26 DIY Simple And Attractive Hair Styles


Have you been in search of the outstanding and best hairstyles for women? Well, it is a known out fact that just like the women clothing trends, there is a dramatic change that is being witnessed in the women hairstyle choices as well. If you would be looking around in the trends of women hairstyles, then winter and summer seasonal timings have been incorporated with the wide range of hairstyle options as in accordance with the face shapes, face features, and so as the personality or age of the women.

DIY Hair Styles

1. DIY Infinity Braid Tieback
DIY Instructions And Credit- cutegirlshairstyles


This has been said out to be one of the most stylish looking hairstyles to try out this winter season right now. You can easily get this awesome look all through the use of professional straightening. It would look great on the women with the long hair length that would simply be adding the hairs with the extra shine and health. You should try this in the winter season right now!

2. DIY Four Strand Braids And Slide Up Braids
DIY Instructions And Credit- hairromance


On the next, we would top up with the name of amazing strand braided hairstyle which you should opt it right now in order to come up with the trendy looks in the winter season. This hairstyle is best to add up the glamorous outlook effects in your whole personality. you would love wearing it!

3. DIY Hair Bow
DIY Instructions And Credit- weseerainbows


The hair bow is to be placed on the front side of the hairs would look so classy. This is the best winter hairstyle in order to enhance the whole of the look. You can add the bow in the layer form or even in the steps. Side swept or the blunt short bow will make you look so outstanding in the winter season.

4. DIY Short Hair Chignon
DIY Instructions And Credit- thebeautydepartment


In order to look completely different in the winter season in terms of the hairstyles! This hairstyle is so classy looking because of the straight look in it. In order to style up this hairstyle, you just need to straight your hairs by resting them over the front side of the shoulders.

5. DIY Twisted Crown Braid
DIY Instructions And Credit- twistmepretty


This hairstyle has always remained one of the favourite choices in the winter formal parties. It is simply so classy and chic looking in terms of personality appearances. It adds your personality with an elegance that has been opted at the best by the celebrities first of all.

6. DIY Messy Bun
DIY Instructions And Credit- autumngrey


You can even make yourself classy in the winter season with the outstanding choice of messy bun hairstyle! This hairstyle looks as awesome because of the placement of the short length with the additional placement of the fringes as resting on the top of it. Are you ready to try with this hairstyle?

7. DIY Ponytail Hairstyle
DIY Instructions And Credit- stylecaster


High ponytail is becoming one of the latest trends of hairstyles to choose out for the winter season. This hairstyle will mark out to be best in the parties and even for the formal functions. This hairstyle is selected as the best to opt in order to give your facial features with the greater prominence. You can even make this style turn into the half up style that goes perfect for all types of face shapes.

8. DIY Pull Through Braid Hair
DIY Instructions And Credit- kassinka


Braid hairstyle is one of the ultimate hairstyle options that is the part of almost all the months of the winter season. This hairstyle is all about adding the hairs with the soft curls in the flatter wavy highlights. You can either choose to tie it or even untie it that would stand amazing on the ladies of all age groups.

9. DIY Mermaid Tail
DIY Instructions And Credit- cupofjo


Giving an idea about the mermaid tail hairstyle is one of the finest options to take into account in the winter season. This hairstyle is a dramatic option to make yourself unique looking while walking in the crowd.

10. DIY Simple French Roll
DIY Instructions And Credit- treasuresandtravelsblog


This is simply a beautiful option of the winter hairstyles to choose out right now! This hairstyle is all about giving the hairs with the bob look in the combination of fringe effects. This hairstyle is so modish and glamour added up with.

11. DIY Roosted Combo
DIY Instructions And Credit- cutegirlshairstyles


For the sleek hairstyle look, choosing the dazzling looking style of the combo hairstyle has always come about to be the best option. If you are having curly hair texture, then you can think about to diffuse it. If you hairs have been on the straight side, then investing into some smaller curling iron and then later on wrapping into some directions is one of the commendable ideas!

12. DIY Messy Bun Hairstyle
DIY Instructions And Credit- makeupwearables


Next, we have the idea of choosing with the messy bun hairstyle that is best to opt-out in the party season. Now the trend of wearing braids and buns have passed away. You can let your hairs to hang as low and in the back view. It might look sleek and textured ones. But the low ponytail will look appreciable stylish.

