20 DIY Crafts Using Recycle Plastic Bottles


Global warming is becoming a serious disaster to this planet earth and the major cause is that we are ignoring the importance of planting trees. Plastic waste is also contributing to global warming because it takes a long period of time to decompose usually centuries. So we have to limit the use of plastic and begin to recycle them for good purposes. Here in this article, you will learn how to recycle the used plastic bottles for the betterment of the environment and you can save this planet.

DIY Platic Bottel Crafts

1. DIY Verticle Garden
DIY Instructions And Credit- dirt.asla


Feeling bored? then do some planting. Most of the waste items can be easily recycled by using your creative skills. Soda plastic bottles can be recycled in order to grow plants in them. You can simply plant mint, coriander and other flowers plants in them and just enhance the beauty of your wall. Multi caps at the end gives a unique appearance to every hanging plant.

2. DIY Vertical Gardening With Recyclables
DIY Instructions And Credit- dreamandgrowit

Vertical Gardening-With-Recyclables

Using green soda plastic bottles for growing plants especially green plants is the best decision to make this year. Recycling green bottles will help you to save some bucks as they will match with plant colour and give a natural and enchanting look to your garden. This not only give a refreshing feel to your garden but also avoid the use of big pots which you use for planting.

3. DIY Plastic Bottles Garden Planter
DIY Instructions And Credit- unconsumption.tumblr


Fixing one bottle into another and then planting in various kinds of plants in them will be a pro. Planting multiple plants will give a good texture to its appearance. The top bottle will give water to all the plants one by one as they are hanging against the wall and excess of water will be extracted in the last one, protecting the floor from wastewater.

4. DIY Plastic Bottel Planter
DIY Instructions And Credit- gardentabs


As money plants bring good luck to your home. Planting money plant in plastic bottles will help you to save nature by not throwing out the plastic waste as it will cause global warming. Plants give you positive vibes and helps in getting rid of anxiety. So, it is better to place them in your parking area to feel relaxed after getting home from a busy and hectic workday.

5. DIY Plastic Bottel Verticle Planter
DIY Instructions And Credit- balconygardenweb


Recycle plastic to save nature. Small juice or water bottles are way too cute and when you transform them into plants, they look even more adorable. Cutting their bottom and putting a cap at the end, tie them together with multi-coloured threads or ropes of your choice in a specific manner will give them a refreshing look. This not only enhances the beauty of your house but also brings positive vibes.

6. DIY Gardening Hanging Containers
DIY Instructions And Credit- containergardening


Having less budget for planting? Don’t worry. Used plastic water bottles will help you to grow plants near you. You just have to put soil, seeds and water in it, it will grow to a plant itself.  You can tie them in a row with a rope and piece of spare wood. It not only gives a vintage look to your place but also cleanse your oxygen. You can make them in your garage or parking area.

7. DIY Plastic Bottel Zipper Case
DIY Instructions And Credit- makeit-loveit


Are you among those who want to get rid of the stationery pouches as they become easily messy and waste so much time in finding a specific colour pencil? Then try something creative and recycle soda plastic bottles to keep your stationery stuff in it. Put a coloured zip in its centre or any edge will make it beautiful so you can find your stuff easily. Put a zip at the edge for large stuff and at the centre for keeping small items.  

8. DIY Bottle Bird Feeders
DIY Instructions And Credit- creativecraftnights.blogspot


Plastic bottles can be recycled into useful things. You can simply replace your boring walls with some handcrafted plastic bottles. You can simply cut plastic bottles, coloured them of your choice, put some little stuff on it, like buttons and use them for multiple purposes. I would love to keep scented candles in them at night. What do you want to do with them?

9. DIY Unique Plastic Bottle Aeroplane Piggy Bank
DIY Instructions And Credit- brightnest


Saving money was an amazing hobby when I was a kid. Introducing your kids with saving money is essential but making it interesting one will be made with aeroplane piggy bank. Recycling your transparent bottle into a piggy bank will be a pro. Making wings of the plane with paper will give a creativity look to your piggy bank. It will help your kid to save some bucks with enjoyment.

