48 Gorgeous And Stunning DIY Vase Ideas


People love to decorate their houses. One way to decorate the house and give it a lively and fresh look is by keeping flowers in rooms and other areas of the house. You have to use the vase for that. Vases are beautiful but at times they are expensive but still not worth the price. You can always make some breathtaking vases at home. Here are some unique and lovely designs for you. Its economical and fun at the same time. All you will need is some time. You can make vases out of simple things such as jars, bottles, pencil cases, tins, etc. . You can customize them according to what you like. This homemade vase is definitely worth the time and effort also you will love making it at home and saving a good amount of money.


1.  Elegant Paper flower Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- paper-shape

Elegant Paper Flower

Paper wall décor is simply amazing. They are easy, simple and you will simply lovely this Papercraft idea. You can choose different colors depending on your choice. You can also select colors on the basis of the weather like spring is most colorful and in winters, darker colors are preferred. These modern hands made Paper Flower vase will add vibrancy and life to your room. They cannot only easy to make but also are economical and all you need will be paper mainly. To make this you will need 4 cardstock papers, Glue or double paper, scissors, ruler Bone folder, Cutting mat and a drinking glass. This is not made of one piece of paper, in fact, you will need to attach many different pieces to make it. It won’t take that long, all you will be needing is some motivation to do it. Do try it at home, it is a fun task to do. Be careful while you are putting flowers in it don’t put too many flowers as it may fall off.

2. Alluring Bottle Flower Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- instructables

Alluring Bottle Flower

There are a lot of things which are wasted because we never think of recycling them. One of the most consumed liquid is cold drinks. We waste the bottles which can be easily recycled to make new things out of them. Flower vase looks stunning and also can be made easily at home if you don’t plan to buy some expensive ones. To make this flower vase you will be needing a plastic bottle, Scissor and knife. First, cut the bottle from the upper portion. After cutting it, make straight and evenly spaced cuts all the way around the bottle. Then you have to neatly tie the strips over one and other and after that, your vase will be ready. You can put ravishing flowers on it. They can be either used to put fake flowers or real flowers depending on what you like and what Is available. This is a super easy and very cool way to recycle a bottle and make something useful and beautiful out of it.

3.Magnificent DIY Woven Planter
DIY Instructions And Credit- thelovelydrawer

woven planter

  Woven Planters look breathtaking. They add a lot of grace to your room. You can place it near the windows or on the table. You have an option of putting different types of flowers in it, depending on your preferences. Flowers and planters give a very refreshing feeling and make the room look lively. You can make small and big woven planter depending on your needs and preferences. You can try different color combinations which will result in gorgeous different woven planters. They can also be used to give something. It will turn out to be a great personalized gift for your friends and family. You will basically be needing a plastic bottle, wire cutters, Piles, Thick wool, and thin wires. This woven planter is super cute and gives a cozy feeling. This is an affordable and easy way to make a planter which will be long-lasting and will add colors to your room.  

4.DIY Faux flower vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- thesprucecrafts

Faux flower

This is an artistic piece of art which can be made without much effort. It can be customized easily according to your preferences. It may see difficult but is not that hard to make if you follow step by step instructions. You will need a glass vase, Marble contact paper, Picture frame, scissors, and X-Acto knife. When you are cutting the contact paper for the vase be careful to make proper measurements otherwise the things can turn out bad. I would suggest you take it at least twice before cutting it for making this vase. Moreover, cover the vase in this contact paper neatly and trim the edges so that overall it gives a good and neat look. For the photo frame, you also need to do the same steps. Finally, you will end up with this wonderful DIY flower vase and photo frame which will add more beauty to your room.

5. Impressive DIY Glitter Flower Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- thesweetestoccasion

Glitter Flower Vase

Here are super cute and gorgeous glitter flower vase for you. They will give a very girlish touch and will add more charm to your room. You can place it where ever you like or it can be a great gift too. A beautiful customized glitter flower vase will make a great gift for your loved ones. Both are perfect to use in weddings, baby shower, parties and even to add some sparkle to your dining table. To make this you will need Glass containers, Glitter, Foam brush, painters’ tape, and mod podge. When you apply the mod podge just be careful that it is properly applied so that the end product is according to your desire. After applying it let the vase dry completely, it may take a few hours. You can use different colors which you like and can make a vase of different sizes depending on what you like. Do try this very easy DIY project at home which is a good way to save a lot of money by not buying fancy vase from shops and instead of making one for one’s self.