13. DIY Double Dutch Braid
DIY Instructions And Credit- alamum


This hairstyle is one of the fastest approachings in the summer party season. As much the braid will be smaller the more delicate and refined you will come about to be. You can make it add up with the one length form of blunt cuts that will look so excellent.

14. DIY Waterfall Braid
DIY Instructions And Credit- howtochic


Being the centre of attraction with the charming and much classy finishing of the latest party hairstyles is the ultimate wish. Hairstyles are always taken as one of the best mediums where the women can enhance their whole look incomplete flawless and glamorous variations.

15. DIY Easy Twisted Updo
DIY Instructions And Credit- ablossominglife


It’s time to be back with the trend of 1999 when the LFO girls used to look the eye-catching ones with the twisted updo! This party season you can once again get yourself charged to be the first to try with this awesome hairstyle. You can think about investing your hairs with the colourful clips and with the coloured barrettes, all along with the scrunchies, and lovely snap clips too.

16. DIY Side Swept
DIY Instructions And Credit- jointhemood


If you have a long haircut along with bangs then you can give a platinum colour to this long bob of yours. We know that platinum colour is one of the tough hair colours to pull off. But still, you can try! So wear this choppy long in an effortless way. This bold colour will further complement and praise this hair look of yours.

17. DIY No Heat Curls
DIY Instructions And Credit- babesinhairland


If any girl is having a long curly hairstyle then she can for sure go for extra-long in length straight bangs. You can call this cut as curly hair cut as well. Such long curly haircut becomes more flattering when you are going to wear it with long bangs. This haircut is tricky to wear but try it.

18. DIY Fake Bangs
DIY Instructions And Credit- makeupwearables


We have another option for you if you want to bring more magic in your fake bangs hairstyle. You can go for blonde in colour side part long bangs cut. It is one of the most wonderful things which you can try with this long bangs haircut of yours. So give a cool vibe to yourself and try this hairstyle.

19. DIY Flat Iron Your Braids To Make Waves
DIY Instructions And Credit- brit


To make your long braids more romantic looking, you can add soft and romantic looking bangs in this style. Go for the feminine bangs. This is exactly what you need in this haircut! Apart from having romantic bangs, you can add highlights as well in this long lob haircut. These highlights will frame up your face further.

20. DIY Head Band Bun
DIY Instructions And Credit- smileandwave


As you would be checking all through the fashion magazines and websites of celebrities you will view that every single year the trend of the hairstyles over the celebrities have been kept on changing. Mostly women love to stay updated with the fashion as per according to their favourite celebrity.

21. DIY Double Waterfall Braid
DIY Instructions And Credit- adventuresofadiymom


This is simply how you can style and wear your waterfall braid hairstyles in a versatile way. Though this haircut is itself more magical! You can make it more and extremely magical looking by trying this hair looks as well. More variations in this waterfall braid cut are coming up.

22. DIY Bubble Ponytail
DIY Instructions And Credit- luxyhair


We have bubble ponytail for you. Then we have double bubble braids ponytail for girls. Girls can try this braids ponytail look or they can try out stylish ponytail style. You can flaunt it in an exclusive look. Let’s check out with some of the stylish and amazing hairstyles with a ponytail for you!

23. DIY Half Floral
DIY Instructions And Credit- luxyhair


You can try this half floral ponytail hairstyle.Just do the deep side parting of your hairs and make two French braids. Wrap up these floral in the form of a ponytail. College girls are living this ponytail look! Let’s try with this hairstyle right now!

24. DIY Upside Braided Bun
DIY Instructions And Credit- barefootblonde


It is a simple style version of the braided bun look. You will get this chic look on your face. You can secure and tie up your bun at any point you want to! This will be adding up the hairstyle ponytail with the complete waterfall look. It is up to you how much volume you want to give to this ponytail look of yours.

25. DIY Triple Brad
DIY Instructions And Credit- luxyhair


You can add your hairstyle with the appearance of bringing promising if you are going to add a colourful looking triple brad right on it. Try to choose the hairstyle that suits best according to your style statement and personality. Add up with the fun look to this brad style. Your headband will give more volume to your ponytail.

26. DIY Bohemian Hairstyle
DIY Instructions And Credit- luxyhair


Next, we have longer one bohemian hairstyle. First, you have to make a bohemian hairstyle by starting from the top portion of your hair. This will let you create and make yet another one ponytail right from the area as underneath side of your top ponytail. So how much you like this hairstyle?


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