10. DIY Flower Hair Planters
DIY Instructions And Credit- dipfeed


Time to make some funny and naughty stuff with plastic bottles. Plastic bottles and useless craft stuff can be now recycled to make naughty pots for your favourite plants. Wrapping wasted rope around the bottle and putting artificial eyes on it will give it a unique look. Growing rare plants in them will wash away all your negative thoughts. I will put a cactus next time in it and place it in my bathroom.

11. DIY Swan Pot Planter
DIY Instructions And Credit- fabartdiy


So here is a trick to get rid of environmental pollution, planting. Keep plants in your house to prevent pollution. Plants will bring good vibes and it refreshes your mood. Keeping swan pots in our garden gives a royal appearance. Try to grow those plants in these pots which will grow to big flowers just like in the picture. And put them in front of your house to give a good environmental impact.

12. DIY Plastic Bottel Jewelry Stand
DIY Instructions And Credit- epbot


Listen up, girls! Now you can use wasted plastic soda bottles as your jewellery organizer. With some little effort and craft, you can make your life easy. Use the bottom of the plastic bottles to make sections and steel sticks to join them together giving them a beautiful stand look. Using the used bottles will help you to save nature as well as your jewellery.

13. DIY Recycled Piggy Bank
DIY Instructions And Credit- spoonful


Using the small end of the bottle to make the face of piggy and the bottom end will be used as a tail. You can colour the bottle into pink to give it a look of mini piggy. This piggy bank is a creative idea to save money. Place this piggy box in your living area or in your kid’s room so, they can help themselves some money with fun.

14. DIY Soda Bottle CDs Planters
DIY Instructions And Credit- beachpetals.blogspot


Spraying the plastic bottles into some metallic mate colours will be a good decision. You can use wasted bottles for decoration purposes. You can use CD for the bottom look and place some artificial or natural plants in the sprayed bottles. Sprinkle some glitter on it to make it more attractive. This will brings a charming sight to your living or dining room and also it is a treat for eyes.

15. DIY Plastic Bottle Apple Containers
DIY Instructions And Credit- repeatcrafterme.


Giving gifts to your loved ones is a good habit but giving it in a unique way is even more important. It’s time to make some gift boxes with plastic bottles. You can use the bottoms of the plastic bottles and join them with zipping. You can colour them according to your taste. It is very spacious and also allows you to keep cute little stuff in it.

16. DIY Plastic Soda Bottel Flowers
DIY Instructions And Credit- beachpetals.blogspot


Flowers are way too beautiful and when it seems even more beautiful when you know that they are not going to be dull after the day is passed. Plastic is making our surroundings very polluted, so here we are utilizing plastic to make our surroundings look even more beautiful. You can cut the plastic bottle into various shapes and you can also paint them to get your desired flowers.

17. DIY Plastic Bottel Crystel Crown
DIY Instructions And Credit- paperplateandplane


Every girl is the princess of her house. To get complete feels of princess here we are with an idea of a crown made up of plastic. You can make multi-coloured crowns with all your matching dresses with big plastic water gallons.  Cut the gallon of the size of a crown and paint them with the colour of your desire. You can also put some glitter on it to make it even more real.

18. DIY Plastic Bottle Cuff Bracelets
DIY Instructions And Credit- charisadarling


Does anyone say it’s a friendship day? Here is a quick trick to make cuff bracelets which are super cool give to your friends this friendship day. You can use plastic bottles to make them bracelets. Take plastic bottles and cut them according to the size you want. It is beneficial if you take regular water bottles as it will nicely fit on your wrist. Paint them put whatever stuff you want on them and make them look beautiful.

19. DIY Plastic Bottel Birdfeeder
DIY Instructions And Credit- favecrafts


It’s time to give something back to nature. If you have birds at your home this beautiful nest idea is for you. Instead of keeping your birds in a cage keep them in the nest made up of plastic which will ensure them about their natural habitat. You can use a plastic soda bottle to make a nest for your pet birds. Gather things from the natural environment to keep it even more natural.

20. DIY Butterfly Made From Water Bottle
DIY Instructions And Credit- crissyscrafts


We have many useless cloth pieces at our home. Now you can use them to decorate your pots. Plant pots made up of plastic soda bottles and decorated with multi colored cloths is the best combination. Like in the picture you can also use your useless cloth pieces for decoration purposes. It will give a refreshing look to your surroundings and brings positivity in you as well.

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