6. DIY Ombre Flower Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- cremedelacraft

Ombre Flower Vase

If you don’t like to waste things ad plan to reuse them as much as possible, then you must try this. This is cool, fun and easy. All you will need is a Glass jug. White acrylic paint, Small container to mix paint, Acrylic paint and mod podge. You can also use clear glaze instead of mod podge. Clean the bottle properly and then start to paint. Pour out enough quantity of the paint as you will have to paint the entire bottle. you can use different combinations of paints according to what you like. This beautiful vase will add more charm to your room or dining table, wherever you will place it. The flowers will liven up space and overall you would feel great. Any type of flowers can be put into it.

7. DIY pineapple flower vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- unnyhowflowersdothat

pineapple flower vase

 Who doesn’t love pineapples. They are so tasty and they look beautiful. They can also be used as a flower vase. You will need pineapple, flowers, Foliage, A chopping board, knife, and a spoon. Be very careful when you are cutting the pineapple with the knife as it can hurt you. You first need to scoop out all the pineapple from inside so that only the outer part is left. After that cut the flowers in the same that will fit easily in the pineapple. So here is your sparkling pineapple vase, you can make it more beautiful by adding some beads on the outside part. You can keep it wherever you feel like. It will add grace to that place. This is a very easy and simple way to make a flower vase. You can try this at home with your friends or alone.

8. Impressive DIY Home Decor
DIY Instructions And Credit- tifforelie

Impressive DIY

This is a stylish and versatile home decoration piece which will add elegance to your rooms and living space. It not only looks beautiful but is easy and simple to make. You will need a vase, scotch tape, paintbrush, scissors, and paper towel. First of all, put use the tape to make strips around the vase. Once you have placed the tapes then you have to paint it. Be careful while painting to make sure that the paint is proper and even all over around. Once the paint is completely dry, just peel off the tape and you will get a stunning flower vase. You can make different designs or shape on the vase, according to what you like. You can put natural or fake flowers in it. It is the best way to spruce your house and hold fresh flowers. These ideas have a catchy uniqueness to it. Do try this at home if you are getting bored and want some fun.

9. DIY Bottle Flower Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- wonderfuldiy

Bottle Flower Vase

If you have empty bottles and want to do some creative thing out of it then you must try this. You can make this ravishing Flower vase with the bottle. It is a fun craft and also a very easy way to make sure of the old recycled bottles. You first need to cut the bottle and for that, you will need a knife. Use the knife carefully so that you don’t hurt yourself. Put the bottle upside down and press it firmly and make it no longer a rebound retraction when putting back. Then start weaving and make 4 strips as a group. Weave all the strips neatly. You can put whatever flowers you want to in it. More colorful flowers can make your living space and room lively and overall it will give a stylish look to the place. This DIY project is economical and fun to make. No need to splurge money on purchasing decorating when you can easily make one at home without occurring a lot of costs.

10. Colorful DIY Plastic Flowers
DIY Instructions And Credit- asubtlerevelry

Plastic Flowers

If you want some decoration stuff for a home, party or any other event, then you can try this. It is stylish and will add colors to that place. It will also add something funky to your place. All you need is some time and dedication to this. To make this colorful, and super cute flower you will need bottles, paint, glue, and scissors. You can make flowers of different sizes and colors depending on what you like. It would be easier to make a lot of them if you have some friends or family members with you who are willing to help you. Be careful when you are working on it and use different paints so that overall a great color can be seen. You can take help from the internet where you can find a range of different designs of flowers. These flowers can be placed anywhere you want and they are long-lasting too.

11. Colorful DIY Plastic Bottle Flower Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- theseamanmom

Plastic Bottle Flower Vase

Recycling old material will not only help you save a lot of money. This Flower case is super easy to make and also a great idea to indulge kids in some activities. This flower vase is affordable and won’t mess with your budget. To make this you will need plastic bottles, primer, paint spray, tape, and scissors. First of all, clean the bottles and after that use, scissors to cut the upper part of it. So that you can proceed. After you have cut the upper part then you put the tape on it so that you don’t hurt yourselves while you are moving to the other steps. First of all, after putting tape on it, place it on the table and then start to paint. You can paint it in different colors depending on your preferences and put beautiful flowers in this vase. This will add vibrancy and grace. Do try this amazing and fun DIY project at home.

