For an outdoor activity, have the kids link them together using fishing line or yarn and then suspend them from a branch or a hook.


Gather little branches, flowers, and leaves on a nature walk for a nature collage. After that, glue the natural things onto a piece of cardboard or paper to make a collage.


Fabric dye and white t-shirts can be used to set up a tie-dye station outside. Young artists can express their individuality by experimenting with various folding methods and color palettes.


Get some smooth rocks from around the house or a park and paint them with acrylics to make patterns, animals, or motivational sayings. You may use them as paperweights or put them on display in the garden once they’re dry.





Children can work with squares of tissue paper and transparent contact paper to make colorful suncatchers in a variety of forms, such as flowers, butterflies, or geometric designs. To let the sunshine and vibrant colors fill the space, hang them from the windows.


Make your own bird feeders by coating pinecones or empty toilet paper rolls with peanut butter and then rolling them in birdseed. See the birds go crazy for them once you hang them in the backyard.


Gather seashells from your neighborhood beach and give them a whimsical makeover with watercolor paints. In this activity, you’ll go beachcombing while also exercising your imagination.


Make colorful frames for your children’s summer pictures by painting popsicle sticks and glueing them together. Make it easy to display on the fridge by attaching magnets to the back.


Sun visors made from paper plates: fold a paper plate in half and add some color, stickers, or markers for a unique accessory. To secure it, punch holes on both sides and tie an elastic string.



Outdoor Scavenger Hunt:


Gather Pinecones, Red Flowers, Feathers and Other Common Objects from Nature and the Yard. Make a list for each kid and send them outdoors to see if they can find everything on it.

Not only are these summertime projects fun, but they also help kids unleash their imaginations and get in touch with nature.

Ideas for children’s summer art projects


Some of the summer projects we discussed previously can be made following these detailed instructions:


Low-Cost Wind Chimes:


  • Collect treasures like seashells, beads, broken keys, and anything else that catches your eye.
  • To hang the wind chime, cut a length of yarn or fishing line according to your preference.
  • Make a hanging loop by tying a knot at the string’s top.
  • Distribute the items evenly as you thread them onto the string.
  • After everything is where it needs to be, fasten it by tying a knot at the base.
  • Put the wind chime outside, where it can sway in the wind and create lovely melodies.


Collage with Nature:


  • Gather natural objects like flowers, leaves, and branches while you go in the park.
  • As a starting point for your collage, spread out some cardboard or paper.
  • Set the base on top of the natural objects and arrange them in a way that speaks to you.
  • Put the things in place using adhesive.
  • Prior to showing or hanging the collage, make sure it has dried entirely.



Clothing with a Tie-Dye Pattern:


  • Put the white t-shirt flat on a surface that won’t become dirty.
  • To make designs, twist and bind parts of the shirt with rubber bands.
  • Prepare the cloth dye per the package’s directions.
  • Make sure to soak the fabric well before applying the dye to the shirt portions.
  • After a few hours, or perhaps overnight, the shirt should be ready for the dye to set.
  • After rinsing the garment in cold water until it becomes transparent, wash and dry it as directed by the fabric dye.



Exploring the Art of Rock Painting:


  • Remove any dirt or debris from the rocks by washing and drying them.
  • Decorate the rocks with patterns, images, or motifs using acrylic paints and little paintbrushes.
  • Before you handle or show off the pebbles, make sure the paint is fully dried.



Wind chimes:


  • To make a butterfly or a flower, for example, cut a sheet of transparent contact paper into the appropriate shape.
  • After removing the paper backing, place the sticky side of the contact sheet onto a smooth surface.
  • To make a design, arrange squares of different coloured tissue paper on top of the contact paper.
  • To seal the tissue paper inside, put another piece of contact paper on top of the first, sticky side down, when the pattern is finished.
  • Cut off the extra contact paper that hangs over the edges.
  • Make a hole in the suncatcher’s top and insert some string or yarn to hang it.
  • You and your children can make some wonderful summertime crafts following these detailed directions!



Summer arts and projects for children’s room


Some suggestions for summertime decorations made by children are as follows:


Make a gallery wall in your house to showcase your kids’ creations: paintings, drawings, and craft projects. Display their artwork in frames and surround it with additional decorative pieces such as painted pebbles, handcrafted wind chimes, and collages. This is a great way to incorporate their artistic side while also making your home more unique.


Make bright and eye-catching table centerpieces for summer parties or family dinners using crafts that your children have made. Present a collection of hand-painted seashells, flower vases crafted from repurposed materials, or miniature plants adorned with painted planters. Infuse your tables cape with a sense of joy and mischief with these homemade additions.


Make a hanging mobile using your children’s handmade summer-themed embellishments, such seashells, paper butterflies, and paper plate suns. Display the mobile in full sunshine by hanging it in a brightly lit room or outdoors on a patio or porch. It will add movement and liveliness to the room as it whirls and spirals in the wind.


Get crafty with seasonal wreaths crafted from repurposed materials and handmade by children. Assemble a grapevine wreath and have your kids adorn it with painted pinecones, dried flowers, fabric remnants, ribbon, and more. For a summery welcome to guests, hang the wreath on the front entrance or a prominent spot interior.


Window Decorations: Let your children’s creativity shine by making suncatchers and window clings. Make colorful sun catchers out of transparent contact paper and tissue paper and hang them in your window to let the light shine in and make patterns. Another option for adding a whimsical touch to your windows are window clings. These are just static cling vinyl sheets that may be embellished with painted motifs or stickers.


Create a work of art in your garden or backyard by bringing your children’s summer creations outside. Create a do-it-yourself fairy garden with miniature ornaments produced by your children, hang wind chimes fashioned from recyclable materials, or showcase painted pebbles along garden walkways or flower beds. Bring a little enchantment and the joy of play to your outdoor area with these colorful artworks.


Adding your children’s summer creations to your home decor is a great way to display their ingenuity while also creating a cozy and inviting space that exudes handmade charm.



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