12. Stylish DIY Flower vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- katescreativespace

Stylish DIY Flower vase

Adding flowers to your interior gives it a more stylish and fresh look.It is simple impressive how flowers can add so much beauty to the living area, room hence your overall house.This is a simple DIy project in which mainly all you need is a glass bottle.You can paint  it in whatever color you like, You can match it with your room theme or can put more then one color on the bottle.For the girls s blue color would definitely look amazing and In case of for your boys room you ca use a blue.Put some amazing flowers in it which will add charm to the place.

13. DIY Bottle Flower Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- cfabbridesigns

DIY Bottle Flower Vase

Everyone loves to keep flowers in their homes and for that some cute vases are a great option. you don’t need to spend money on buying expensive fancy vases when you can easily make some super cute and long-lasting vases at home. To make this vase you will need glass or a votive holder and a balloon. First, you need the cut mouth of the balloon. Slip the balloon over and push the top inside. This is the last step and here you are with a lovely vase which can be used to keep a variety of flowers in it. This vase is simple and quick to create. You can use balloons of different colors depending on your preferences. This vase will inject more beauty to your room or any other area where you plan to keep it. Do try this easy and fun DIY project at home.

14. DIY paint swirl vases
DIY Instructions And Credit- centsationalstyle

paint swirl vase

Room décor is incomplete without a ravishing vase. Flowers can be put in these vases which gives a freshness feeling and make your room look beautiful. To make these paint swirl vases you will need some plain vases which you can easily find at any store, along with some acrylic craft paints. You can use different color paints depending on what you like. Start by adding a few drops of one color and then adding one more on top. Begin slowly whirling it round the glass vase, adding a couple of drops a lot of at a time. You want it to go slow, that’s what ensures it will cling to the sides and hence entire glass is covered properly. It is highly advised that don’t add any water at first or the paint will be too thin and won’t stick to the glass. This a simple.economical and fun art which must be tried at home.

15. Gorgeous Enamel painted Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- sugarandcharm

Enamel painted Vase

Who doesn’t like to make their house beautiful with flowers, for that you would need some beautiful vases too. If you plan to get your hands on affordable yet gorgeous vases which will add style and vibrancy to your room rather than creating a hole in your pocket then you must go for this amazing DIY project. This is simple, yet affordable. Also, you will not need a lot of time to make it and kids would have a lot of fun trying this DIY project with you at home. To make this you will need simple vase which can be of different sizes according to what you prefer. You also need dishwasher safe  PermEnamel paint in whatever color you want, PermEnamel Surface Conditioner, paper towels, paintbrush, and a mixing bowl. Remember to clean the vase nicely with the soapy water. Also, be careful while using paints. This is a fun and exciting DIY task which you must try in order to save money and make some great vases at home.

16. Easy Faux Bios Upcycled Vases
DIY Instructions And Credit- blissbloomblog

Bottles are not only to waste after drinking. They can be recycled and we can turn them into some cool stuff. Here we have brought something great for you. You can turn the old vine bottles into some great vases for decoration purposes. To make these apart from empty wine bottles you will need faux or real branches, spray paint, lighter fluid, paper towel, dry erase marker and Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint in Metallic Gold. You need to clean the bottles first properly so that no residue is left in it, you can do this by soaking them in hot water. You can make different patterns on the bottles depending on what you like with the erase marker and once you are done making it. You can make it easily at home and it is worth the time and effort which you will spend on it.

17. Spectacular holographic vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- abeautifulmess

holographic vase

This is a ravishing vase which you can make at home easily. So now you don’t need to splurge on purchasing vases from the market when you can make one easily at home. This vase is not only simple to make but also does not consume a lot of time and it’s quite affordable as well. All you need is some basic materials and some time to make it. If you are doing this with the kids, they would defiantly love it. You just have to follow some easy short steps to make this vase. To make this vase you will need -glass vase, –holographic vinyl film, painter’s tape, -X-Acto knife, flat white spray paint. This is a great piece of art which you must try, all you need is some basic skills to make it. This holographic vase will add charm to your place and will give your boring and dulls rooms a new and better look. It is also long-lasting along with being affordable. Do give it a try and have fun by decorating your room with these vases.

18. Sparkling DIY Glitter Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- thesweetestoccasion

Glitter Vase

Everyone likes glitter vases and they can be also made at home by using some basic items which are easily available and are also affordable. These vases will add charm to your room and you can make vases of different sizes depending on your choice. They can also be of different shapes depending on what you like, The glitters which are used in it are available in a wide range of colors and do pick ones which you like. These vases can be used to put artificial flowers in it and also the real ones which will liven up your space.

19. DIY Duct Tape Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- positivelysplendid

Tape Vase

You can give your old vase a new look by using the duct tape too. This is something really cool. These vases will turn out to be really stylish and elegant which will give your room a colorful and vibrant look. The cute duct tape will make these vases look so cute and lovely that kids with especially love it. you make this vase you will need Empty plastic container with a tall profile, Printed duct tape, Scissors, and Ribbon. Working from bottom to high, cowl the instrumentation with strips of adhesive tape. you’ll need to pay very close attention during this step to ensure everything lines up properly. If you want to use multiple colors of tape, you can use alternative colors of tape for use in the rows you work your way up. This DIY project is simple and quick, do try it at home and have fun. It is also a great way to pass time when you are bored.

20. DIY Ombre vases
DIY Instructions And Credit- livingwellspendingless

Ombre vase

Ombre vases are cute and add more beauty to your room. You can keep the different flower in these vases which will add charm to your living area and rooms. It will also make you feel fresh an give some positive vibes. Flowers are always good to have in your house to make the house look lively and refreshing. You don’t need to spend money on buying vases from markets at a high price when you can easily make ravishing vases at home without occurring to much cost. To make these stunning vases at home you will need glass jars and some beautiful colors of your choice. The colors will make a difference to some extent. Green colors seem refreshing while at the same time pink color looks girlish and are great for girls’ room. You must be careful while painting and let it dry for time too. Hence this will result in superb ombre vases.

21. DIY Fancy vases
DIY Instructions And Credit- mythirdtruelove

Fancy vase

 DIY projects are quite in trend now. Not because they are economical but also because you create them yourself and it gives you a feeling of satisfaction and is fun too. A lot of people are making vases these days using some basic easy stuff and the vases that could be seen above in the picture are also simple and very easy to make. All you need first off all are some plain plastic vases. You will need goo-gone to remove the labels and then you must use the tape to create patterns on the vase. Taping of circular strips is somewhat time-consuming and may seem hard but do it patience if you want the ravishing vases for your home. Then use the spray paint which can of any color you like to paint these. These are simple vases and you don’t need some effort in making them. They will turn out to be ravishing hence you must give them a try.

22. Beautiful Typography vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- akailochiclife

Typography vase

Vases are very common nowadays but what about customized vases ?. They look great too and are not very common. They can turn out to the focal point for people visiting your pace and these vases will for sure make your house look stunningly beautiful. You can keep faux flowers in it, not the real ones. In markets, there are so many ravishing flowers which are not real but still look real. To make this typography vase you will need Paint brushes, X-acto knife, All-Purpose Permanent Adhesive, Acrylic Craft Paint and Paper Mache Letters to spell out your word of choice. Follow some simple steps to make it. They will be long-lasting. You have to careful when you are working with few items such as knife and scissors, do try it at home and make these vases easily.

23. DIY MINT Bottle Craft
DIY Instructions And Credit- cupcakesandcashmere

MINT Bottle

Why don’t use old bottles to add some style and vibrancy at home? Here you can use some great ideas you make old bottles the vases to keep stunning flowers in it. All you need is time and a few basic stuff. You can paint them of whatever color you like and use different colors as well. These will turn out to be great. Be sure to clean the bottle properly before using them. Also, you can put a variety of flowers in it. This is affordable and easy too. You can make a lot of them and keep at your home in different places. This is a fun and exciting task to do which you must give a try.

24.Lovely Painted Bud Vases
DIY Instructions And Credit- pinkpistachio

Painted Bud Vase

Bud vases look pretty and jars bottles can be converted into vases. This is a great way to reuse the old jars, bottles, etc. To make these bud vases you will basically need jam jar, soda bottles, vinegar bottle, syrup bottle. For the paint, you will need Olympic in A62a and A62b (shades of emerald). You can select any other colors too if you want. For the flowers, you can use Spray Roses. When you are working on this be careful when you are using the syringe, if kids are working on this, take help for elders too. You need to properly clean the bottle first and then fill the syringe with paint and then insert the syringe into the bottle opening and dispense a stream of paint. This not difficult but still you need some patience while doing it. Moreover, you can use different shapes depending on what you prefer. This is easy and fun which you must give a try.

25. DIY patterned Box vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- makeandtell

patterned Box

Patterns box vase can be made easily at home. All you need is Wood pieces, An old glass jar, RulerPencilHand sawSandpaperWood glue, Primer, PaintbrushSpray paint in 2 colorsBaking paperPainter’s tapeScissorsVarnish. These vases are super easy and fun to make. The Products which are used to make these are also very affordable and easily available. You can use different color paints, any two depending on what you like. These vases can be used to put artificial flowers in it. It will add vibrancy to your place and is an economical way to make your place beautiful.

26. Stunning DIY Concrete Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- papernstitchblog

Concrete Vase

Here is a super easy and economical DIY vase. It is easy and quick to make. You don’t need to waste money on buying expensive vases, you can easily make them at home by following some simple steps. Moreover, you don’t need any particular skills to make this. If you are a beginner that’s still not a problem. Follow the instructions properly and you will end up making this great piece of Concrete vase. To make this you will need rapid setting cement mix, mailing tube, small juice glass, cooking spray plastic bucket, water trowel or wooden spoon for mixing. Add the cement mixture to a bucket and stir in water. You will need 4 parts cement to 1-part water. Mix well. Spray the inside of a mailing tube with cooking spray carefully. When you are done making it give 3-5 hours to dry.

27. DIY Macramé Bottle Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- craftingfingers

Macramé Bottle Vase

Macramé wrapped bottle vases are quick and summer loving DIY craft. You can use macramé to hang different things so what not use them to hang flowers. Flowers add freshness and make the place look livelier. To make this stunning DIY project you will need some basic stuff. All you need is a few clean bottles, Jute or twine, and scissors. Start with an arm’s length of twine. Loop round the neck of the bottle and weave the ends around to form a durable base. Make sure the twine is tied tightly and won’t easily push aside. To hang Use a couple 60+ cm lengths of string to add handles. Loop over the base on opposite sides of the bottle. You can make as many macramé bottles vase as you want. They will give your house a lovely greenery looks which seems refreshing. Do try it at home and enjoy.

28. Magnificent DIY Rope Décor
DIY Instructions And Credit- delightfullynotedblog

DIY Rope Décor

The trend of making things at home for decorating purposes is quite in trend nowadays. One thing which people like to make mostly are vases. As they are easy to make and economical too. Moreover, by making them at home you will save a lot of money which would otherwise be spent on purchasing such vases from markets. Rope can also be used to change simple bottles or glasses into beautiful vases which can be used to keep flowers and inject more beauty to your house. You will need some basic stuff to make it. All you will require is some rope and a container and food color. You first put some food color in the container and then add water after that put the rope inside it so that it can be soaked. After that Once the rope is dried adhere the rope to your object with a hot glue gun wrapping tightly to avoid any gaps.

29. DIY Colorful candy vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- diyncrafts

candy vase

If you are planning for Easter decorations and looking for some great ideas then here Is this beautiful colorful candy vase for you which will easily fit in any setting. This is a colorful, fun and easy thing to make. You don’t need any special tools to make this. You will require only some basic items to make it. You will basically be needing a clear vase or a bowl it can of any size depending on what you like and what is available. Clear plastic cup, Candies in different colors and some flowers. You can use different colors of your choice. Moreover, you can either use faux flowers or original one depending on what you like. First, put a glass in the bowl and then start putting candies around the glass in the vase. Add layers after layers till its full. Then put flowers in the cup. This is simple and fun. Do try it at home.

30. DIY Golden Mason jars
DIY Instructions And Credit- thehappierhomemaker

Golden Mason jars

If you are bored of your home and plan to give it a makeover then it is not important that you spend a lot of money on big projects but instead try some small DIY projects which will give your rooms and other spaces a new elegant book. Here is a DIY gold mason jar project which is simple, easy and economical. To make this you will need mason jars, primer and spray paint in Gold leaf. First, you need the clean the jars and after that use the primer. At least apply two coats so that a good base can be given to it. Then after this spray gold paint on it. And leave it for few minutes. Here are your mason jars ready.

31. Textured Vase Home Décor
DIY Instructions And Credit- homeyohmy

Textured Vase

        If you are looking for some cute DIY project which will make your house look lovely you must try this Textured vase décor. It’s the simple, easy and extremely fun task to do. You can make it alone or even with friends, it won’t require a lot of time. It is affordable too. Just some basic needs are needed to make it. You will be needing air-dry clay, rolling pin, parchment paperclay ribbon tool, glass vase, and X-ACTO knife. You don’t need to have any specific skills to make it. Anyone can make it. When you are working with the clay be careful. The texture is soft so use it properly to make sure that the vase is properly made. Vases are mostly not that cheap when you go to buy them. This is a worthwhile option which you must give a try at home. It will be fun and you will end up creating something yourself.

32. Geometric Colorful vases
DIY Instructions And Credit- akailochiclife

geometric Colorful vase



Everyone loves to decorate their houses with beautiful vases If you are wondering that what sort of vases you must make for your rooms and other spaces of the house then one thing which you can try is geometric colorful vases. These vases are colorful, will add more charm to your room. You can keep them wherever ever you want. They are easy to make and can be made in a variety of colors. You can keep artificial and original both types of flowers in it. This is a great way to save money which you might some spent on buying some vases from the market. These vases are affordable along with being beautiful. To make these vases you will need Plastic test tubes, Acrylic Craft Paint, foam balls, Small putty knife, Metal tube cutter, Gold Foil Vinyl or Gold acrylic paint and fine sanding brick. You don’t need to worry about how it makes it. It can be made easily without any hassle by just following some basic steps. You must try it at home.

33. DIY Origami designed vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- handmadekultur

origami vase

If you love flowers and want to show them off then vases are a great way to do that. white color is perfect for highlighting all of those colorful flowers from the seasons. These vases can be used to keep flowers of different sizes. These vases will make your room much more pretty and also it will give them a new look. These vases are easy to make and will not need any special effort to make it. These vases are worth the time and energy which you spent on it. You must try this origami designed vase which is simple and quick to make. They are super economical too so now you don’t need to waste hard-earned money on buying vases from anywhere else when you can make some great yourself at home.

34. DIY Tin Vase Décor
DIY Instructions And Credit- apumpkinandaprincess

tin vase


Tins are often recycled to make different things out if it. One way to reuse tins is to make vases out of it. Which can be used to show off your flowers in the best way possible. To make these stylish tin vases you will need Tin cans, Chalky finish paint in any color, ribbon and hot glue. This is a super easy DIY task which you take a lot of time. You just need some time and the time which you will spend on this is worth it. You will not have to splurge on purchasing decoration items from the market when you can make few at homes in the most affordable way. Moreover, it is fun too. apply 1-2 coats of paint. You can offer your jar a distressed look by gently sanding off items of paint. With the help of hot glue, you can put different ribbons on the vase depending on what you prefer. You can, later On, fill these vases with different colors according to your preferences. 

35. DIY Flower vase making
DIY Instructions And Credit- youtube

flower vase

Flower vase are simply beautiful and they make your house livelier and refreshing. If you want to make the vase just like the one in the picture above you can easily make it. Just need some basic items such as cardboard, glue, scissors and some wrapping paper. It can of different styles. The one used in this picture was the concrete style wrapping paper. Cut the cardboard in different size sheets and then fix them together. This is a simple vase for which you don’t need any particular skill or practice. When you are cutting the cardboard make sure to take proper measurements and you will come up with this elegant vase. Do try it at home and decorate your house with it.

36. Polka Dot Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- thecraftedlife

polka vase

Polka dots are in fashion for quite long. They give a decent and funky look at one time. So here are polka dot vases for you. These vases are the best way to show off your beautiful flowers. They can either be fake flowers or even the real ones. You can put different colors of flowers depending on what you like. To make these Polka dot vases you will need dot stirs are jars. You can use different looks depending on what colors you like and want to see on your vase. This is a very easy and quick DIY task which you must try at home. This polka dot vase is mess-free and very affordable too as all you need are jars and polka stir. you can keep them on tables or in rooms wherever you like. They will make that place beautiful.

37. DIY Light bulb Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- themerrythought

Light bulb vase

We all have seen vases of different styles and shapes. But light bulb vases are something unique and super interesting. All you need to make this is some old bulbs, needle nose pliers, nail set, and a hammer. For the stand/hanger, you will need wire cutters, wooden dowel, electrical tape, wire or floral wire for hanging. You must wear safety gloves and googles when you are working on this project. These are very cute bulb vases which will make your rooms look ravishing and will give them a new amazing look. You can put different flowers in it according to what you like. Be Careful while working with the bulbs. You must try them at home.

38. DIY Balloon bud vases
DIY Instructions And Credit- brit

Balloon bud vase

If you are tired of boring dull rooms and want something impressive then get your hands on these balloon bud vases. Using balloons to cover vases and plain jars, containers, etc. can be a great way to give them a new look you even don’t need a lot of stuff to make them you just need some basic supplies, what you need is basically balloons which can of different colors and some old jars. This is a fun and easy task which you must try at home to give old vases a new look. Moreover, you will also see that these vases will be long-lasting and can be made in a range of colors which can be according to your preferences. Moreover, they will give a better new look for your place so do give it a try.

39. DIY Beach Glass Vases
DIY Instructions And Credit- lisagouletdesign

Beach Glass Vase

Beach glass vases look stunning and they give a lively and refreshing feeling. These vases are easy and affordable to make. You don’t need any special skills or products to make these. Only a few basic things are required to make beach glass vases and all the things are easily available as we. To make the beach glass vases you will need jars, Martha Stewart Glass Paint Frost in Beach Glass, rubbing alcohol, paper towels, and a small brush. Wash the vase with hot water and dish soap and dry completely. Then wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining residue. This can make sure that the paint will stick properly onto the glass. When you have painted it, it will get permanent in a few days and you need to take care for a few days. This is a simple and fun DIY project which will result in gorgeous beach glass vases.

40. DIY Tin can vases for home décor
DIY Instructions And Credit- hauteandhealthyliving

Tin can vase

Everyone loves to give a slight change to their houses for a new look. Changing it gives a refreshing feel and also change makes one feel good. You don’t need to give big makeovers to your room instead you try some simple and small things too. One thing which you can do is that reuse the old tins cans and convert them into vases so that they can be used as home décor. Toss make these stylish cans you will need basically the tin cans and few other items for decoration purpose. The best thing about these vases is that they are budget-friendly and super easy to make. You will only be needing some time to make it and they will turn out into ravishing vases which can be used for keeping flowers which can be real or artificial. Do try it and have fun.

41. Ravishing painted spring vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- craftionary

painted spring vase

You can always reuse along with things at home for decorating purposes. A little work on a few old things make them just like new again or give them a new and better look. Here is a vase which has been given a new look just with a little effort. You don’t need to spend much money on this, you can do this by things which are available at your home. You just need an old vase, some colors , and paintbrushes. You can even change the color of the vase depending on your choice, moreover, you will need some paintbrushes too , so that you can create patterns on it. You can make different designs and to make them you can take ideas from the internet. These ravishing painted vases are affordable and a great way to add more charm to your houses. Do try them at home and have fun with them.

42. DIY color block vases
DIY Instructions And Credit- songofstyle

color block vase

If you want to make some little changes to your house in order to make it more beautiful then you must go for these pretty DIY Block vases. You can easily create these stunning vases all you need are some basic items Here is a list of things which will be required to make these vases. You will need empty glass bottles, 1 can chalkboard spray paint, 1 can metallic spray paint, Scissors, Painters tape, An empty cardboard box and A couple of plastic bags. Wash all of your bottles squeaky clean and then dry them with a paper towel. Use the tape to create numerous styles on every of your bottles. Cover any part of your bottle that you don’t want to be exposed to the paint with plastic bags, and feel free to secure them with tape if necessary. Once these vases are dry you can use them to put flowers in it moreover you can pain them in different vases. These vases are ravishing and you must try them at home, these vases are affordable and also very easy to make.

43. DIY Painted wooden vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- damasklove

painted a wooden vase

Painting is always a fun and easy task if you are painting small items. You can make some great vases with painting. Here are wooden painted vases which can be used to keep beautiful flowers. To make them you will need wooden vases, paint, scissors, chip brushes, foam brushes, and painters’ tape. You first, need to clean the vases properly so that they can be properly painted. Select a spread of paint colours to form your palette and work solely with those colours. This way, you’re finished vases still coordinate without being exactly the same. Moreover, Run an X-Acto knife around the edge of the painter’s tape. This will give you a clean edge when you peel back the tape. Do try it at home and create wonderful vases.

44. DIY Marble Flower vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- fallfordiy

Marble Flower vase

If you are looking for some easy to make vases then you must try these marble planters which are easy, cheap and quick to make. They are not only easy but also looks beautiful. they will add colors and elegance to your house. Apart from that these vases can be used to keep artificial and original flowers depending on whatever you prefer and what is easily available with you. To make these super quick and affordable marble flower vases you will need Cylindrical Packaging, Strong Multipurpose Glue, Craft Knife, Contact Paper. Making these vases is not difficult at home, you just need to follow some basic and easy steps which don’t need any special skills. You can show off your gorgeous flowers in these vases perfectly. Do try them at home and give your rooms a better look.

45. DIY Gold leaf honey comb vases
DIY Instructions And Credit- makelyhome

Gold leaf vases

People love to keep flowers in springs season as spring that time of the season where there are so many gorgeous flowers which makes the places around you look so pretty. However, spring is not the only season, in winters and summers to people like to decorate their houses with flowers and for that they use vases. A variety of vases are available in the market which will add so much grace to your place. You don’t need to waste money on buying vases when you can make one at home easily. Honeycomb styles vases will make your rooms look ravishing. You make them you will basically need Glass cylinder vase, Small geometric stencil, Elmer’s spray adhesive, Ready Leaf Gold Leaf, Soft bristle brush and painters’ tape. Just follow some easy and basic steps and you will finally come up with these elegant vases which are super easy and fun to make.

DIY Instructions And Credit- blitsy


Fresh flowers are mostly kept by a lot of people in their houses, especially in the spring season. If you are thinking about different ideas regarding how to hang the flowers in the house then you can make one at home easily. It is easy, affordable and fun to make. To make the bud vase holder you don’t need many things. Some basic things are only required to make it and these things are not that expensive at all but they turn out to be great. You will basically need 12″ Metal Hoop, 11″ Metal Hoop, 10″ Metal Hoop, 4 – 1 Inch Wooden Beads, leather lace, 3 – 4 Inch Plastic Storage Tubes, Double Sided Tape and scissors. You can use different size tubes depending on what you like. These are beautiful bud vase holder which will make your rooms more beautiful and will give it a fresh feeling overall.

47. DIY Flower Bud Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- sasandrose

gilded bud vase

Flowers are not only refreshing but they are a great way to add more charm to your house. Vases are also available in a variety of designs and styles to put these flowers. If you want an economical solution instead of buying expensive vases then you must go for the vase which is shown in the picture above. It is easy simple and quick to make along with being affordable. You also don needs to send a lot of money on making this you just need some basic things which are easily available. Basically, you need glass bud vase, gold leaf, metal leaf adhesive size, metal leaf spray sealer, and two soft paintbrushes. Just follow all the instructions properly and you will end up with pretty bud vases which can be kept anywhere at your hone, and they will make that   place beautiful. They will overall add vibrancy and colors to your house.

48. DIY Painted Bottle Vase
DIY Instructions And Credit- katescreativespace

flower bud vase

Painted bottle vases are quite impressive and look so pretty. These super cute bottle vases are easy and fun to make. You don’t need to spend a lot of time or energy on it and they are very affordable too. You can use different colors for them. Different colors Will add more vibrancy to your rooms and overall these vases are economical and can be made at home. You can keep different types of flowers in it. These vases will add charm to your house and will overall make you feel refreshing. Apart from that these vases can be made in different sizes depending on what you like. You must give it a try you will enjoy it.




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